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Is your Heart Wall holding you back from love?

Posted on 11 January 2013 by Dr. Karen

Using The Emotion Code healing system, I’ll will share what a “heart-wall” actually is, how it was discovered, and why it is critical for you to discover yours…especially if you’ve been unhappy in your love life. Over 90% people have developed this energetic wall around their hearts making it difficult to love and RECEIVE love.

Since removing my heart wall (and that of my partner’s), life and love has been markedly different, at least for me! Things that used to annoy me or anger me for hours or days don’t anymore. In fact, I am able to feel an emotion (such as annoyance) and then let it go easily and get back to feeling love and understanding…even if my partner does something I didn’t like.

This has transformed our relationship. Forgiveness was never this easy for me. I tried and tried and tried before. It took a lot of work, but I managed to figure out how to do it…but now, with my heart wall removed, I can both empathize with others AND keep healthy boundaries. Thus, there is very little left to actually forgive!

I ENJOY everyone more..whether it be my partner, James, my friends, my assistant, or the mailman. It doesn’t matter who it is. I feel more connected to EVERYONE. It is truly an amazing experience…and I wish that for you.

Needless to say, my connection to James, my partner is deeper than ever. Boy are we having even more FUN in our relationship. I highly recommend removing heart walls! And I’ll show you how on Monday’s radio show!

Tune in to learn how you can easily remove this wall without years of therapy!

Monday at 12 noon Eastern (click www.timeanddate.com for your own time zone), go to:

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2013/01/14/is-a-heart-wall-holding-back-your-love-life or call in live at 818-514-1190.If you’d like me to check if you have a heart wall (yes I can do this remotely!), press 1 on your phone and then I can unmute your phone line when the time comes!

Looking forward to connecting with you Monday!


Dr. Karen

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