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Are past trauma’s holding you back from love and success?

Posted on 05 January 2013 by Dr. Karen

Happy New Year 2013!

So we “survived” the Winter Solstice and have formally crossed over to a new plane of existence where we are feeling more like “we are all one”. I definitely feel it with my family and significant other..especially after releasing my Heart Wall (thanks to the Emotion Code). I have some great stories to tell, but for now, I’d like to announce my next radio show!

I’m very thrilled to interview Ron McElroy LIVE on Monday. Author of the inspirational book: Wrong Side of the Tracks, McElroy clearly knows how to build success from scratch.

After surviving a very dark childhood, Ron McElroy went on to become one of Hawaii’s most successful surfer and business consultant–all thanks to the power of positive thinking.

Tune in on Monday and discover McElroy’s insights on how to succeed in various aspects of life—including love and relationships.

Here are the details:

Monday January 7, 12 noon Eastern New York Time.

I’m looking forward to having you join me for the show! And just in case you can’t make it, it will be recorded and available immediately. Just click the link above to listen to the archives.

Dr. Karen Kan


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How to get out of your spiritual prison..

Posted on 11 December 2012 by Dr. Karen

Do you know how to become multidimensional using your computer and a glass of water?
It’s time to discover more about your consciousness through a groundbreaking software called “The 12th Project”.

Described as your “magic carpet to quantum consciousness”, The 12th Project’s goal is to free your from your current spiritual limitations.

The 12th Project was created by Peter Schenk, a research engineer, visionary and software designer. While exploring the quantum database, Peter discovered an amazing secret that he has now merged with modern software so that you can assess higher dimensions. Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it?

That’s why I’m interviewing Peter on my radio show. In this show, learn how you can:


1. Free yourself from space-time (3rd dimension) thinking.

2. Experience an expanded awareness of your Soul Consciousness.

3. Access your multidimensional self via activating your virtual chakras.

4. Connect your unconscious mind with the quantum realm.


Join us Monday December 17th as I interview Peter Schenk on his amazing creation and how it works!

Here are the details:

Monday, December 17, 12 noon Eastern New York Time.

Take note that this is a recorded interview and you can access it though this link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2012/12/17/how-to-become-multidimensional-with-peter-schenk



Dr. Karen Kan

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Here’s Your Ultimate Way to Optimum Health

Posted on 07 December 2012 by Dr. Karen

The Cure Is radio show interview

Do you want the “cure” for your health woes?


Are you tired of run-of-the-mill healing books/DVDs that only offer false promises and misleading claims?


Here’s a good news for you:


On my Monday radio show, I will interview David Scharpsan independent filmmaker who made history after creating the life-changing health documentary,“The Cure Is..”
Inspired by his passion for health and natural healing, David embarked on a journey to create an eye-opening masterpiece. And after two years of backbreaking work, “The Cure is” was finally born.


“The Cure Is..” is David’s work of art–a gift for patient groups and communities that are battling various health threats. Devoid of false claims and sales pitch, “The Cure Is” will bring you a health formula more powerful than what human genetics can offer. It will unveil the truth about how your thoughts, beliefs and emotions can be the key towards achieving optimum health.


If you want to experience true healing and get the best for your health, don’t forget to tune in on Monday.


Here are the details for the radio show:


Monday, December 10, 12 noon Eastern New York Time.


  •  Option 2: To listen by phone, call 818-514-1190. If you’d like to ask a question “live” on the show, just hit “1” on your dial pad so I can see your hand is up. When the time comes, I will unmute you so you can chat with us.


I’m looking forward to having you join me for the show! And just in case you can’t make it, it will be recorded and available immediately. Just click the link above to listen to the archives.

Dr. Karen Kan


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The Secret to Healing your Marriage

Posted on 13 November 2012 by Dr. Karen

I am writing to you on behalf of my friend and colleague, Dr. Deb Hirschhorn. Did you know that it is possible to fall in love again even when a marriage has gone very bad? Dr. Deb believes – and it’s been proven – that it is. Scroll to the bottom to see the link to the radio show I did with Dr. Deb!


Before I say more, let me tell you that Dr. Deb has my complete endorsement. Her approach is unique: She’s all about healing a marriage so it can be better than it ever was or would be if left alone.


Her new book, The Healing is Mutual: Marriage Empowerment Tools to Rebuild Trust and Respect—Together, being launched, today, NOVEMBER 13, goes beyond “saving your marriage”  – it’s looking to help couples fall in love again.


According to Dr. Deb, a Marriage and Family Therapist, healing—not divorce—is the only good alternative to a bad marriage. See why at http://theHealingIsMutual.com/download.


