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Owning Our “Emotional Baggage”

Posted on 10 August 2014 by Dr. Karen

emotional baggage“How I relate to my issue IS the issue.”

Everyone has some sort of emotional baggage. Of course, this looks different for everyone and does not manifest the same in any two people. When I was younger, I always thought that emotional baggage was a bad thing, partly because society had always told me that and partly because it seemed to be the reason why I (and other people) would end relationships.

But emotional baggage doesn’t have to be a “bad thing.”

I once heard the saying “how I relate to my issue is the issue.”


So the question becomes.. how are you going to handle your emotional baggage?

I know.. it sounds dreadful.. even the word “baggage” provokes an image of  heavy suitcase you have to lug around.

But what if I told you it could actually be really… REALLY easy?


This week I am offering a fun webinar on just that – how to address and release our emotional baggage – practically, easily and really quickly (no, it doesn’t have to be “messy!)


It’s happening on Thursday, August 14th at 3 pm Eastern time (if you can’t make it at that time be sure to register for the recording at the link below):



Part of owning our emotional baggage is taking full responsibility for ourselves. It’s about recognizing our ability to determine the quality of our relationships by choosing whether we are willing to deal with our emotional “stuff.” Are you ready to release some of your baggage and move forward? 


I hope you will join me for this fun, interactive webinar, I’ve seen this technique work countless times before for my clients so I’m really excited to share it with you!

Dr. Karen Kan


If you are a new student to Learn it Live then be sure to check out my step by step instructions here: www.karenkan.com/learnitlivedirections


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My Gift to You This Thanksgiving

Posted on 03 November 2013 by Dr. Karen

I’d like to do something special for you…

Thanksgiving is coming up soon and it got me to thinking of how much I appreciate you.  Yes YOU!  I really appreciate you reading my newsletters or blogs or commenting on my Facebook page.  You totally rock!

And I’d like to do something special for you.  


Firstly, I’d like to give you an excerpt of my best-selling book, Guide to Healing Chronic Pain (chapters 1 through 6) in a PDF file so that you can give this away to as many people as you know as a gift from you.  Why?  Because you and I know that most people in pain need better solutions than just pills and surgery.  The people you send it to can read it and see if it resonates with them – if it does, maybe they’ll purchase it so they can read the rest.  Feel free to share the excerpt on Facebook, email it, pin it, or whatever!


Secondly, I’d like you to take the first five of my Fast Track Your Healing classes for f-ree.  They were recorded and you can watch them any time you want as many times as you want.

Here’s the list of the classes:
1. Introduction to Fast Track Your Healing (Lifestyle Changes to Make For Optimal Healing)

2. Introduction to The Law of Attraction

3. Your Guide to Self-Muscle Testing

4. How to Let Go of Emotional Baggage

5. Learning The Body Code

All you have to do is go to www.KarenKan.com and put your name and email address to sign up for the classes.  You’ll be directed to the download page for the book excerpt.

Enjoy these gifts!!


Dr. Karen Kan

PS. by the way, if you read my book and it’s made a positive difference in your life, I’d really LOVE it if you could write a review on AMAZON on how it helped you.  Here is the LINK.  Thanks in advance!


PPS. Oh! almost forgot! If you bought a hardcover or paperback version of my book Guide to healing chronic pain from Amazon, you can now get the Kindle version for just 99 cents!  Amazon just created this new offer and I said “yes”!  So if you’re like me, sometimes it is easier to go places with a Kindle version for the phone or tablet, even though I like the feel of reading a “real” book.  To take advantage of this offer, just log into Amazon with the same credentials you used when you purchased the hardcopy – you’ll see the Kindle price is just 99 cents for you.

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How to Let Go of Your Emotional Baggage

Posted on 18 September 2013 by Dr. Karen

Tomorrow I’m teaching you how to release trapped emotions with The Emotion Code

Tomorrow I am offering one of my most popular classes: How to Release Trapped Emotion. In this FREE webinar I will personally be showing you how to use the Emotion Code technique to release past trapped emotions that are likely causing you pain, illness and recurring problems in your current relationships.


I will be taking volunteers for this call, so if you can make it live, you have a chance to receive some free treatment on the call to address your problems with this technique (more details will be given on the call).


*If you can’t make it live, register anyways to gain access to unlimited recording replay.


Here are the details:

When: Tomorrow, Thursday, Sept 19 at 3:00 pm EDT

Register: http://www.learnitlive.com/class/4507/Fast-Track-Class-Heal-Emotional-Baggage

(if you’ve never used learnitlive.com, please register by creating a username and password or signing in with your facebook account).


