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We did it! James and I won three gold medals thanks to you!

Posted on 27 April 2010 by Dr. Karen

First of all THANK YOU for your energy in helping my dream partner, James, and I skate our best at the 2010 Adult National Figure Skating Championships! Even if you didn’t know you helped me, you did!

Neale Donald Walsch in his book, Happier Than God, calls it the Multiplier Effect. When all of us with a similar vibration are connected and we intend good things for one another, we ALL benefit. In fact, we benefit faster than just intending good things for ourselves.

If you read my April 11th blog before I left for Nationals, I made it VERY public what our intentions were:

  1. James and I skate a passionate, powerful pairs and singles programs to the best of our abilities with full presence; being in the moment.
  2. We inspire others to skate with passion and joy.
  3. We win three gold medals.
  4. We thoroughly entertain the judges and the audience.
  5. We have an amazingly fun time connecting with people and especially with my close friend Peter who will be coaching us there.

Guess what? It all came true AND MORE!

Now you may be wondering why I made my intentions so public. Here’s the thing. I learned back in 2005 that if we aren’t completely clear in our intentions, then we often can’t manifest the outcomes we desire. I also learned that the courage it takes to acknowledge what we want and to ask for it is part of the manifesting process.

Thus, I was putting myself at some “risk” by announcing my intentions. How many people do that? How many Law of Attraction teachers do that? I don’t know the answer to that, but I wanted to show you that this Law of Attraction stuff really works. And that I’m for real.

Here’s the play by play in case you’re interested:

Intention No. 1 – James and skated as we intentioned. We weren’t perfect, but we skated with passion and presence and our pairs performance was clean (no mistakes).

Intention No. 2 – I predicted (and told everyone ahead of time) that our pairs event was going to be VERY good and that everyone would skate well. That indeed was the case. People thought it was a fluke, but I knew it wasn’t. It happened because the Universe and I wanted it to happen and it was for the “highest good”.

Second thing. Two years ago, one of the skaters from the top-ranked Masters pair team in the country (two levels higher than we are) loved our 2008 program so much, she fashioned their program along a similar style this year and they won a gold medal! If that isn’t inspiration, I don’t know what is! Cool or cool?

Intention No. 3 – Three skating events, three gold medals. In my singles event, all the judges put me first ūüôā

Intention No. 4 – We knew people enjoyed our skating from the compliments we received not only from skaters, but also from coaches, vendors and even the official photographers!

Intention No. 5 – We were reunited with my close friend and first skating partner Peter. We had a wonderful connecting time AND we got to know our relatively new ice dancing friends who competed on behalf of the same Skating club. We enjoyed our new friends so much and it was such a treat to cheer each other on!

…and the Bonus!

The Bonus is like the extra REWARD you get from learning the lessons you need to learn when you manifest. Don’t think that it was all easy, it wasn’t. But at the same time, training the mind to maneuver past obstacles and judgments were the key for me personally.

Here are my Bonuses from The Universe:

Bonus #1: I happened to bump into a coach that I met at my very first competition way back in 1998 that I haven’t seen in over 10 years. He was the one who got me interested in pairs. He did a few lifts with me back in 1998 and I was forever hooked! We lost contact and I was sad that I never got the chance to tell him how much I appreciated him.

It took a very long time before my dream of competing in pairs manifested (10 years to be exact) but it was worth the wait. The Bonus was that I got to finally tell him face-to-face what a gift it that he gave me. I got the opportunity to gush my appreciation.

…and you know what? Maybe he really needed it. He is currently going through a really personally challenging time in his life. Couldn’t we all benefit from knowing that somehow, we made a profound difference in someone’s life?

My second Bonus? I got to meet and get a photo with Lloyd Eisler, one of my favorite Olympic pairs skaters, who was there coaching some other teams!

In writing all this, I’m celebrating. It is important for you to celebrate your “wins” as well. When you celebrate, the Universe gets the message that you want MORE of that energy! I never used to celebrate…I was so incredibly serious way back when. Now, I practice celebrating as often as I can! I encourage you to do the same.

