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Jan 15

Forgiveness And The Art Of The Apology

Feb 5

The Easiest Way To Neutralize Conflict

Feb 26

Top Reasons Why Your Dream Partner Hasn’t Manifested

March 19

How to Prepare Tor Your Dream Partner

April 16

I Found The Love of My Life, He Just Doesn’t Know It Yet

May 21

How to Tell If You’re a Great Manifester

June 18

Manifest More Rather Than Settle For Less – The Secrets

July 16

Law of Attraction and Dealing with Negative Thoughts

August 20

Top Ten Myths About Finding Your Soulmate

September 17

The Language of Abundance: Change Your Language, Transform Your Life!

October 15

Answering The “Tough” Law of Attraction Questions

December 3 (rescheduled from November 19)

Communication Skills for Loving Peaceful Relationships

December 17

Why Am I Attracting Things I Don’t Want? Advanced Law of Attraction

2010 Teleseminars

Date to be announced:

Sexual Polarity: What Is It, Why You Need It, and How to Get It

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