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Reduce Stress, Deepen Meditation, Increase Your Energy with WILDDIVINE.

Attractor Genie Software

  • Don’t you wish your limiting money beliefs will be erased?
  • Your ability to be broke will vanish?
  • Where money will NEVER AGAIN be a problem?
  • For your procrastination to END forever?
  • To finally live the life of your dreams – on YOUR terms – starting today?

All this can happen AUTOMATICALLY. Give it a test drive. Try it for a week and you will never be the same again.

Spiritual Cinema – Instead of Netflix, try Spiritual Cinema – a wonderful way to bathe your body in the positive vibratinos of inspirational and heart-expanding movies! 

Vision Boards -use the modern-day method of creating your Vision Board (also known as your Dream Board) online and set to the music of your choice! Law of attraction rule: Visualize to Materialize

Mind Power Computer Program – Use the power of positive affirmations created in your own voice and set to inspiring music of your choice. I listen to my Mind Power audio CDs everyday to get myself vibrating in the energy of attracting what I want.

If you need coaching to help you with your affirmations, go to – sign up for your free Affirmations Collection, then contact a coach to help you.

ReadySetRise – Where you can find free inspirational videos, songs and articles to keep you vibration high!

Hendricks – Learn from Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, master teachers of conscious loving and conscious living. Sign up for their free manifestation e-course!

Journey to the WildDivine – an interactive bio-feedback computer game where you can learn the skills of meditation from your computer! Receive visual and auditory feedback as you learn to control your vibrational/energy field. This is the only bio-feedback comoputer game endorsed by Deepak Chopra, MD!

Spiritual Cinema – Instead of negative or violent movies, why not try a dose of “positive” energy with moviies from Spiritual Cinema! It’s sort of like Netflix but you get the keep the amazing movies. Feel inspired! Raise your vibration!

Relationship Masters – Keith and Maura Leon are top-notch relationship coaches who will work with you (and your partner) to achieve a beautiful harmonious relationship.

Self Growth – The largest community of personal growth information on the web. Learn from teachers like Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra and many others.

Understanding the Law of Attraction – Want to attract something other than a dream partner? Ask the Secret Sage for advice on how to manifest everything from money to world peace.

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