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2010 Episodes

Love in 90 Days: Interview with Dr. Diana Kirschner (2/15/2010)

If He’s Not The One, Who Is? – Interview with Lisa Steadman (2/8/2010)

Create a Magical Relationship: Interview with Carele Belanger (1/4/2010)

2009 Episodes

Love Your Body, Love Your Life with Sarah Maria (11/16/09)

Experiencing Relationship Through Presence and Joy Rather Than Woundedness with Patricia Lee Jones (11/10/2009)

with Michael Sherman on Imago Matching: Why We Attract The People We Do (10/26/09)

Ask Dr. Karen (10/13/09)

Find Your GLOW – The Attractiveness of Women: Interview with Sandra Yancey (9/14/09)

Conscious Loving-Lasting Love: Interview with Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks (9/1/09)

Lisa Steadman Interview: It’s a Break-Up Not a Break-Down! (8/17/09)

Neale Donald Walsch on Relationships (8/3/09)

Ask Dr. Karen (7/20/09)

Beyond The Secret Movie with Holli Walker (7/6/09)

Finding God Through Sex with Michaela Boehm (6/29/09)

Ask Dr. Karen (6/22/09)

Sex, Passion and Enlightenment with Satyen Raja (6/01/2009)

Removing Obstacles in Manifesting Your Soulmate with Jodi McDonald and Michael Shuster (5/25/2009)

Interview with Law of Attraction Relationship Expert Keith Leon Part 2 (5/4/2009)

Interview with Law of Attraction Relationship Expert, Keith Leon Part 1 (5/04/2009)

Get what you want from the opposite sex with Relationship Expert Marcia Martin (4/27/09)

Relationship Problems? Ask Dr. Karen (4/06/09)

Ask Dr. Karen How To Manifest Your Dream Partner (3/16/09)

Delicious Dating for Women over 40 (2/16/09)

Finding Love in 90 Days – Interview with Dr. Diana Kirschner (2/02/09)

Synchronicity, Love, and the Law of Attraction (1/26/09)

Answering Your Questions on Manifesting Your Dream Partner (1/12/09)

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