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How to stop the pain from a past breakup

Posted on 20 November 2012 by Dr. Karen

If you’ve ever found yourself at the end of a relationship and feared you wouldn’t survive the breakup, then you’re not alone. It’s happened to most of us . . . at least once.

It can feel like you’re walking around in slow motion; everything aches. In fact it can hurt just to be awake, and sometimes it feels like you’ll never get better.

And it isn’t just your relationship that’s broken . . . your heart is broken, too, and your whole life can seem damaged beyond repair.

I know this is a difficult subject to talk about. We’ve all been there, and no one likes to discuss this side of love because they don’t want to think about it . . .

But I actually want you to think about it right now, because I know someone who can help.

Her name is Katherine Woodward Thomas, a licensed psychotherapist and author of the national bestseller Calling in “The One.”

And she wants you to know that if you’re experiencing debilitating heartache right now, or still dealing with the residue of past heartaches (years or even decades later) . . . the pain you’re feeling doesn’t own you

Find Out How To End That Heartache Right Now In This No-Cost Online Seminar 

The good news for you is that most breakup pain isn’t caused by the relationship ending. It’s caused by the way you’ve been taught to end relationships.

Unfortunately, most of us have been led to believe we have to break up in devastating and destructive ways . . . and we make damaging and dangerous mistakes in parting this way that end up creating even more suffering for us (and sometimes our families), costing us our sanity and self-respect, and stealing our joy.

And worst of all, those mistakes can even prevent us from finding future love.

That’s why so many of us spend 5 . . . 10 . . . or even 20 or 30+ years trying to heal from past breakups.

And the crazy thing is, we think we have to just suffer through it and hope someday we’ll get over it and won’t feel broken anymore. So we’re left feeling powerless and essentially unable to help ourselves emotionally in a meaningful way.

But it truly doesn’t have to be like that . . .

Discover the Art of Conscious Completion in This No-Charge Online Seminar 

Rather than only focusing on the pain and the problems, this empowering online seminar will teach you the step-by-step process of how you can accelerate your healing by using your pain to create a whole new life.

Until we learn how to heal from these breakup mistakes and how to consciously complete our relationships in an entirely new way, we run the risk of remaining in pain and living lesser lives . . . making things worse for ourselves and our children or loved ones.

You are most certainly not alone. We all know what it’s like to hurt and suffer from a breakup. And I want to do anything I can to help you move beyond that kind of pain as quickly as possible!

That’s why I want to share with you this wonderfully empowering training from Katherine Woodward Thomas.

This no-cost online seminar will give you an entirely new way to approach the end of a relationship (even one that ended long ago).

Katherine will equip you with a powerful, proven, step-by-step process to help you avoid the awful damage so often associated with breaking up . . . as well as show you how to heal any damage you may have suffered during breakups in the past.

Learn How to Avoid (or Heal From) the 3 Breakup Mistakes that Cause Suffering, Steal Joy, and Prevent Future Love:

Register Now For This Empowering No-Cost Online Seminar

Katherine has helped well over 100,000 people find love through the Calling in “The One” book and online course, and now she’s turning her attention to helping us heal and complete relationships in a loving way.

I’m touched by her wisdom and her kindness, and her comforting way of supporting people through every stage of her powerful and effective process.

So if you’re hurting from a recent breakup, still not completely over a past relationship, or have a fear that you’ll never love again because of those heartaches, I really hope you’ll take this chance to begin to move beyond these feelings after you listen to this special online seminar.

Even if you’re not in a breakup right now, this information is vital to anyone who has ever suffered the painful ending of a relationship. And it doesn’t cost a thing to attend.

Sign Up Now For The Conscious Uncoupling Global Online Seminar

Make sure you sign up even if you can’t attend live, and Katherine will have her team send you the recording afterwards.


Dr. Karen Kan

P.S.  If you know anyone else who might be suffering breakup pain from the recent or distant past, or heading for a breakup now, imagine how grateful they might be to you for letting them know about this powerful no-cost event. If you do know someone you’d like to forward this email to, you are more than welcome to do so.

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Dear Dr. Karen: He Said He Never Loved Me After 8 Months of Being Together!

Posted on 19 April 2009 by Dr. Karen

Hi Dr. Karen,

I came across your website while finding a solution to cope with my relationship woes. I have read up on the law of attraction and watched the documentary ”the secret” previously and have applied the premise in my life and have found relative success in my career and physical appearance.

However, my love life has been less than fulfilling. I have not been able to meet my idea man. However, last August, I met a good idea man. He was very nice,attentive and caring to me but out of a blue moon, he told me that he has no feelings for me and has never liked me in our 8 months relationship. I tried to reason with him how could he have no feelings for me when we have spent so much good times together for the past 8 months and i sensed that he truly has some feelings for me. He denied it and said he only sees me as a buddy. He asked me to give up on him and to move on and that he would never never like him. He severed off all sources of contact. He told me it would be dishonest of him to patch-up with me when he does not love me.

I am now trying to move on. And I am going through difficult times. I can sense that he did love me but he seems very firm now that he has never loved me and wants me out of his life.

He makes me feel so rejected and unlovable. It seems that I am living in an illusion of my own. I am wondering if there’s anything wrong with me as I have always experienced romantic rejection and guys always turn me away completely without giving me chances of redemption or considering dating me after they realised my profound feelings for them. It is very absurb and hurtful to me. My self-esteem is totally bruised.

What should I do Karen? Please help me, I am feeling very depressed. How could I make someone likes me?


Dear Jessie,

I can feel your pain and sadness and I feel for you. No one likes to get rejected, and this is probably a huge shock to you having been together this long with someone. You might be unwilling to trust your judgment after this painful experience or you might be tempted to close your heart to future love in order to avoid pain.

Here’s the thing. You manifested this man into your life to abandon and reject you. Yup. Sounds awful doesn’t it? You’re probably wondering to yourself, WHY would I do that?

Well, you aren’t doing it consciously. Because this is a repetitive pattern in your romantic life, it tells me that this issues has deep roots in your unconscious patterning from childhood. You are re-enacting a childhood situation that you may not be aware of. Who in your childhood repeatedly rejected you or abandoned you? It could be your mother, your father, or anyone who was dear to you.

Or did you witness this in your family of origin? Did you mother abandon your father or vice versa?

You see, you are ONLY attracting men who will eventually reject and abandoning you. The way you harness the law of attraction is to make sure you do the following:

1. In creating your wish statement for you ideal partner you MUST include that this person loves you equally and is available for you. See Chapter 1 and 2 of my eBook for details.

2. You must get to the bottom of your unconscious beliefs and relationship blueprint so that you can heal it…otherwise history will repeat itself.

I highly recommend you get some individual counseling or coaching to work with you on this. It is near impossible for us to “see” all of our unconscious programming without outside help.

I am confident that once you get started on working on healing yourself through personal work with a skilled counselor or coach, you will naturally start attracting a whole new set of men who WILL love you and adore you as much as you adore them.

Do whatever you need to do to feel good about yourself. Stay connected to friends and family who support and love you. Allow yourself the time to grieve and heal and see if you can keep your heart open to new possibilities. You have the control to your destiny. It isn’t about “them” (the men), it is about YOU and your vibration. By changing your internal programming (your vibration), you will change your entire life.

My prayers and blessings are with you, my dear.

Dr. Karen Kan

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