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Knowing About the Law of Attraction SUCKS…
If You Can’t Make it Work for YOU!

  • Have you seen the movie, The Secret, but haven’t figured out how to apply it to your own life?
  • Are you tired of NOT getting what you want over and over again?
  • Have you wondered why the Law of Attraction seems to “work” for some people but not others?
  • Do you wish that you could be totally in control of your own peace and happiness?

What if you had the skills to “custom order” your wishes
from The Universe and have them manifest magically for you?

What if you could “diagnose” why you aren’t getting what you want so you would know what to change?

What if you had a way to eliminate negative beliefs and lower emotions in an instant?

What if you knew the SECRET to peace and happiness
every day of your life?

Here’s the good news!

You CAN have all of this and more,
if you are willing to learn the seven steps to manifesting.

Not long ago, I held a transformational event called the LAW OF ATTRACTION INTENSIVE, and I recorded it so that you could do the course NOW…

The LAW OF ATTRACTION INTENSIVE will cover the seven steps to manifesting and will enable you to:

  • Discover exactly you want in your life and the specific techniques to create an effective and powerful intention that gets “heard” by The Universe
  • Feel your own vibration and learn to shift it at will – an important skill in the arena of manifesting!
  • Raise your vibration by changing how you use words in your everyday life
  • Discover the specific ACTION steps you must take to co-create your dreams with The Universe
  • Recognize limiting beliefs and emotions that are obstacles to your success and happiness and how to neutralize them in minutes
  • Use one simple but powerful technique that can shift any “negative” situation into your life into a powerfully positive one
  • Create the “space” you’ll need in your life to manifest your dreams.
  • Tap into your creativity and intuition to enhance your manifesting abilities.

Here are what some of the LAW OF ATTRACTION INTENSIVE participants had to say about the workshop:

Karen, you are truly awesome! I learned so much today. You kept things moving along; you were totally positive and you varied the activities to keep us motivated. Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

Bronwyn Seal
Retired teacher

The workshop gave me a framework for many concepts that I was already familiar with, but floated loosely in my life- brought them all together in a coherent, practical, and effective tool. I know (present tense) that this is making a difference in my -our- lives.

Mary Beth Peabody

My friend Andrea and I were in the hall and she hadn’t eaten since breakfast. This was supper. The hotel lady had put food up for the other people in the hotel, but she said we were welcome to eat. Good service! It has been an awesome day, Dr. Karen is great, her and James will have many more fantastic and loving years together. The people were fantastic in the group, as were the staff. Thanks Dr. Karen!

Donna L. Cooper

Karen is an energetic and motivational speaker. The material presented had relevance and importance in anyone’s lives. Thank you for helping me to reassess some of the pressing issues in my life and presenting me tools to work on accepting the powers of the universe. Thanks.

Michael Peabody

One Click Away from Manifesting Your Dreams…

I’m not promising you that you will get EXACTLY what you asked for, at least consciously, but often you will get something even better than you imagined….if you are open to it. Manifesting is a science and at the same time, is a mystery. If we knew exactly what we were going to get every single time, life would be boring wouldn’t it? So manifesting is like a game. It’s supposed to be fun…and it is! And to perceive it as fun, you need to practice (yes, practice) the seven steps to manifesting. If you miss even one of the steps, you could become very frustrated with trying to manifest your dreams.

In the home study course, not only will you have access to an amazing amount of information and begin to use it immediatelyin your life, you will be guided step-by-step, with handouts on how to manifest ANYTHING in your life. All you need to do is repeat those same seven steps over and over again. They are simple, yet incredibly effective.

With this Home Study Course on the LAW OF ATTRACTION INTENSIVE Here’s What You’ll Get…





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Here’s what other workshop attendees had to say:

Thank You! I know when I walk out of here it will make an impact on the rest on my life, not just tonight. Thank you, it felt great to be here. I honestly hope I will feel great. Thanks for this opportunity- tell my mom when there are more of these please! You did great tonight. We also need to talk.

Savannah Teierle (age 13)
Student, daughter, friend

After living through a rough marriage of 10 years and 5 years of difficulty with trying to bring my children to a better place, I am emotionally drained and worn out. This seminar has provided me with the attitude and tools to bring my life back to a positive and forward looking position.

K. Reiss
Business owner

I’m really happy that you gave us fun and relaxing tools to manifest what we want outside the seminar. I am actually really excited to use them instead of making them a chore.

Ariel Teierle

Although I have had a workable knowledge of the Law of Attraction, I do feel this seminar gave me some good tools to help me understand and manifest more effectively in my life. Thank You.

Cynthia Sardella

I did not want the day/night to end! I came in without any energy and very little clarity about what has been “blocking” me from the life I wanted. Karen is an incredible teacher- her energy is contagious- now I feel like I have the tools to be an awesome “manifester”! I want to keep in touch to be informed of more training classes, etc. I need practice!

Donna McConnell
Real Estate Agent

When you order the LAW OF ATTRACTION INTENSIVE Home Study Course, give yourself credit for making a commitment to yourself and your future. Just by ordering, you are showing yourself and The Universe that you are serious and that you are willing to get some support and help for manifesting your dreams and wishes.

The value of this home study course is $297, but if you order now, you’ll get the LAW OF ATTRACTION INTENSIVE six audio CDs, Law of Attraction Intensive Workbook on CD, plus two other value eBooks all for just $197.

And if you like speed and value, then ordering the downloadable Home Study Course (everything above in downloadable format) for just $97.

We know that you can’t put a price on the joy of manifesting your dreams and creating inner peace and happiness in the process.

My goal is to give you all the information you need to consciously manifesting your dreams – the stuff that the movie, The Secret didn’t cover. In fact, I’ve taken some of the best teachings from spiritual teachers and law of attraction teachers around the globe and given it all to you in this Home Study Course.

I’m so sure you will have absolute success if you use what I teach you in this course, that I’m offering you a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, just let me know within 90 days and I’ll refund your purchase


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I believe in you. I believe in your dreams.


Dr. Karen Kan

P.S. The Universe rewards ACTION. You have nothing to lose. Check out the program for 90 days and if you don’t feel I’ve given you tons of value, just contact support and we’ll gladly refund your money. I trust you and I believe in you!

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