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More about the amazing “magic” about water…

Posted on 13 December 2012 by Dr. Karen

I heard back from several of you who enjoyed the video I sent about that ‘magic’ property of water. You know, where you could actually see the effects of vibration and the Sacred Geometry produced in the water.

Well, here’s another f-r-e-e 5-minute clip that validates the magic of water, but more importantly, it shows how water can be ‘programmed’ just like a computer.

See for yourself. I’m betting most people have never seen anything like this before.

Here’s the link:


Imagine the possibilities — programming water to do what you want!

Tomorrow, I’ll show you something that will do exactly that!


Dr. Karen Kan

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Amazing video shows the ‘Magic’ in Water Body

Posted on 11 December 2012 by Dr. Karen

I saw this 4-minute video clip and wanted to share it with you.

It’s about water – and we know just how powerful it can be as the world recently witnessed with Hurricane Sandy devastating the east coast of the United States.

But, this f-r-e-e video shows a different side of water; something almost magical. You’ll start getting an idea of how you can use the power of water to change your reality, whether it is to manifest health, wealth or loving relationships.

Check it out and tell me what you think


Dr. Karen

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WE did it again!

Posted on 07 May 2012 by Dr. Karen

I Won the Ignite Your Power Video Challenge!

…thanks to you! YOU TOTALLY ROCK!

If you were kind enough to watch the video I made that my coach Margaret M. Lynch challenged me to make, THANK YOU! Out of thirty plus contestants, my video won for the most views. I was so excited to find out today that I won (even though I totally used the well-practiced Law of Attraction tools at my disposal), I could barely focus tonight for my African drum practice!

So what did I win? Well, I was vying for a great prize! It was the Ignite Your Power Manifest Your Wealth Program with six weeks of live teleclasses with Margaret M. Lynch. I knew that on some level, I was going to be “rewarded” by the Universe for sticking my neck out there doing the video…even if it was only the fact that I “discovered” that I really DO have a video recording software program that works already installed on my computer! (I was super excited about that)

So, in case you’re wondering why I’m so excited about being coached by Tapping Expert Margaret M. Lynch…read on

In my many years of study, healing, transforming, teaching… I’ve come across many experts with much to say and share.

After awhile the messages start to sound an awful lot alike.  I mean really; how many ways can you hear “we are all one?”

Or “meditation, diet, and exercise is really good for you?”

Or “change your mind, heal your body?”

So when someone comes along and says something NEW; my ears prick up, my heart trips, my world tilts a bit…

Margaret Lynch’s 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation video did that for me.

I’m been studying personal development, human awakening, and evolving consciousness for a lot of years.  I’ve even studied the chakras, the meridian system, and the aura for most of that.  And Margaret Lynch schooled me on the chakras and showed me some things I did NOT know.

Each of us make negative, or limiting VOWS about money, health, love, and sex.

Are you refusing to be rich?

We’ve all heard of limiting beliefs and fears but what she teaches is that there is a limiting vow in you that absolutely refuses money and wealth.

A lot of people talk about your unconscious blocks, but what if you’ve actually made a vow against money?

Each of these vows are stored in our chakras, they are like software programs with the energetic data bases of our bodies – storing unconscious commands that drive our lives.

I’ve heard all this about our unconscious minds…but never with the chakras.  Healing, true deep healing, has to include deleting those limiting vows from each of the chakras.

Margaret shows you how in this revolutionary (and free) training video I nabbed for you.

It’s a simple, ten minute Tapping exercise that will shatter your limiting money vows and your family money paradigms. And open a door for you to choose the vows and the money paradigm you want to live by.

7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation free training

Enjoy! I know you’re gonna love it!

Dr. Karen Kan
PS Even if you’re not to keen on money, finances, and wealth; give this exercise a thorough viewing. Because I know that we all have limiting beliefs about sex, love, safety, health, and happiness stored in those chakra databases too.

PPS If you think your money vows don’t affect your relationship issues, think again. Mine impacted my relationships BIG TIME! So even if you’re reading my blogs for relationship advice, this stuff won’t hurt you and will DEFINITELY help!

Margaret is pointing the way, offering a roadmap, for clearing all those negative paradigms that are holding you back.

CLICK HERE to get access.

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What Do Relationships and Personal Power Have to Do with Each Other?

Posted on 27 February 2012 by Dr. Karen

Increase Personal Power to Attract Your Dreams


There is a lot going in the world today about money…and a lot of people talking about it. Some people even ask me how they can manifest a rich husband. But here’s the thing. If you’re wanting abundance in all areas of your life, then you need to raise your personal power. And that includes dealing head-on with your money issues too.

