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How to be Anything You Wish to Be

Posted on 09 May 2012 by Dr. Karen

Money, love, and the purpose of life


I just love books. I love books so much that I’m running out of shelf space in my eco-home! Ugh! But I’m not complaining. It is well “known” in the personal transformation industry that people who do NOT read non-fiction books tend to stay rather stagnant in their lives, yet those who regularly expand their minds with books transform their lives. Every single guru, success magnet, courageous, inspirational person I know reads voraciously.

It’s one of the reasons I love sharing books with you. If I find a book that has great information that I like, I’m hoping you’d enjoy it too. But I don’t share these just for you to “enjoy” them only, but truly for you to USE the information in them to transform your life!

Thought you might like this new book called A Guide To Your Supreme Power. It tells you all about Rational OptimismTM    which has created huge fortunes, initiated groundbreaking scientific discoveries, and has been responsible for the success of many famous (and wildly happy) people.

That’s probably why this book is considered the key to money, power, love, and success. Check it out here.

Best of all, reading this book you’ll discover:

  • How to deal with difficult people at work, love, and life.
  • Common Myths that are likely holding you back from achieving the success you deserve.
  • The life-view that makes it impossible to be worried, anxious, depressed, or unhappy: Everything you need to know about Rational OptimismTM.
  • How to recapture your perfect figure and mental state with these simple steps once and for all!
  • The one thing you need to do to ensure your business, work and life investments are always solid, fruitful and flourishing.
  • How not to treat your romantic partner (for your own sake and your relationship’s sake).
  • Effective and proven ways unleash the creative leader in you.
  • The smartest ways to make more money, be happier, healthier, and grow your business if you have one. (hint: this can only be done with Rational OptimismTM).
  • …and much more!



*Plus, if you get your copy today you’ll receive over $1,000 in free gifts from some of the most knowledgeable thought leaders in business, love, spirituality, and health! Sounds like a great offer.


Here it all is for you.

I’ll have to warn you though…this book gives it to you straight. No fluff. If you want lots of pretty fluff, you’re not going to get it here. This is straight content (i.e. not a lot of stories), so it may or may not be for everyone. That being said, if you check out the link and it resonates with you, then by all means get the book!


Dr. Karen

PS. It’s important that your friends and family have abundant money, happiness, love, power, and success too.  After reading this webpage, show five people that you care about their wealth, health, and happiness by forwarding this email to them.


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