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Are past trauma’s holding you back from love and success?

Posted on 05 January 2013 by Dr. Karen

Happy New Year 2013!

So we “survived” the Winter Solstice and have formally crossed over to a new plane of existence where we are feeling more like “we are all one”. I definitely feel it with my family and significant other..especially after releasing my Heart Wall (thanks to the Emotion Code). I have some great stories to tell, but for now, I’d like to announce my next radio show!

I’m very thrilled to interview Ron McElroy LIVE on Monday. Author of the inspirational book: Wrong Side of the Tracks, McElroy clearly knows how to build success from scratch.

After surviving a very dark childhood, Ron McElroy went on to become one of Hawaii’s most successful surfer and business consultant–all thanks to the power of positive thinking.

Tune in on Monday and discover McElroy’s insights on how to succeed in various aspects of life—including love and relationships.

Here are the details:

Monday January 7, 12 noon Eastern New York Time.

I’m looking forward to having you join me for the show! And just in case you can’t make it, it will be recorded and available immediately. Just click the link above to listen to the archives.

Dr. Karen Kan


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The 12th Project: Wake up to the fourth dimension..

Posted on 14 December 2012 by Dr. Karen

I wanted to make sure you visited the link I sent you the other day and watched that informative video.

Here’s the link again:

People using “The 12th Project” are reporting incredible things and amazing results.

Manifesting your dreams requires you to step up past your current levels of vibration.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your spiritual development, you owe it to yourself to check this link NOW:


You know, viewing the world we’re living in, it’s almost like there’s this invisible line drawn in time where on one side most of the population is just existing — just living their day-to-day lives.

And on the other side of the line, there’s people questioning what life is all about, who we are, and waking up to the realization that we are so much more than we were led to believe.

Which side are you on?

There is something you can do about it — even if you’ve got a foot on each side of the line!

Visit this link. You’ll be as amazed as I was…


Dr. Karen

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Movie Sale – Interview Recording

Posted on 11 December 2012 by Dr. Karen

I had the pleasure of interviewing filmmaker David Scharps about his amazing film, The Cure Is…which focuses on the power we have within us to manifest our hearts desires and even cure diseases we are afflicted with. If you missed the enlightening interview, you can assess it here:


Even if you don’t have health issues, some of the key messages in this interview will still apply to your life and your dreams.

David has just let me know that they have a holiday sale going on. The Cure Is…movie is a must-see and I’ve already ordered it for my patient library. It is the type of movie you’d want to get for all your loved ones.

With that in mind, it is on sale. Buy one – get one free for the 6-pack! The coupon code is: AHOL2.

Here is the purchase link: http://thecureismovie.com#oid=1044_2

On the other hand if you’d like to gift it for $7.99 streaming to any of your friends and family on Facebook or via email, you can do so here.

Enjoy the movie!!

Dr. Karen Kan

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The REAL reason you’re not getting what you want…and how to get it!

Posted on 14 October 2012 by Dr. Karen

Hope you don’t mind me emailing you more this week. I just found out about a training that I want to invite you to that is being given by my good friend, Connie Nash. This training is absolutely f*ree and is entitled: “The REAL reason you aren’t getting what you want and how to get it!” Plus, the secret to finding your PURPOSE and how to love yourself!”

The call will be live on October 25th at 4pm PT / 7pm ET

In this training you will learn…

  • The 10 Essential Questions to get clear about your life
  • How to find your hidden blessing in your deepest pain
  • How to identify your true life purpose
  • The most important step in learning how to love yourself

To register and get complete details of this event click here: http://yourultimatelifestyletraining.com/

Connie is such an amazing person and friend. I really hope you take advantage of this free training I’ve arranged for you!

Dr. Karen

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Empower Your Mind… Empower Your Life!

Posted on 08 June 2010 by Dr. Karen

We all know that minds create and most of us put a lot of energy into positive thinking. Why then are we living in such troubling times? Today I bring you information that is vital for living truly free lives, where you are in control and fully empowered! If this wasn’t extremely important, I wouldn’t bother to tell you about it.

I am writing about my friend and colleague, Eldon Taylor, who I interviewed not that long ago on my Law of Attraction in Love Radio Show (to listen to the archive free of charge, go to www.BlogTalkRadio.com/drkaren) and the brand new paperback release of his International Bestseller, Mind Programming. This is simply a must-read book! This message is so important that many of the world’s visionaries, myself included, have joined together to support this book launch.

“As you read this book, you’ll feel the blinders being removed and you will truly see the world in an entirely new light.”
– Jeff Warrick, documentary filmmaker, Programming the Nation?

Eldon bares the facts, exposing the groups ranging from media types to governmental agencies that have spent billions of dollars learning how to surreptitiously gain access to your thoughts, your motivations and your choices. See for yourself in the ‘smoking gun’ of advertising manuals, in the secret clandestine work of governmental agencies, in the neuro-technology labs of the sellers of goods and services. You will be shocked and horrified at the extent a few have gone to shape every aspect of your thinking, and this programming goes on everyday!