This story isn’t just about what James and I accomplished, but it is about what ALL of us together can accomplish. We all need support and I have an incredible team of support. I hope you do to. If you need more support, let me know what you need by going to the coaching page.

When I win, you win and vice versa. Thank you again for being part of my Law of Attraction in Love Community!

Dr. Karen Kan

PS please feel free to comment below.

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Please send me some Energy this week!

Posted on 11 April 2010 by Dr. Karen

This week marks the time when everything comes together after two years of preparation, where my partner and I get the opportunity to push ourselves past our limit of comfort to test all that we’ve learned in the spiritual arena.

It all comes down to two minutes and forty seconds.

And I’m asking for your support…Energetic support. There’s nothing to buy, nothing to donate except a few moments of your time and the energy of loving positive thoughts and well-wishes. That’s it!

Do you know how powerful you are?

I know. That is why I’m asking you for support. And if for whatever reason, it doesn’t feel right for you, that’s OK too.

You’d be amazed at the power of an intention shared by a group of like-minded people! If you’ve read The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

This week, my dream partner and I will be competing at the Adult National Figure Skating Championships. ¬†We’ve had our ups and downs over the last two years (frozen shoulder, various injuries, arguments, miscarriage, emotional stuff, etc.), but everyone does. I’m sure you do too.

But there is something magical about intending an outcome and seeing how it manifests. I can guarantee one thing (and it isn’t that we’ll win a gold medal); that EVERY competition is a new personal growth experience for me.

Last time we competed at Nationals, I learned that “I don’t have to be perfect to win”. It was a valuable lesson because my achilles heel is always striving for perfection.

In 2008 when James and I won our first gold, I was happy to witness how unattached I was to the gold medal. We had messed up badly (or so we thought) during our performance and I even ended up on my butt in front of the judges! But I was thankful for the experience of feeling at peace despite the mistakes.

To our utter surprise, we still won the gold medal!  I felt tears welling up when we found out because it was as if the Universe was rewarding me with how unattached I was to the outcome. In the past I would have been devastated and angry at my partner for the mistakes.

It was if Spirit was saying: “You did good kid for being able to let go of the outcome even though you intended to win and you¬†thought you didn’t“.

I had learned to let go. This is what you must do as well in order to manifest your dreams as quickly as possible.

So here are my intentions that I’m publically announcing (sometimes a little scary to be this authentic, but here goes!):

  1. James and I skate a passionate, powerful pairs and singles programs to the best of our abilities with full presence; being in the moment.
  2. We inspire others to skate with passion and joy.
  3. We win three gold medals.
  4. We thoroughly entertain the judges and the audience.
  5. We have an amazingly fun time connecting with people and especially with my close friend Peter who will be coaching us there.

Here’s how you can help us. Imagine all those intentions coming true and how that would feel for me and imagine how it would feel for you to have helped us achieve our intentions with grace and ease.

Just read the intentions, close your eyes and imagine a scene where it all comes true – the smiles, the applause, the warmth, the fun…

That’s it. Just a minute. That’s all it takes. And guess what? You just received an energy boost for your OWN dreams by doing this exercise for me. That’s how it works in the holographic universe!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

Dr. Karen Kan

PS. please feel free to comment below to share any wisdom, well-wishes and prayers with us. Thanks again! You are AWESOME!

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Guru Advice: Just Frickin’ Do It!

Posted on 18 December 2009 by Dr. Karen

Here’s what came in my INBOX today from Neale Donald Walsch, one of my all-time favorite spiritual teachers:

On this day of your life, Karen, I believe God wants you to know…¬†
 ...that the next step is the most important step. Take it now. Do not wait.

Life is not going to come down there and sprinkle glitter dust on your shoulders to let you know that you are Good…or that you are walking the Right Path…or that you are making the Best Decision.

Take the next step. Right now. Stop waiting for a “sign” from the “gods.” Your sign is your intuition, wrapped in your desire.¬†

Hesitation is not a stopping place on the road to heaven.