But have you ever considered how the actual money in your life – your income, your savings account, your debt – is related to your level of “personal power”?  How about your programming about money?  Or your true life purpose?

My coach and rock star of the “tapping world” Margaret M. Lynch has some pretty interesting views on this that are changing the way I think about my power, my mission, life purpose AND my money.

Margaret is known worldwide for the very unique way she uses EFT/Tapping (it’s powerful, I have never seen anything like it!) AND for how much amazing content she shares totally for free.

Well she has just raised the bar. She is announcing a special totally free event packed full with transformational tapping for money, personal power and what she calls “being a rock star in your mission”.

Check it out here:


Not only will you find out about this fabulous event, but in this video she also leads some power-tapping you don’t want to miss!
If you envisioned your mission (and your money) to be bigger, bo lder and much more fulfilling than your current reality, then I recommend you check this out!  Tap away the blocks to money and personal power and tap INTO  the bigger, bolder, ROCK STAR in your mission that you know you were meant to be!

Try this tapping thing and see all the details here:


Enjoy this free class! I hope you love it as much as I do!


Dr. Karen

PS. This livestream class may only be “live” for a couple of days so watch is ASAP!


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Attracting More Money

Posted on 05 February 2010 by Dr. Karen

Dear Dr. Karen,

Money is energy, and I emanate my own energy from within and attract to me what is compatible to my energy frequency, how can I attract money to me so that I don’t end up working myself to the bone only to end up barely above water when I’m an old man?



Dear Kelvin,

You are correct in saying that money is energy and that in order to attract money, you must radiate the “ideal” money-coherent frequency. So the good news is that you already UNDERSTAND the concept of what must happen in order to attract money into your life.

The seven steps of manifesting that I teach in my eBook and my Law of Attraction Home Study Course are the same whether you are manifesting love in your life or more money. What I’ve found is that step number 5, which deals with Obstacles, can be the most stubborn when it comes to money.

Many of us grew up with negative money beliefs, some of which we are not even aware of. The subconscious negative beliefs about money and wealth are the MAIN reasons that hamper people from consciously using the Law of Attraction to attract more money. In other words, it isn’t about how much schooling you received, whether you are smart enough or even if you work hard enough. It boils down to your beliefs!

There is a saying amongst Law of Attraction teachers that goes something like this: Your income will be the average of the income of the five closest people you hang out with. Now I’m not saying to go out today and ditch your “poor” friends, but seriously, unless you make an effort to learn to get to know and emulate powerful, enlightened wealthy people, your chances of money success is next to nil!

I’ll share with you what I’ve found most helpful for myself. First is a free teleseminar about your money beliefs and how they affect your success:


Next is a list of books I recommend that you start devouring immediately!

  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker
  • Millionaire Maker, Loral Langemeier
  • Cash Machine for Life, Loral Langemeier
  • The Four Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki
  • Put More Cash in Your Pocket, Loral Langemeier
  • Who Do You Think You Are? Keith Leon

Here’s some general pointers:

  • You need to learn to take interest in managing money, even if you have to fake it initially. The Universe will not give you MORE until you have demonstrated that you can handle more.
  • Clarity breeds better intentions. If you don’t know what your “profit-loss” numbers are on a monthly basis, start doing this today. It isn’t hard (check out Millionaire Maker for instructions)
  • Money does not come into chaos.
  • If you don’t good reasons for the amount of money you want to attract, you won’t get it. So become clear on what you wish to DO with the money and how much it will actually cost.
  • The people who get paid the most usually help the most people.
  • Change your money language.

Notice what you said above: so that I don’t end up working myself to the bone only to end up barely above water when I’m an old man?


That sentence is chock full of old beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve your higher purpose. Can you see that now? What I’m hearing is the belief that one must work HARD (to the bone even!) for a LONG time to earn lots of money. The “barely above water” is a really strong SCARCITY phrase and I encourage you to get rid of this type of language from your vocabulary starting right now.

There are big No-No phrases if you’re using the Law of Attraction to attract more money:


  • We can’t afford it (if you say it, it will be true for you)
  • That’s too expensive (scarcity energy)
  • Must be nice! (to be able to afford such-and-such…envy energy)
  • Money doesn’t grow trees (of course it does…it is made of paper isn’t it?)
  • I just want enough to be comfortable (comfort is highly overrated and not a single wealthy person got there by being comfortable!)
  • Materialism is bad (no it isn’t, it just depends on your intentions)
  • Money is the root of all evil (money is just energy remember?)

