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How to Let Go of Your Emotional Baggage

Posted on 18 September 2013 by Dr. Karen

Tomorrow I’m teaching you how to release trapped emotions with The Emotion Code

Tomorrow I am offering one of my most popular classes: How to Release Trapped Emotion. In this FREE webinar I will personally be showing you how to use the Emotion Code technique to release past trapped emotions that are likely causing you pain, illness and recurring problems in your current relationships.


I will be taking volunteers for this call, so if you can make it live, you have a chance to receive some free treatment on the call to address your problems with this technique (more details will be given on the call).


*If you can’t make it live, register anyways to gain access to unlimited recording replay.


Here are the details:

When: Tomorrow, Thursday, Sept 19 at 3:00 pm EDT

Register: http://www.learnitlive.com/class/4507/Fast-Track-Class-Heal-Emotional-Baggage

(if you’ve never used learnitlive.com, please register by creating a username and password or signing in with your facebook account).


“See you” then!


Dr. Karen



If you have any questions please feel free to contact my assistant at jenniferburns@karenkan.com


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Can what you eat interfere with your Manifesting?

Posted on 04 September 2013 by Dr. Karen

TOMORROW: What You Didn’t Know About The Law of Attraction

It’s all about energy. Allowing your energy to drain away because you spend too much time on your computer, or eat low-energy foods affects your ability to harness the Law of Attraction.

Less energy= Less attractiveness.

It’s these small, yet essential details that are often overlooked when talking about The Law of Attraction.

That’s why I am offering a Learning The Law of Attraction course tomorrow to cover the left out pieces of the puzzle that you may have been missing.

Tomorrow’s Class we will be focusing on Harnessing The Law of Attraction including:

  1. The simple 5 minute exercise to harness the law of attraction
  2. the first 3 crucial steps you have to take before manifesting anything
  3. how to know if your manifestation is really working

I encourage you to join me for this fun and exciting class!


The register for the class go to: http://www.learnitlive.com/karenkan

(If this is your first time visiting, you can sign in by creating a new username and password or sign in via facebook)

The class will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live, you can listen to it as much as you’d like afterwards!

See you tomorrow!

Dr. Karen Kan



This is the 2nd of 6 classes that I am offering as part of my Fast Track Your Healing Program, so be sure to check out my other class offerings at: http://www.learnitlive.com/karenkan

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Law of Attraction Intro Class – Free For My Readers

Posted on 07 August 2013 by Dr. Karen

Complimentary Book Bonus Classes

If you enjoyed either one of my books, Create Your Fairytale Love Life or Guide to Healing Chronic Pain, then you will LOVE this news…

As my way of saying THANK YOU to you for your amazing ongoing support of my success, I am offering a special book bonus class for my readers.

I am offering 4 free classes that are a part of the Fast Track Your Healing Program and this includes a great Law of Attraction Intro Class. 


Complimentary Class Information

Class 1: How to Harness the Law of Attraction Intro Class – in this webinar you’ll learn:

o        The first 3 crucial steps in manifesting your heart’s desires into reality

o        The exercises I teach so you can practice your “manifesting muscles”. This class is experiential, so bring a journal and pen!


Class 2: How to do muscle testing – in this webinar you’ll learn

o        How to do traditional muscle testing

o        Several different methods on how to do self-muscle testing

o        Two different ways using muscle testing to see if you’re allergic or intolerant of a food


Class 3: How to do the Emotion Code – in this webinar you’ll learn

o        How trapped emotions hamper the immune system and can cause pain and disease

o        How you can use muscle testing to determine if you have trapped emotions

o        How I do the Emotion Code “long distance” with a patient.  I’ll need volunteers for this so if you’re live on the call and have a problem, you’ll get your chance to get some “f*ree” treatment.


Class 4: Introduction to the Body Code – in this webinar you’ll learn:

o        How we can determine the underlying imbalances causing your pain or symptoms using the Body Code mind maps and muscle testing

o        How I do the Body Code “long distance” with a patient.  I’ll need volunteers for this so if you’re live on the call and have a health challenge, you’ll get your chance to get some “f*ree” treatment.



How to Qualify for your F*ree Ticket to ALL 4 Classes:  It’s easy!

Step 1: Buy a hardcover or paperback copy of my book Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – A Holistic Approach via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or through your local bookstore (available worldwide!).

Step 2: If you haven’t done so already, REVIEW my book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and tell me what parts of the book resonated with you the most (or why you liked it).

Step 3: Send an email to jenniferburns@karenkan.com with your store receipt and a link to your testimonial.


That’s it! The first 100 people qualify.  The deadline to submit your information is Saturday August 17th (which co-incidentally is the date I’m holding a Book Launch party at home).


Once you’ve submitted your information, you’ll get all the info you need from my assistant. The webinar will be recorded and available for free viewing for a period of one week following the class.  Classes start on Monday August 26th!


This is going to be so much fun!  All you’ll need is an internet connection to view and listen to the webinar.  I’m really looking forward to connecting with you “live” online!!




Dr. Karen


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