I love the part about the “glitter dust”. Do you resonate with this message? I certainly do because I was the “poster child” for waiting for the perfect opportunity to show up in order for me to take action. In fact, if I wasn’t already guaranteed some sort of outer world “success”, I would shy away from the opportunity.

Take my favorite pasttime for example: figure skating. When I began, I had the not-so-lofty notion (I chuckle when I think of it now) that I was going to learn to skate once and for all (being Canadian and not knowing how to skate was terribly embarrassing to me!).

I was awful at skating!¬†Terrible! OK, that’s a little harsh, but let’s just say that I was the second worst skater in the entire adult skating class and I was embarrassed. (The worst skater was the friend who convinced me to go with him).

I was about to quit when my husband at the time, the blessed gift he was in my life, gave me his opinion of my situation. He told me that I was one dimensional and that I was too scared to try something I didn’t already know I was good at, so he felt I should stick it out (and be OK with, in his words, “sucking”¬†at something new).

Thankfully, I took his advice and stuck it out for 20 weeks. I found a fabulous new coach, who I’m still with today, and the rest is history. Several Gold medals and national recognition in my sport is the result of the¬†Just Frickin Do It approach to life.

So if you’re waiting for a GRAND invitation to take the next step in your life, be it introducing yourself to the cute gal in the next office, or walking up and saying hi to the guy with the goo-goo eyes you see at the grocery store every week, stop waiting!

Just Frickin’ Do It! as my teacher T. Harv Eker would say.

Take action. Any action. Take the next logical step action. Yes it is scary sometimes, but believe me, it is WELL worth it!

For someone who was afraid of everything growing up (ME), I’ve become the embodiment of the opposite these days. You should have seen me flying on the Trapeze last summer.

So Just Frickin’ Do It. Don’t worry about falling down. If you do (like in skating), just get back up, correct and continue! The only true failures in this world are people who QUIT moving towards their dreams. Don’t let that happen to you.

I believe in you.

So Just Frickin’ Do It!


Dr. Karen Kan
P.S. if you haven’t signed up for my free Attracting Love eCourse, please TAKE ACTION and do it right now on the home page!

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My dream partner and I just won six gold medals!

Posted on 12 October 2009 by Dr. Karen

K, sounds like I’m bragging. Mostly, I’m just really happy to share with you. My partner James and I just skated really well at the ISI Adult national figure skating championships and brought home 9 medals, six of them gold. To see the press release and the photos, just go to Feel free to comment!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I want you to know that YOU can have your dreams too. I want my stories to inspire you. For us, it wasn’t about winning gold medals. Those are nice. But it was about the challenge of seeing how “present” we could both be in our respective skating events.

Those that have been with me in a live event know that I like to say, “Whoever has the biggest energy, wins!” To be honest, I didn’t feel all that well all week, but I wanted to see how I’d fare by just focusing on the moment and the artistry I wanted to create out there for the audience.

Well, it worked.

For James, it was his first singles competition. After an initial stumble, he was able to focus and complete the rest of his program flawlessly, the best he’d ever done. Not only that, he looked “hot” in his skating outfit (he blushes when I say this to people because he usually dislikes wearing tight clothes – ha ha ha!)


This Law of Attraction stuff/personal growth stuff really works!

Life isn’t perfect, but what’s really cool is that if you let go of perfection and are willing and open to experiencing whatever is going on to the fullest, you’ll be the happiest person alive!

Dr. Karen Kan

PS. Remember to check out the recordings of all the 2009 teleseminar series on our MEMBERSHIP site. Here’s the list of teleseminar topics:

Membership is currently just $9.97/month and we add content each month.

We’ll be announcing this month’s topic shortly! The call is next week. Stay tuned.

