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Letting Go of “Perfectionism” & “Not Good Enough”

Posted on 25 June 2013 by Dr. Karen

Are you one of those people who strive to make things JUST right, or maybe you find yourself asking if you are good enough?

How has that affected that your relationships? How has that affected your ability to forgive or to just have fun in your life?

If you know that trying to be “perfect” (or expecting someone else to be) simply isn’t working for you, then you will want to check out this free Heart Chakra case study video and tapping exercise.

Free Heart Chakra Video Training


Dr. Karen


My personal mentor Margaret Lynch is an expert in tapping to release the heart chakra vows that are limiting you in your relationship with yourself and with others.

I have no doubt that this training will blow you away!

Free Heart Chakra Video Training

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