Here are positive things to do:

  • When you see someone who seems wealthy, appreciate them instead of being envious – and tell yourself, if they can do it, so can I
  • Appreciate beautiful material things, even if you don’t plan on buying them. Anti-materialism will keep you poor for sure!
  • Grow out of your comfort zone and get some professional coaching to help you find out what your passions are and how you can make money from them.

Learning how to become wealthy requires intensive but FUN study. You’ll learn to use your GIFTS in a way that serves as many people as possible. It is part of your Life Mission!

I believe in you.

Dr. Karen Kan


February is LOVE month, so I’d like to share a valuable offer. As most of you know, Haiti and those that lost loved-ones have been on our minds and in our prayers since the earthquake in January. For the month of February, I’m donating 50% of the profits from my eBook and Law of Attraction Home Study Course sales to Haiti.

Please help me in giving to them (as well as giving to yourself)! Here are the links:

Creating Your Fairytale Love Life eBook

Law of Attraction in Love Home Study Course

Thank you in advance!


Dr. Karen

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Are You Reaching Your Full Potential?

Posted on 09 October 2009 by Dr. Karen

I know this is a relationship site, but I DO want to share with you a VERY special program I attended in 2006 that changed my life. You can see what I said about it by going to this video (would love your vote and comments by the way!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPJAxgIpVq8

What do most couples fight about?

Yup, you guessed it, MONEY! Well after going to this program, I wished I had known about this money psychology stuff years ago when I was married to my first husband! It would have saved a heck of a lot of arguments and resentment. It is an interactive experience where you’ll get down and dirty learning and rewiring your RELATIONSHIP to money.

See, it is about relationships after all!

Do yourself a favor and save yourself arguments with your “ideal partner” by reading the letter below:

If your finances are not where you’d like them to be, a lack of money is not the problem; it is merely a symptom of the problem.

If you believe that the next job opportunity, genius business idea or economic shift will improve your financial status, finally bringing you the success you deserve – you’re kidding yourself. No outside influence or opportunity will make or sustain your success.

Isn’t it time to finally learn what’s holding you back?

The Millionaire Mind Intensive is a revolutionary 3-day seminar that will teach you the secret that rich people know: it’s not skill, luck, or education that keeps the rich getting richer while you’re in the same situation year after year. It’s CONDITIONING.

I went to this event and it changed my life! Watch this video to hear what it did for me, rate it 5 stars if you like it and leave me a comment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPJAxgIpVq8

Come to the Millionaire Mind Intensive to learn what’s holding you back from the success you deserve.

World Famous Wealth Creation Seminar – Coming to a City Near You

Join the nearly 1 million people whose lives have been positively changed forever by the teachings of T. Harv Eker. Register for the Millionaire Mind Intensive 3-day seminar.

Enter reference number: 232364 when you register at: www.millionairemind.com
or call Client Care at 1.888.868.8883

IMPORTANT: Quote the following reference number so that the person who referred you gets credit for promoting the event: 232364


There are a million reasons to join us, but a limited number of opportunities. Register for the seminar closest to you now.


– San Francisco, CA – October 16-18, 2009
– Calgary, AB – October 16-18, 2009
– Atlanta, GA – October 23-25, 2009
– Dallas, TX – October 23-25, 2009
– Denver, CO – November 6-8, 2009
– Chicago, IL – November 6-8, 2009
– Los Angeles, CA – November 13-15, 2009
– East Rutherford, NJ – November 20-22, 2009
– Miami, FL – November 20-22, 2009
– Toronto, ON – November 27-29, 2009
– Salt Lake City, UT – December 3-5, 2009
– Phoenix, AZ – December 4-6, 2009

Don’t Miss the World-Famous Millionaire Mind Intensive

At this transformational 3-day seminar, you’ll learn how to:

– Stop the blame game and take control of your financial future
– Focus on making a fortune while others are focused on fear
– Create your own personal economy that thrives at all times
– Make money while you sleep with massive, passive income
– Create and maintain wealth with the strategies of the rich

Register NOW to take advantage of early-bird prices. These courses will sell out fast!

Enter reference number: 232364 when you register at: www.millionairemind.com
or call Client Care at 1.888.868.8883

If you’re serious about creating a life of abundance, then register for the Millionaire Mind Intensive today.

Dr. Karen Kan

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