“See you” then!


Dr. Karen



If you have any questions please feel free to contact my assistant at jenniferburns@karenkan.com


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Dear Dr. Karen: How Do I Use the Law of Attraction to Create A Relationship With My Relative’s Best Friend?

Posted on 02 November 2008 by Dr. Karen

Hi Dr. Karen,

I am trying to manifest the love that I have been dreaming of, and have been waiting for all my life.

Almost 5 years ago, I met my relative’s best friend.  And the moment I saw him, someone/something at the back of my head told me that I was supposed to be with him.  Of course, at that time, I was married to my ex-husband, and he was invovled with someone else.  But something told me that we would end up being together.

5 years passed, and his relationship ended, and I’m currently in the middle of divorcing my ex.  We got together as friends (we called each other bffs), and as we hang out, we immediately acknowledge the fact that there is a very strong chemistry/connection there and very strong attraction that we have for each other.  We have so many things in common, and it seems that when we are together, everything makes sense.  My problem is, I am still stuck in my past relationship, and he also cannot make a commitment because of my present situation.  I can feel in my bones that he is the one — we are both happy just being together.  Both of us even made a comment (on separate times) to my relative as to how come he never got us together when we were both single, things could have been more simpler between us.

I want to manifest having a lasting, romantic, faithful, happy relationship with this man.  He is the man that I have been waiting for, and have always wanted in a partner.  I want to use the law of attraction to manifest this.  What can I do to make this happen?

Please help me for this is driving me mad.

Thanks in advance,


Dear Agnes,

Understand that when you consciously use the law of attraction to co-create with The Universe what you want, you need to TRUST the Universe’s timing. Given that you and this man have a fond connection for each other, there is something stopping you from realizing your intention: your impatience.

One of the steps in the manifesting process is called “creating a vacuum”, or making space. If you are still involved with your ex-husband, either practically or emotionally, it will not benefit your future relationship with the man you wish to be with. You need to complete the first relationship (in your case, because your new man also wishes this completion) in order to start “fresh”.

There is nothing stopping you from developing a deep friendship with your new love. Even though he may not want to turn it into a romantic relationship right now because of your situation, it doesn’t mean you can’t develop the BLUEPRINT for one right now. Evaluate and take responsibility for your contribution to past disappointments in your past relationship(s), so you can learn how you can create a better one. Don’t drag old non-supportive blueprints into your new relationship (and you WILL unless you have been working on new supportive ones.)

It is a learning process. To get what you want, you often have to stretch yourself and learn something new. This time around, it could be that you need to learn to be even more patient, to learn to have a loving platonic relationship (a deep one), or to learn to respect another’s boundaries. Or it could be that you need to release emotional baggage from your last relationship that is still hanging on (and preventing the vacuum from happening).

In time, if you two are wanting the same thing, you will get together. The same thing happened with one of my first passionate “loves”. It occurred with a man who I fell head over heels for while my marriage was breaking up. He and I had an incredibly strong attraction to each other and I had never felt such a connection before with anyone. He was everything my husband was not.;

He was with someone else and I was still married to my husband at the time. This man had gone through a relationship with a married woman in the past and told me how difficult it was. He had wisely decided that because of his experience, he would not enter into a relationship with me (a married woman). He did tell me, though, that at some point in the future, if we were to find ourselves single and available, he would be open to us getting together. I was devastated and I told him that I needed space to heal my broken heart.

For almost a year we did not speak to each other. I was hurting badly at the beginning, and couldn’t stop thinking about him and how we’d never be together.  But after separating from my husband, I contacted him. I found out he was single again as well. After several phone conversations, we decided to see each other. By then I had changed. Well, we both had changed. I realized that he was no longer my ideal partner. Although we had a fun and loving interaction, I realized that a long distance relationship (we lived in opposite ends of the country) wasn’t going to work. We decided just to be friends and we both have different partners now. Today, we are still very good friends and I appreciate all I have learned from my relationship with this man, including his wisdom.

So you see, I got what I wanted, (the two of us got together), but then I had “grown” and wanted something different.

I now have the partner of my dreams.

So my advice to you is to be patient. I know your heart is yearning (as was mine). Just trust that the Universe is co-creating your BEST new reality with you and for your highest good. Just focus on completing your divorce first and learning new relationship skills.


Dr. Karen Kan

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