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Most Important Teleseminar of the Year

Posted on 16 November 2009 by Dr. Karen

This month’s teleseminar topic will be an important one. Knowing what to say to your partner or potential partner and how to say it, can make ALL the difference in the world as to whether you have a peaceful relationship or World War III.

When we are getting along with our partners (or anyone else for that matter), we never have to think hard about how to communicate. But eventually in all relationships, even “dream” relationships, conflicts surface. Guess what? They are supposed to. It is part of your healing and growth.

So what do you do when you feel your partner isn’t listening to you? How do you communicate regarding a “touchy” subject? How do you bring up a topic that is uncomfortable but obviously needs addressing in your relationships? How can you communicate in the middle of a conflict that won’t get both of you more upset?

Don’t know? Not sure?

That’s OK. We’ll be addressing these questions in this month’s teleseminar entitled:

Communication Skills for Loving Peaceful Relationships.

Here’s the good news. Every GREAT relationship relies on communication skills. These skills are learned and practiced (you’re not supposed to be perfect at them!). So even if you’re not in a romantic relationship now, you can practice these skills on everyone else around you! You’ll be thankful you did.

Please join me for this FREE teleseminar on Thursday November 19th at 7:30PM EST. Details below.

Conference number 712-432-3900
Access Code 7677512#

If you can’t make this, you can still download the recording if you’re a MEMBER.

Talk to you Thursday!

Dr. Karen

P.S. Remember to enter our Law of Attraction in Love Video Contest! You can win free coaching or a free year’s subscription to our MEMBER site!

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Join me Thursday night for a FREE Law of Attraction teleseminar and coaching call

Posted on 13 October 2009 by Dr. Karen

It’s been a super-busy month and a fun one at that. I hope you can join me this Thursday evening for a FREE 50 minute teleseminar and coaching session focused on everything to do with the Law of Attraction. This call will be recorded and available in the MEMBERS section of the Law of Attraction website soon afterwards in case you can’t make the call but want to listen to it.

Here’s some of the questions you may wish to ask and the material we’ll cover

  • When synchronicities happen in my life, what do they mean and what should I do when it happens?
  • What CAN the Law of Attraction do for you and what CAN’T it do for you.
  • Why even Law of Attraction gurus/teachers can have “bad” things happen to them and what it means for you?
  • How many negative thoughts do you have to have before you manifest negative things in your life?
  • If someone is really powerful or a great manifester, will they overpower YOUR wishes or intentions?
  • Why are we taught that we need only ask the Universe once for what we want yet are also told to focus daily on what we want? Is there some controversy here?
  • When “bad” things happen to “good” people…what does that all mean?
  • Can you really use the Law of Attraction to bring back an old relationship?

The format for this month’s teleseminar will be a little different in that whoever is on the call will have priority to ask his or her Law of Attraction questions LIVE and I will coach you personally. Depending on the number of people on the call, we’ll probably spend about 5-7 minutes per person so we can get through some of our material.

What’s great about this group-format coaching is that one: it’s free! Second, you get your question answered personally by me. No need to wait days, weeks or months to see it published on my blog or newsletter. Thirdly, it helps others by listening to your questions and hearing how I coach you.

Here’s the teleseminar info for Thursday:

Thursday October 15th 7:30PM – 8:20PM
Conference number 712-432-3900
Access Code 7677512#

If you have Skype, you don’t have to pay long distance charges. I look forward to speaking with you then!

And by the way, today we had our Ask Dr. Karen segment on Blog Talk Radio Law of Attraction in Love show where I answered a bunch of great questions from people, so please check it out and listen to the archives at www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren

Dr. Karen Kan
PS. please connect with me on Twitter! www.twitter.com/karenkan

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This Month’s Teleseminar: The Language of Abundance – Change Your Language, Transform Your Life

Posted on 17 September 2009 by Dr. Karen

I’m really excited for this month’s teleseminar, The Language of Abundance – Change Your Language, Transform Your Life. Why? Because I know that one of the simplist things you can do to create a life of abundance is to change the words you use in daily conversation.

Each word you know is composed of a vibration. It is a vibration accorded by you when you say it or even THINK it. These vibrations can either build you up (make you stronger and vibrate stronger) or pull you down (make you weaker). The stronger your vibration, the more likely you will manifest what you want rather than what you don’t want.