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Photos of Adult National Competition With Dream Partner, James

Posted on 12 April 2008 by Dr. Karen

Photos Courtesy of Bob Ewell Photography, LLC

Karen (Kan) Guenette & James Gann on the iceAdult Silver Pairs Podium Photo 1Adult Silver Pairs Podium Close-Up

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Lessons Learned Skating for GOLD at the Adult Skating Championships

Posted on 11 April 2008 by Dr. Karen

OK, for those of you who have been following me for some time, you know that yesterday was the “day of truth” for me as James, my dream partner, and I took to the ice for our first ever skating competition…and it was a National Competition! For days, I witnessed so many thoughts come and go. I rejoiced that I no longer felt attached to skating well for others. In the past, I was so scared of failing and diappointing my friends, my supporters, my family etc. This time around, that was gone…amazing – I had grown.

Consciously I had asked for the best possible situation for us¬†and everyone we are connected to, and by the next day, I woke up in a bad mood. James and I felt sooooooooooo disconnected – it was so foreign, I couldn’t even describe it to you. I thought to myself, “Dear Universe, how is this bad mood and disconnection gonna help us win the gold medal??”, but the other part of myself said, “just trust it – you are getting your wish”. By the middle of the day, we processed the discomfort and felt EVEN closer¬†than before. We had made it through a brief moment of intense discomfort…and survived! The learning was that I can now tolerate this degree of separation and understand that it is only momentary…what a gift to learn this valuable lesson!

The morning of the competition, I kept letting go of attachments. Of course I wanted us to skate perfectly and win the gold medal, yet I reminded myself to let go of attachments. It was hard. I think it was harder for James as he had never competed before. I was following my own advice – intend an outcome and then let go. We watched the movie Peaceful Warrior the night before our competition¬†to help us remember the lessons of being in the moment….

Thursday morning, I woke up and realized I had hives all over my shoulder – the one I had been nursing with therapy. I laughed. Even though I was itchy (and obviously allergic to my muscle cream!), I knew that this “problem” was not going to set me back! James and I had a good warm up on the ice. Scores of friends had come to watch us. I felt so blessed, and at one point I felt the Angels fly into the building to take their place among the seats to support us. I shed a tear of gratitude. Finally it was our turn to skate.

We skated with passion and intensity. We were flawless….for the first half of the program. Then we made an error on a lift and almost went down. We had to downgrade the lift to a half rotation. Then I¬†really had to¬†focus. “Stay in the moment” I told myself. Every move, I skated with intensity…barely aware of how James was doing…only that I was sending him love, support and encouragement. Our footwork sequence was WOW and received huge applause. The rest of the program was pretty strong…until the end. I fell on my death spiral. No, it wasn’t my sore shoulder this time that was the cause. I have no idea why I fell. Still, we finished with bows, curtsies and waves to the audience in great appreciation for their support. We got off the ice like champions. If you saw us exit the ice only,without having watched the program, you would have thought we skated perfectly!

So, although disappointed in our performance somewhat because of the errors (and James was not successful in many of his jumps), we didn’t stay in disappointment very long. I reminded myself to stay in gratitude. Hoards of people came up to us (people we didn’t even know) and congratulated us on the most entertaning program they had watched at Nationals. I sat back, opened my heart and received. Instead of being negative and downgrading the appreciation, I just practiced receiving and saying THANK YOU! everytime we¬†received a compliment.

Twenty minutes later, while we were cheering for our fellow team members in the next event, we received word that we had WON GOLD! We were surprised, yet also not surprised. We had intended gold, of course….we just never knew we could win even though we skated with so many mistakes….

I realized the lessons The Universe was attemtping to teach me. You see, my personal growth for the last few years¬†has been¬†about letting go of perfection. The Universe wanted to reinforce to me that I do not have to be perfect. I can be absolutely flawed and still get what I wish for. The other lesson I learned was that I push too hard. Had we skated perfectly, I would probably have pushed James to take five more skating tests over the next year to compete one level higher (the gold pairs skating level). Luckily, since we still have yet to put a clean program together in competition, my “pushiness” disappeared. We’ll stay at our level for another year and get more experience. I learned that I don’t always have to push for bigger and better. I can be patient.

