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How Your Lower Chakra Vows Keep You From Manifesting Your Dreams

Posted on 26 June 2013 by Dr. Karen

Signs Your Lower Chakra Vows Are  Self-Sabotaging

One of the most common blind spots in personal development and many spiritual practices is digging deep into the limiting vows of our 3 lower chakras.

But how do you even know if a lower chakra is keeping you in limitation, or is secretly in the driver’s seat of your love life?

My personal mentor and tapping expert Margaret Lynch has just released a fantastic video that covers just that:

Shatter Your Glass Ceiling Video

Margaret reveals the signs that our lower chakras are running the show and where exactly  you hold the magnetic creative power to manifest anything your desire – including a phenomenal relationship!


I highly recommend checking out this video, I know from personal experience how fantastic Margaret’s work is!

 Shatter Your Glass Ceiling Video


Dr. Karen Kan

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