You, personally, may be blessed with a good, happy, affirming marriage, a marriage of love and respect. If you’re not this will surely be of interest to you. Even if your marriage is “okay” – let’s make it better!


Besides that, unfortunately, you probably know many people struggling in their marriages. Here is a chance to help them to transform their marriage!


When you go to http://theHealingIsMutual.com/download you’ll be astonished by the comments and feedbacks that are there.

According to New York Times best-selling author and marketing whiz, Peggy McColl, “This may be as big as or bigger than Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus– it’s that good and that powerful.




Please resend this message to your list so everyone is included. Have them visit Dr. Deb’s launch page http://theHealingIsMutual.com/dowload to find out why divorce is a rotten option and why a book can be better help than a counselor to start their marriage over – with the same spouse!


Oh, one more thing. There are dozens of free gifts on that page from all Dr. Deb’s colleagues (including one from me) because we believe in what she is doing. We want to see this book out there helping people. Go check out http://theHealingIsMutual.com/dowload and see all the positive feedback this book has already received from people who used it.


And if you don’t want to send the email, buy the book for your friends. Leave a copy for them. They will be forever grateful.
You are seeing that The Healing Is Mutual can improve your marriage. It’s clearly worth the small investment of less than two movie tickets.
Here is a word from Dr. Deb herself:


Hi there,


I’m Dr. Deb and if there is one thing I want you to know about me, it’s that my whole approach as a Marriage and Family Therapist to helping couples is NOT about finger-pointing; it’s NOT about “diagnosing” the “problem” and it’s NOT about just “communicating.”


My approach is about building on your strengths, being understanding of what you’ve been through, and giving you solutions that are emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and behavioral. You can pick and choose which ones are the best fit for you, but they are all geared to healing. Healed people have space for happiness.


I believe that you have suffered and now it’s time to heal.


I want to help you heal from your past and your present. I want to help you and your partner to create a beautiful future. I want to help you to fall in love again. It is possible. Go read why on my page http://theHealingIsMutual.com/dowload


My very best wishes to you!


Dr. Deb




So there you have it. And let me say just one more thing before I send this off to you…


I visited Dr. Deb’s website to see all she is giving away. And I am telling you … I was AMAZED! You need to check this out for yourself, for sure.




Dr. Deb is clearly over delivering. And when you see all that she is doing for her readers on Launch Day today, you will certainly agree.



Dr. Karen Kan


PS. Here is the radio show interview I did with Dr. Deb as an extra bonus! Check it out here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2012/08/27/heal-your-marriage

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The Body Code system with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Posted on 09 November 2012 by Dr. Karen

I hope you enjoyed the first radio interview I did with Dr. Bradley Nelson on the Emotion Code…uncovering subconscious trapped emotions that may be preventing you from manifesting abundant health, wealth and loving relationships.

I’ve been releasing many trapped emotions over the last few weeks and wow, so many were generational! In other words, I was conceived with them because they were passed down generations in my family. It is no wonder why some of us have “blocks” to manifesting what we want whereas others seem to make it look easy.

Dr. Brad is returning Monday for another interview. This time he’s going to share with us the Body Code (The Emotion Code is only a part of the whole system). Dr. Brad combines his expertise in computer programming with his love of the healing arts and his connection with spirit into the Body Code system in order to “diagnose” the true cause of dis-ease, unhappiness etc. Then when the true source of these issues are found, you can release them!

Using muscle testing and his computer generated mind-maps, even non-healthcare professionals can learn to diagnose and heal themselves. Dr. Brad feels that his system is one of the most advanced energy healing system on the planet.

Listen in Monday to find out if this is for you. It is a live show, so feel free to call in and ask a question. Details are below:

Monday, November 12, 12 noon Eastern New York Time.

  •  Option 2: To listen by phone, call 818-514-1190. If you’d like to ask a question “live” on the show, just hit “1” on your dial pad so I can see your hand is up. When the time comes, I will unmute you so you can chat with us.


Looking forward to chatting with you!

Dr. Karen Kan

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Are Energy Vortexes in Your Home Making You Feel Bad?

Posted on 19 October 2012 by Dr. Karen

On Monday, I’ll be interviewing a very good friend of mine, Marie R. McMahon, LMT, a licensed massage therapist by trade, who is also an expert in dowsing.

Dowsing is the ability to “diagnose” different energies and is often done with a professional dowsing rod. In addition to being able to find water underground, experts like Marie can check for negative and positive energy vortexes in your home.

These vortexes can wreck havoc on your health, your relationships and your peace of mind.

When Marie did dowsing in my home, she discovered two very powerful negative vortexes. It was a surprise to find where they were coming from. We corrected the space right away and it “cured” the problem.