“Brainwashing and marketing are big business; and your precious mind is a coveted commodity. In this book Eldon Taylor exposes all and tells you how to take your power back and be free to become your own best self. Eldon is a grand master of the mind.”
– Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of Your Soul’s Compass

Mind Programming is really two books in one. The first half of the book is the tell-all story that uncovers the unseen influences that are so pervasive, penetrating and effective. The second half of the book is all about the tools and technologies you can use to cleanse your mind of the non-sense you may not have even recognized as being present before reading this liberating book. Think about it. How many original thoughts do you really have? How many thoughts are about your limitations, your fears, your anxieties, the things you want, and so forth. You will learn that from sickness and anxiety to the way you comb your hair and dress, and so much more, are all a part of what you have been trained to think and choose. You will also learn some very simple easy-to-use tools that can free your mind and empower your being.

“In a period when fear has reached a frenzied pitch, Taylor shines a brilliant spotlight to dispel the darkness!”
– Angelina Heart, author of The Teaching of Little Crow

View the Video Trailer for Mind Programming:

Even if you already have some awareness of the everyday mind manipulation techniques, and are already guarding against these intrusions, there will be areas you simply have not heard of. Even if none of this information is of interest to you because you are already guarding the input into your minds, you will be thankful to finally have the facts, figures and hard evidence to present to your family and friends, so they too can escape from the everyday brainwashing. But Eldon does not leave it there as he also covers numerous tools and techniques to assist you in taking back the control of your mind. These tools range from exercises that will not cost you a penny, such as the ’50-day plan,’ automatic writing, and mind exercises, to high tech (but affordable) tools such as cortical electro-stimulation. Whatever your preference, Mind Programming will provide you with the information vital for today’s climate.

PLUS: Mind Programming ships with a free, high-tech, mind-training CD, that utilizes the patented and proven InnerTalk technology. This CD normally sells by itself for $27.95 but you can get the book and CD now together for under $15.

“Even though I consider myself to be quite aware of what is going on in the world, this book boldly shatters illusions about how extensive the mind control in our society has become. Are you really free? Only if you can take back control your mind. Thank heavens, Dr. Taylor shows us how in one of the most important books I have ever read.”
– Terri Marie, author of Be the Hero of Your Own Game

More details here:

I am so excited about this new book because I know it can really make a powerful difference in your life. That is why I have joined with many visionaries in offering special bonus incentives when you get your copy today. When you purchase your copy of Mind Programming, you will:

1) Have a chance to win 2 tickets to a Hay House conference. Everyone who orders Mind Programming during this limited time promotion can enter to win two tickets to the I CAN DO IT Conference in Tampa, Florida where Eldon will be appearing in November.

2) Be entered to win Eldon’s finest success library, Your Personal Best, featuring 28 programs on 20 CDs; all using the patented and proven InnerTalk technology. This is a $599 value.

3) Attend a free pre-screening of Jeff Warrick’s mind-blowing documentary, Programming The Nation.

4) Gain free membership to Eldon’s Mind Matters community, where you will find numerous gifts valued in the thousands of dollars. These gifts are all yours for acting today and getting your copy of Mind Programming. Pick up all your gifts today, or come back once you have read Mind Programming – the choice is yours. Take your time and enjoy exploring the best tools available. Try them for free and decide for yourself what works best for you! These gifts come to you from over 100 supporters including Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marci Shimoff, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Judith Orloff, Gary Renard, Sandra Anne Taylor and Crystal Andrus.

This is a limited time special offer. So don’t hesitate, act now and get your copy today.

“It’s only your mind if you manage what goes into it, otherwise it is analogous to a computer that the world has read and write access to.”
-Eldon Taylor, author of Mind Programming



Dr. Karen Kan

P.S. Feel free to forward this e-mail to all of your friends!

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This Month’s Teleseminar: The Language of Abundance – Change Your Language, Transform Your Life

Posted on 17 September 2009 by Dr. Karen

I’m really excited for this month’s teleseminar, The Language of Abundance – Change Your Language, Transform Your Life. Why? Because I know that one of the simplist things you can do to create a life of abundance is to change the words you use in daily conversation.

Each word you know is composed of a vibration. It is a vibration accorded by you when you say it or even THINK it. These vibrations can either build you up (make you stronger and vibrate stronger) or pull you down (make you weaker). The stronger your vibration, the more likely you will manifest what you want rather than what you don’t want.

I’m amazed at how easily I catch myself saying old phrases that I know now will weaken my vibration. When I catch myself, I change the word immediately. There is no stress involved when I change the word but just an awareness of my choice.

So I really want you to join me on this month’s FREE teleseminar where I will be describing the language that we need to change to manifest more abundance. The cool thing is that you get to practice. So bring along a pen and journal for the teleseminar!

Words have power.

Being conscious of the words we use is a great tool to manifest our dreams.

Here are the details:

September 17, TODAY 7:30 PM EST
Conference Call Number: 712-432-3900
Access Code 7677512#

Talk to you then!
Dr. Karen Kan

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