The other lesson I learned was that I was very tempted to blame James for some of the mistakes and vice versa. There was a bit of that going on, but we stopped fairly quickly. Blaming didn’t serve us. Heck we won anyway didn’t we? I learned how EASY it is to slip into negativity….so quickly too! So I observed my critical nature, and forgave myself. Anytime a critical thought came up after that point, I just let it pass. I didn’t open my mouth…I just contained it and let it go, not giving it energy to thrive.

You can’t control your negative thoughts, but you can choose not to give them any energy.

I have lots more to tell you, but it will have to wait until my next radio show. I’ll share with you the tools I personally used to attain the “win” that we received. Thanks to all of you who wrote in wishing us good luck on the competition!

Until then,


Dr. Karen Kan
P.S. when I get a chance, I’ll post a photo of us :O)

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FEAR. What To Do With It

Posted on 03 April 2008 by Dr. Karen

I think this will be my last post before our adult national figure skating championships next week. Today we had a challenging day on the pair sit spin, one of the most difficult elements for adult pair skaters. FEAR came up. What if we can’t do it at nationals? It’s not consistent.¬† Should we take it out? We haven’t decided completely what to do yet. I think we’ll muscle test for it (later on what that is) to see whether we do an easier spin or not.¬† Our coach REALLY wants us to do the easier spin because it looks stronger, but on the other hand, no other team can do a pair sit spin well and we’d like to be the first.

My sense is that James felt bad about giving up the sit spin. We had it a few times two weeks ago, then it disappeared.. are we stupid to try it in a stressful situation like a competition when it isn’t working? or would we feel worse not “going for it”?

Anyhow, my friend Marie, told me about FEAR and faith. It was so it was so inspirational, I thought I’d make it into a t-shirt…I’ll let you know what we decided to do next Thursday when we skate. Please send positive energy our way! Thanks!!

Dr. Karen Kan

FEAR... and FAITH shirt
FEAR… and FAITHbykguenette
Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

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The Benefits of “Falling Down”

Posted on 01 April 2008 by Dr. Karen

James and I had our skating choreography lesson yesterday to polish up our Adult Nationals pair skating program. All I can say is “wow”. It was incredible. By the way, if you listened to the radio show yesterday, you’ll understand me when I say that I “practiced” some of what I spoke about yesterday.You see, during our skating program run-through, I took a nasty fall. In skating, we call it a “face plant”. Luckily my face did not hit the ice and I was afraid my shoulder was really going to hurt, so I was a bit stunned. But it was half way through the program.

I got up – noticed by body was still working (ha!) – and kept going in the program! In fact, I skated rather fiercely thereafter, like a warrior. Good thing our program is a jungle number and not the Nutcracker ballet!

We finished strong. Why am I telling you this? It is because yesterday, I spoke about the power of making up a story that serves you whenever things happen to you that you might find unpleasant. That nasty fall I had yesterday was a great example of how I turned an unwanted circumstance into a positive…

How possibly could a nasty fall be in my best interest? Well, our choreographer/coach realized that James completely stopped skating to come help me get up (which is exactly what you DON’T want to do in competition or a show!). The sweetheart was helping me, yet, he wasn’t supposed to. He stopped skating and didn’t even do his jumps. A professional would keep skating until his partner caught up to him.

Here’s where I make up a story about my fall. Instead of being upset at falling and making a mistake, I’m glad it happened (now instead of competition certainly!) You see, we learned a valuable lesson – just keep going when you fall down and trust that the other person will catch up! The person that “keeps going” is keeping time to the music and will show the person who fell behind where they are in the program so they don’t get lost.

Wow, without that fall, we would never have known that James would do the “wrong thing”….he just acted out of his kind nature. We felt very blessed that we had the opportunity to learn this lesson. So I’m a bit bruised, but heck, I’m happy. Our program was skated with energy and intensity…

OK, let’s move on. If you were one of the 66 people who listened to yesterday’s show – THANK YOU! It was awesome for me and loads of fun. Please feel free to give me feedback in the comment box on the website:

Since I didn’t get to answer all the wonderful questions I received this week, I will be doing an extra show tomorrow, Wednesday April 2nd at 12 noon EST (GMT-05:00). Next week there won’t be a show since that’ll be the week were are at the skating competition (and I’ll be getting last minute healing and massage therapy appointments!).

