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Why singles would want to know how to heal a marriage

Posted on 27 August 2012 by Dr. Karen

Did you get a chance to listen to the radio show I did with Dr. Deb Hirschorn on Healing Marriage based on her upcoming book, The Healing is Mutual: Marriage Empowerment Tools? If you didn’t, please listen to the replay here:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2012/08/27/heal-your-marriage
Everyone comes into marriage with great expectation, not knowing that they also come into marriage with their old wounds. Understanding that marriage can be an opportunity to heal those wounds makes the journey joyful and rewarding. In the show, we talked about:
  • how divorce can be a healing opportunity rather than a court battle
  • how “funny” name-calling can be “put downs” that really hurt the other person and what to say if you’re on the receiving end of these
  • the difference between being “sensitive” and being “victimized”
  • how you get your partner interested in healing your relationship when you’re the only one interested
We got lots of great feedback for this show, so please take the time to listen in, even if you have a happy marriage. If you’re single, it’s just as important that you learn these things as well BEFORE you get married.
For listeners, you can get a free eBook on Signs Your Marriage Needs Help by texting your name and email address to 516-628-6077 or going tohttp://thehealingismutual.com/gift.

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