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My e-book, Creating Your Fairytale Love Life: Harness the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dream Partner is really a manual. A manifesting manual. You don’t just read the book, you DO the book, you Practice the book. Through the exercises I teach you, you will get a thorough understanding of exactly how to manifest your dream partner.

Now if you want more personalized attention, or you need someone to hold your hand through the process, I can coach you. To be honest, I can’t take on a lot of clients because I have a full medical practice (y’know, my day job!), so I only want to coach those who are really serious about getting results. Because I am all about results. I didn’t finish top ten in my medical school class not to get results.

So if you want more information about coaching, tell me a little bit about yourself in the contact form below, and I’ll email you with pricing information and an application form.

In the meantime, ask me a question on the home page and I’ll post the answer in an upcoming newsletter.

How does coaching look like?

The base coaching is three 25 minute phone sessions per month or two 45 minute sessions per month… On the fourth week we rest. (Well, you don’t have to stop on your goals, but you get a rest from me). Phone charges are included in your coaching fee, regardless of where you live in the world. This is supplemented by email coaching at no extra charge, plus the occasional “power coaching call” (5 minutes) as required. You take on as much homework/homeplay as you choose, and most of the learning/growth/action/results happen between the calls. I’m not interested in replacing what you would do on your own. I want to add to what you would do on your own.

Who do I coach?

Adult single men and women of any sexual orientation who have a burning desire to become “coupled”. Whether you are young or old, male or female, monogamous or polyamorous, gay or straight, as long as you are serious about getting results, I’m serious about helping you.

What does coaching provide?

This is different for each client. Most often I hear words like: challenge, accountability, direction, inspiration, focus, sounding board, support and validation. Some people want someone else to share the wins with. Others request a firm kick up the butt. But the bottom line is, we’re normally after a specific result that makes a ~difference~ in your life. And above all – let’s have fun with it!

How long would we work together?

Some people are done in 3 months, and others are looking for 1-2 year partnerships. We’ll normally start with a 3-6 month time frame. I simply suggest my clients stay with me as long as they love the coaching, and the results!

First, can I get a better feel for who you are, and what coaching style you prefer?

Fill out the contact form below and tell me a little bit about yourself and what your dream relationship looks like (if you know already) and how you’d like coaching to help you. Make sure you type in your email address correctly so I can send you my fee schedule and an application form if you decide you want to go for it.

The first coaching session is a compatibility test for you to see if you like my style. If not, you’ll get your money back. Plain and simple.

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After just 6 months of working with you and following your ebook “Creating your Fairytale Love Life”, he finally showed up and is even better than I imagined! Your coaching enabled me to become very clear about what I wanted the Universe to bring and to not hold back thinking it would be too much to ask. This along with a dose of faith and willingness to feel the pain, the disappointment (when he hadn’t yet showed up) and doing my necessary personal growth work made it all possible. As I look back at all that had to occur in order for us to come together, I realized that when the Divine is involved, I couldn’t have “messed it up” and all I needed to do is be clear about what I want, prepare myself for receiving, and then simply allow it to be. Thank you Dr. Karen!!! This stuff really works!

With love and deep gratitude,

Connie Nash

“Dr. Karen and her partner, James, are the stuff romantic movies are made of! Their love, friendship, and similar interests are what people dream of.”
Errol Lewis

Dear Dr. Karen,

Thank you!

Thank you for all the advice and suggestions you’ve given me over the past few years; for all the ideas and new ways of thinking and looking at things; and for all the times we have talked together. You have helped me so much in understanding myself and knowing more about what I’ve wanted, and also how to achieve the things I want in life.

Thank you for guiding me through all kinds of aspects of my relationship with my girlfriend. You’ve been there for us from the beginning of our relationship, and our relationship has been stronger and better for it.

I remember we talked about so many different things – all the things that come up in a new relationship, ways to take care of our needs, and the needs of others, how to deal with being apart over long distances over a period of time, and so much more.

Thank you for all your help. I have learned so much from you, and I am so glad we met!

All the best,

Derek Lee

“Karen and James have a relationship full of fun and affection, mutual respect and support. We should all be so lucky as to find a love like that!”

Rebecca M. Senese


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