I’m amazed at how easily I catch myself saying old phrases that I know now will weaken my vibration. When I catch myself, I change the word immediately. There is no stress involved when I change the word but just an awareness of my choice.

So I really want you to join me on this month’s FREE teleseminar where I will be describing the language that we need to change to manifest more abundance. The cool thing is that you get to practice. So bring along a pen and journal for the teleseminar!

Words have power.

Being conscious of the words we use is a great tool to manifest our dreams.

Here are the details:

September 17, TODAY 7:30 PM EST
Conference Call Number: 712-432-3900
Access Code 7677512#

Talk to you then!
Dr. Karen Kan

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The Mysterious Ways the Universe Works!

Posted on 02 June 2008 by Dr. Karen

My life is a perfect example of how one can intend something and have a result that is unexpected yet still wonderful – the law of attraction at work! My partner and I have been working on deepening our relationship and for me to be more in my feminine energy and James to be more in his masculine energy. Well, the Universe answered our request!

I’m pregnant!

Did we plan it? Nope. Are we thrilled? Yes! Although I wasn’t planning for a family for a couple of years since I was heavily into my new adventures online, I am gracefully accepting this amazing gift from Spirit. We’ve received so many gifts in the form of congratulations and well-wishes from our family and friends…wow, it is such a wonderful experience! My due date is January 23rd.

So how can I teach you something from all this? Well, I’d like to start by reminding you that you don’t have full control of what your life will bring. Yet, it is important to set intentions. The Universe knows the quickest, fastest most efficient way to accomplish your intention…and like in my case, it can come about as a complete and utter surprise!

The other learning here, is that it is important to ASSUME that everything that happens is for your highest good. My “lower” self would be tempted to go into fear and anxiety. The “mind frick” as my teacher Harv Eker would say, starts to create havoc if we let it! Negative thoughts like, “how are we going to afford a baby?”, and “how will this affect my ability to do my work and my passion?” come up. Although it is natural for these thoughts to come up, I am training my mind to let them go. I’m practicing staying in the present, and to TRUST in the Universe to take care of us.

Letting go and having total trust is challenging indeed, especially if you are anything like me (a control-freak!), but it is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Now, this week, I’m actually starting to feel the effects of being in the first trimester of pregnancy, which means I’m tired. So to honor my body and to take care of myself, I’m deferring my next tele-workshop/teleseminar for a couple of weeks. My apologies to anyone that was waiting anxiously for them…they will come!


Dr. Karen Kan

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How to Make Your Dreams Come True Faster

Posted on 26 May 2008 by Dr. Karen

Manifesting requires ENERGY. Energy is vibration and frequency. The stronger your energy, the stronger your vibration. When you vibration is strong, you are like a huge magnet. I find that there are two ways to generate strong energies. The first way is to have a strong body. When you have a strong body, it can hold a stronger vibration for longer periods of time. Managing your energy is more important than managing your time when it comes to getting the things you intend.Are you spending your time worrying? afraid? frustrated? or are you able to let go of these unproductive ways of spending your energy and just get on with life? Not that there’s anything wrong with having feelings – its just that if you spend a lot of energy frustrated over things that don’t go your way, you are wasting your valuable energy to attract the things you want. Learn to “let go, let God”. Understand that you cannot control everything in your circumstances and instead use your energy wisely focused on your intention – your goals.

The second way to generate a strong vibration is to have a lot of passion. Even in a person with a weak or sick body, a strong focus and passion can often vibrate that person beyond the usual limits of his or her body. So be passionate and focused for what you want.

The other way top manage your energy I’d like to touch on is being “present”. What that means is having your energy circuits in “real-time” not in the past and not in the future. Being present is not easy for many of us and certainly not me. One of the ways we aren’t “present” is having emotional and belief obstacles from our past conditioning and experiences. The next two tele-workshops are focused heavily on identifying blocks and obstacles and removing them so we can get your energy in the “present”.

I will be creating new monthly Teleseminar series that you can subscribe to. Only a limited number of people will be accepted because I want to be able to answer everyone’s questions in detail in addition to the content for each teleseminar. In addition the first 50 people to subscribe will receive the Law of Attraction Tele-Workshop Series #1-6 (value $298) as a FREE download. Click here for more information.


Dr. Karen Kan

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