Feel free to join me on the show if you can. Oh, by the way, I’ve had a couple of people ask me about one-on-one coaching. I do, indeed, do one-on-one coaching. Unlike counseling appointments, the focus is on getting you into action and getting results. There is a fee for private one-on-one coaching (which includes private email responses) as I’m sure you can understand that my time is very valuable, as is yours. I can only take about 10 clients max right now given my current schedule. If you are interested in private coaching, please go to my coaching page at

However, if you aren’t interested in private coaching, I can answer one major question for you on my newsletter, blog or radio show, so that everyone can learn at the same time. If you haven’t already, drop me a line about the three biggest problems you think you have regarding manifesting your dream love partner – that would be great!

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18 days Until Adult National Figure Skating Championships!

Posted on 23 March 2008 by Dr. Karen

James and I have a little over two weeks left to train before our very first Adult National Championships as a pair skating team! We had a great performance last weekend for the local ice skating show. It wasn’t perfect (i got blinded by the spot light at one point!), but everyone watching enjoyed it immensely.So what am I personally doing to maximize my chances of skating well Thursday April 10th? Well, I’ve been doing some practical things like going to bed earlier (rather than working on the computer into the wee hours of the morning!), eating well, wearing my Lifewave Patches (acupuncture without needles device), taking my supplements, and seeing the massage therapist and acupuncturist to help speed healing to my injured shoulder.The way I’m using the law of attraction is to practice embodying the reality that we have already skated well and we are enjoying the pleasurable feelings of having skated well already. To help with my embodying, I listen to my Mind Power Makeover CD James helped me to create whereby I use positive affirmations (for our skating) linked with my favorite pieces of music. I also have a “health” Mind Power Makeover CD he’s helped me create that speeds the healing in my body.

It is unbelievable how helpful the Mind Power Makeover tool has been. I’ve noticed that my skin and hair have changed in the three weeks I’ve been using it. My shoulder is much less painful and I have greater range of motion. Lifts seem lighter and easily for me to perform (one of our affirmations) and we are improving daily each time we skate. It is truly a gift to experience such changes!

The other important thing I am doing is practicing GRATITUDE daily. All day long, I remind myself to feel grateful Рwhether it be the sun shining or rain for the plants, the checks in the mail, the new patients that have come to me for help in my acupuncture practice, the wonderful supportive friends I have, or the health of my family.  I can be grateful daily for it all.

Are we guaranteed to win Adult Nationals? No, there are no guarantees. Spirit co-creates our reality with us and if it is decided that it is in our best interest to win, then we will! If there is a lesson I need to learn by not winning, then we won’t. in 2005 I had the experience in my singles skating of getting to the final round of Adult nationals only to make a mistake at the end and finished 7th. I was disappointed but it gave me the opportunity to change my mind (my opinions) about how I could win the International competition a month later. I had to let go of more judgments and opinions that no longer served me. I let go of the belief that I had to practice five hours a week to win. We had no ice in the month prior to the International Championships, so I had to travel 2 hours to the nearest rink. I had to let go of the belief that I couldn’t win with such little practice and instead create the belief that I could win because I was well-rested.

Well, it worked.

I skated the best ever (I had some help as I “discovered” Lifewave Energy Patches as well as Dr. Thompson’s Brainwave music two weeks prior to the event) and won a GOLD MEDAL. The practice of being grateful for the OPPORTUNITY to skate at the event was pivotal I’m certain.

So for this Nationals, I have my eye on the Gold Medal too. I learned that I have to intention a win in order to win. At the same time, what I want equally is to skate to the best of our abilities and to entertain the crowd and judges as much as possible….to spread LIGHT.

So if you are reading this, please help me by adding your energy to mine in wishing James and I a wonderful skating performance on April 10th! Thank you!


Dr. Karen

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