Wouldn’t you like to know whether there were pockets of negative environmental energies that could be affecting your health and wellness? Even symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and depression can be linked to external energy vortexes, yet no one really talks about these things with their doctor. In one known case, my colleague told me about a woman’s brain tumor receded away after she was moved to another bedroom. She then decided to move her son into that room and within a year, he died of the same type of brain tumor.

Now here’s your chance to find out how your home environment may be impacting you and the ones you love.

Tune in for our LIVE radio broadcast. Details below:

Monday, October 22, 12 noon Eastern New York Time.

Hope you chat with you then!
Dr. Karen Kan

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Recording of BeliefCloset Process Radio Interview with Lion Goodman

Posted on 15 October 2012 by Dr. Karen

Did you miss the radio show where I interviewed Lion Goodman about his BeliefCloset process that can get to the root of the subconscious beliefs that are stopping you from manifesting the life, love, career, prosperity and health you want and deserve?

If so you can listen to the recording on the radio show page: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2012/10/15/catalyze-change-with-the-beliefcloset-process

Lion and his co-author Anodea Judith just released their new book Creating on Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras. (link to http://astore.amazon.com/lawofattractioninlove-20/detail/1604078529 for LOAIL and link to http://astore.amazon.com/imacupuncture-20/detail/1604078529 for IMA and MLMBL) and it was so neat to get a preview of the content in this book during our interview! I can’t wait until my copy arrives.

If you’ve done lots of personal growth work and you still feel stuck, listen to this radio show and see if the BeliefCloset work is for you.

Dr. Karen Kan

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Catalyze Change with the BeliefCloset Process

Posted on 14 October 2012 by Dr. Karen

Please join me Monday for my recorded radio show interview with Lion Goodman, creator of the BeliefCloset Process.

If you’ve ever tried The Work by Byron Katie, EFT or Tapping for abundance, or any other personal growth process to shift your reality and it hasn’t worked as well as you would have liked, then this show is for you.

Our beliefs manifest our reality which includes our relationships, our money, our career success and our health. If you’re not seeing the “results” in your life that you’d like, then you know it is your underlying beliefs that are thwarting you. Here’s the rub: Beliefs are traditionally tough to change because most are trapped in the subconscious. The problem with other techniques to shift beliefs is that they don’t necessarily communicate with the deeper underlying layers of the subconscious where your original programming lies.

Beliefs get formed long before you have language which is why using a technique that involves the use of words doesn’t always work. It is like trimming your weeds and expecting them to be gone instead of pulling them out by the roots.

To get a sense of how this BeliefCloset process works and some tips on manifesting through the chakras, listen in to the show!

Here are the details:

Monday October 15, 12 noon Eastern New York Time.

You can listen to this RECORDED radio show interview through the following link:

Enjoy the show!
Dr. Karen Kan

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Use the Emotion Code to release your subconscious emotions

Posted on 04 October 2012 by Dr. Karen

In my book Creating Your Fairytale Love Life, I talk about the importance of neutralizing stuck or negative emotions that no longer serve you. But what about trapped emotions in your subconscious? How are you supposed to know what emotions maybe trapped in their from your childhood, or even before you were born? Yes, before you were born!

Trapped emotions have a real physicality to them and literally can get trapped in parts of your body. Sometimes these emotions can even form an energetic wall around your heart starting from when you were a child, which later prevents you from being able to fully enjoy a healthy relationship! The heart wall, as it is called, was built by your subconscious to protect you from harm, but it comes at a cost. The cost is the inability to truly enjoy life and to truly love with an open compassionate heart.

Here’s the good news. Dr. Bradley Nelson has found a way to not only quickly and easily determine which emotions are stuck, but how to release them with a procedure that takes only seconds! I learned the technique in a matter of minutes and have been using it in my practice lately. My partner James and I spent Sunday night releasing trapped emotions from each others’ heart wall until it finally disappeared. We could both feel heavy thick energy leaving our bodies. What was most amazing is that some of my trapped emotions were absorbed from my mother and one was absorbed before I was even conceived. Wild stuff. I believe that my heart wall has prevented me from being totally real and present with my love partners in the past and now I’m so excited to experience life and love anew!

..and so can you. Join me Monday on the Dr. Karen Kan show when I interview Dr. Brad Nelson live, about his Emotion Code system. Here are the call in details below:

Monday, October 8, 12 noon Eastern New York Time.

Option 1: To listen through the internet, go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2012/10/08/the-emotion-code-with-dr-brad-nelson where you can find your time zone as well.

Option 2: To listen by phone, call 818-514-1190. If you’d like to ask a question “live” on the show, just hit “1” on your dial pad so I can see your hand is up. When the time comes, I will unmute you so you can chat with us.

Hope to chat with you on the show!
Dr. Karen Kan

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