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FEAR. What To Do With It

Posted on 03 April 2008 by Dr. Karen

I think this will be my last post before our adult national figure skating championships next week. Today we had a challenging day on the pair sit spin, one of the most difficult elements for adult pair skaters. FEAR came up. What if we can’t do it at nationals? It’s not consistent.  Should we take it out? We haven’t decided completely what to do yet. I think we’ll muscle test for it (later on what that is) to see whether we do an easier spin or not.  Our coach REALLY wants us to do the easier spin because it looks stronger, but on the other hand, no other team can do a pair sit spin well and we’d like to be the first.

My sense is that James felt bad about giving up the sit spin. We had it a few times two weeks ago, then it disappeared.. are we stupid to try it in a stressful situation like a competition when it isn’t working? or would we feel worse not “going for it”?

Anyhow, my friend Marie, told me about FEAR and faith. It was so it was so inspirational, I thought I’d make it into a t-shirt…I’ll let you know what we decided to do next Thursday when we skate. Please send positive energy our way! Thanks!!

Dr. Karen Kan

FEAR... and FAITH shirt
FEAR… and FAITHbykguenette
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