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Are you interested in Life after Death?

Posted on 28 August 2012 by Dr. Karen

afterlife + life after deathIf you’re one of my subscribers, you’re most likely focused on attracting your ideal mate. You’re probably more “spiritually” focused than many other people out there, which is why you’re on my list. Just in case it resonate with you, I wanted to check in to see if you’ve ever been curious about Life after Death. If you’ve read my bio, you’ll know that I’ve trained with intuitive Laura Day, and I’ve had a small, but fascinating experience with doing mediumship.

People have always wondered – and oftentimes feared – just what was waiting after death.  Paranormal researcher and evidential spirit medium, Jeffrey Marks, set out to find the answers.  Using an analytical, left-brained approach, he conducted 14 separate readings with people of various faiths and backgrounds.  After receiving evidence of being connected to a person’s loved one in spirit, he interviewed the deceased with 52 specific questions regarding the nature of the Other Side.

You’ll be amazed at what he has discovered as described in his new book The Afterlife Interviews: Volume I.  On August 28th, the book comes available on Amazon.com with a huge, limited time only special promotion, where you can receive over 60 FREE gifts, including a chance at a free reading from the author.  Just check out the book’s website: http://www.afterlifeinterviews.com/launch.

The message of The Afterlife Interviews is incredibly powerful.  You will not be able to look at the afterlife (or your current life) the same way again.  This promotion is for a limited time only.  Don’t miss out on all the prizes and a chance at a free reading!

Because your future and current relationships depends on how you view relationships in its totality, I thought you ought to know that there IS life after death, because that may shift your perception of reality to a new level.


Dr. Karen Kan

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Choose Your Destiny, or It Chooses You

Posted on 17 July 2012 by Dr. Karen

I’m sharing this important e-mail about 2X Best-Selling author M.B. Tosi.

TODAY is the internet book launch for her second book, The Secret Path of Destiny.

The Secret Path of Destiny is the second book in M.B. Tosi’s Best-Selling series about Native America. Each book in The Indian Path Series stands independently and focuses on a different Native American tribe in a different location. Fictional characters are woven into the true historical events during the Indian Wars in the late 1860s.

If you like fictional books that are also spiritual in nature, then this book might be for you.


Not only have her books in The Indian Path Series become Best-Sellers at Amazon, but you have the opportunity to grab a copy of her book plus more than 50 FREE Bonus Gifts worth thousands of dollars.

Check it out and come back to this e-mail:



Here’s the exciting part: Historical-fiction-romance novelist M.B. Tosi has assembled an amazing array of FREE downloadable BONUS GIFTS from New York Times and Amazon #1 Best-Selling Authors, World-Renowned Leaders, Business Experts, and Life Coaches. Wait ‘til you see all these incredible gifts that could transform your life and even your destiny!


I like bonuses and gifts, don’t you?  So, not only do I recommend picking up a copy of The Secret Path of Destiny, but I recommend doing it TODAY. It’s the very best day to do it. WHY? Because the free gifts are for a limited time only.

Simply go to this link:


Click on BUY (a direct link to Amazon.com)

Purchase a soft cover copy of The Secret Path of Destiny

Return to the launch page and enter your RECEIPT NUMBER

Then start YOUR OWN FREE SHOPPING SPREE!!! It’s like Christmas in July!

Still not convinced? Read a few comments about this amazing book . . .

The Secret Path of Destiny is compelling reading. M.B. Tosi weaves a fascinating story about how the power of love, faith, courage and trusting intuition guides and sustains during extremely challenging situations.” Margaret Paul, Ph.D., author of Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?


“M.B. Tosi’s geographic and personal descriptions allowed me to insert myself into the story where I experienced everything from laughter to tears. Grab a tissue or two before you start, and be prepared to not put the book down until you finish.” Sheryl Rae Cox, author of Beings and Doings


“M.B. Tosi has a way with words that just entrances you and makes you feel like you are right there in the story watching it unfold almost like a movie. Yes, she’s that great of a writer!” Jennifer Wedemeyer, book reviewer

SO DON’T MISS OUT on thousands of dollars of FREE gifts. Grab your copy of The Secret Path of Destiny TODAY!!!



Thank you! You’ll be so happy to discover 2X Best-Selling author M.B. Tosi for yourself!


Dr. Karen Kan

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