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Here’s a Shortcut to Manifesting What You Want!

Posted on 21 January 2008 by Dr. Karen

James and I recently returned from Los Angeles where we were privileged to be a part of the Master Your Mind seminar hosted by Peak Potentials and bestselling author and wealth trainer, T. Harv Eker. There we learned that being happy is a PRACTICE. We know from the law of attraction that being happy NOW creates the vibrations we need to attract what we want, including a wonderful love partnership.

What I didn’t appreciate until I hear it at the seminar, was that being happy was a practice, just like learning skating, yoga or a musical instrument (or in my case, learning how to fashion websites!). According to bestselling author, Marci Schimoff, who spoke at the seminar, 40% of our happiness is learned from our experience, 10% is situation and 50% is genetic. In her new book, Happy For No Reason, she shows us how we can  become happy for the long haul by changing the 40% that we have control over.

Happiness is not dependent upon your situation, she tells us, but comes from within…the thoughts you tell yourself day in and day out. Case in point: After we learned a bunch of fabulous new Master Your Mind tools, we were tested immediately on our drive back home from the airport.

We were stopped by a police officer because James was speeding. Now, if you knew James before the Master Your Mind course, you’d understand that James had “authority” issues. His usual response would be to get angry, defensive and fearful towards authority figures, especially when he was “in trouble”. In contrast, while we were pulling the car over, we both remembered that we were taught that ANY situation was AWESOME.

So we decided that we were in for a wonderful personal growth experience. James was respectful and non-defensive toward the police officer, admitting his error. He apologized and took responsibility for his actions without blame. The police officer, in turn, was the kindest police officer James had ever run into, and he gave him a break, lowering his penalty!

Instead of being angry, upset and resentful because he got caught speeding, James became joyful and full of gratitude! He even shook the officer’s hand, sincerely thanking him for his compassion and understanding. As for me, I was in in awe and appreciation for witnessing my partner’s personal growth…a huge quantum leap in a matter of days!

Thank You Universe for presenting us with a personal growth opportunity for us to PRACTICE being happy NOW. And thanks to all the Master Your Mind teachers who gave us wonderful tools to live a happy and prosperous life!

I highly recommend you purchase a copy of Marci Shimoff’s brand new book, Happy For No Reason, where she measures your happiness set-point and through research and story telling, shows you how to elevate your happiness level permanently! You can pick up the book at any bookstore or buy it at my Law Of Attraction In Love Amazon Bookstore.

To Your Happiness,

Dr. Karen

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