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Learn to Release Trapped Emotions (Join My Free Classes)

Posted on 14 August 2013 by Dr. Karen

This is going to be so much fun!

I’m offering some of my most favorite, and the most popular, in-demand classes to my readers as a big THANK YOU for your support…including introduction to the Emotion Code & Law of Attraction 101.

Each class will be a webinar that is taught by me personally and you’ll walk away with simple, practical techniques to release trapped emotions, use the law of attraction to manifest exactly what you want.. and a lot more!


Below are the following 4 classes for free to the first 100 people who apply. (Additional details can be found below and at


Complimentary Class Details 

Class 1: How to Harness the Law of Attraction Intro Class – in this webinar you’ll learn:

o        The first 3 crucial steps in manifesting your heart’s desires into reality

o        The exercises I teach so you can practice your “manifesting muscles”. This class is experiential, so bring a journal and pen!


Class 2: How to do muscle testing – in this webinar you’ll learn

o        How to do traditional muscle testing

o        Several different methods on how to do self-muscle testing

o        Two different ways using muscle testing to see if you’re allergic or intolerant of a food


Class 3: How to do the Emotion Code – in this webinar you’ll learn

o        How trapped emotions hamper the immune system and can cause pain and disease

o        How you can use muscle testing to determine if you have trapped emotions

o        How I do the Emotion Code “long distance” with a patient.  I’ll need volunteers for this so if you’re live on the call and have a problem, you’ll get your chance to get some “f*ree” treatment.


Class 4: Introduction to the Body Code – in this webinar you’ll learn:

o        How we can determine the underlying imbalances causing your pain or symptoms using the Body Code mind maps and muscle testing

o        How I do the Body Code “long distance” with a patient.  I’ll need volunteers for this so if you’re live on the call and have a health challenge, you’ll get your chance to get some “f*ree” treatment.


How to Qualify for your F*ree Ticket to ALL 4 Classes:  It’s easy!

Step 1: Buy a hardcover or paperback copy of my book Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – A Holistic Approach via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or through your local bookstore (available worldwide!).

Step 2: If you haven’t done so already, REVIEW my book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and tell me what parts of the book resonated with you the most (or why you liked it).

Step 3: Send an email to with your store receipt and a link to your testimonial.


That’s it! The first 100 people qualify.  The deadline to submit your information is Saturday August 17th (which co-incidentally is the date I’m holding a Book Launch party at home).


Once you’ve submitted your information, you’ll get all the info you need from my assistant. The webinar will be recorded and available for free viewing for a period of one week following the class.  Classes start on Monday August 26th!


All you’ll need is an internet connection to view and listen to the webinar. I’m really looking forward to connecting with you “live” online!!




Dr. Karen


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What “Allowing” Has to Do With Your Relationship

Posted on 11 August 2013 by Dr. Karen

Law of Attraction & Allowing

When you allow things and people to be exactly as they are, you open up the space for transformation to take place. Allowing means trusting that what you want to manifest and experience will show up in your life as it is meant to be (without trying to control how it shows up in your life).

Sounds easier said than done right?

Well, allowing indeed is a practice, some say an art. And it’s an absolutely crucial part of having the Law of Attraction really work.


That’s why my friend and Allowing expert GP Walsh is offering two free introductory classes on just that: Allowing.

“Just Allow It” Introductory Classes

Tuesday August 13th. One at 2pm and one at 8pm (eastern time).

Here is what he is going to be doing:

  • The why, when and how of Allowing?
  • Exploration of how Allowing changes everything
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Open floor for questions & comments
  • Live, guided, Allowing meditations
  • A recording of the class available for download afterwards
  • A free gift


Not only that, but when you register at http:// you will automatically get a download of a free Body Awareness exercise that is part of his full audio course. That’s 20 minutes of guided Allowing just for registering.

Please join me in attending GP’s class and let’s explore together and more deeply this most necessary but misunderstood aspect of the Law of Attraction.

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It Ends THIS SATURDAY << SOULMATE Series Special Upgrade Pricing

Posted on 25 July 2012 by Dr. Karen

As you may know, my dear friend, the internationally acclaimed Soulmate expert who is known as the Cupid of Consciousness, Arielle Ford, hosted the groundbreaking series, Attract Your Soulmate Now! and the feedback has been incredible!!

People are saying this has been the most powerful event on the topic of Manifesting a Soulmate in history.

If you missed the event, your last chance to access the recordings at the special Event-Only price (50% off!) is this Saturday, July 28th.

Get all the details and >> UPGRADE TODAY

The Series brought together 45 of the world’s leading love and relationship experts to reveal the latest cutting edge techniques for manifesting love.

Nearly 70,000 participants from 171 countries tuned in for these amazing 8 days of content from Arielle and her team of luminaries.

If you missed the event, or want to listen to the Seminars again, I encourage you to take advantage of this special opportunity to own your own copy of this life-changing Series.

***SPECIAL EVENT-ONLY PRICE (50% off) ENDS this Saturday, July 28th**

UPGRADE TODAY to GOLD or PLATINUM  (instantly downloadable recordings and/or physical CDs shipped to your door) of the 17 Manifest Your Soulmate Seminars, 7 Soulmate Couple Love Manifestation Secrets, Transcripts, Journal, & Special Bonuses at the lowest price it will ever be offered!

The exclusive EVENT-ONLY price for the Gold Package will DOUBLE and the Platinum Packages price will increase by $100.


With these tools from the Series at your fingertips, attracting passionate, Soulmate love is not just a dream, but practically inevitable!

You’ll hear from world-renowned experts including Harville Hendrix, John Gray, don Miguel Ruiz, Gay Hendricks, Alison Armstrong, Neale Donald Walsch, Debbie Ford, Bruce Lipton, Colette Baron Reid, Marci Shimoff, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Nick Ortner, Evan Marc Katz, and many more!

FIND out all the details and >> UPGRADE TODAY

Here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials from participants who were touched by this Series:

Victoria had this to say: “This amazing series is virtually unprecedented–in the number of unique participants from the world, quantity/quality of the speakers…”

One of the many international participants was Cintia, from Argentina, who said: “Thank you for letting me be me again, open my heart and regain the hope that I will be in love again!”

And this is one of my favorites from Jill: “WOW this was awesome! I learned so much and was so inspired. I had a date on Saturday and listened for 3 hours the night before and was so prepared. I had the best date ever! I feel like I called him in!”

There is no doubt about the power of this Series and how many lives have been forever changed because of it!

Order Your Personal Copy Of The Attract Your Soulmate Now! Series

With a Platinum or Gold Package, you can listen to these impactful Soulmate Seminars anywhere and anytime, in your car or on your MP3 player. Listen to them over and over again to deeply embed the information in your subconscious for maximum results.

Many participants have chosen the Platinum or Platinum Plus Package to easily share the material to help friends or family who could also benefit from it.

Any learner seeking long-term results and transformation knows that repetition is the key, because repetition creates habits, and habits create lifestyles.

When you have unlimited access to these enlightening Seminars, you’ll have the resources to make the Soulmate State Of Being a part of your daily life and move closer and closer to the love status you yearn for.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll receive when you choose a Platinum or Gold Package:

* 17 Soulmate Seminars each with a unique approach to manifesting love. These love and relationship experts will guide you step-by-step through their own system and strategies. (Available as either Downloadable Recordings or a CD box set, depending on which option you choose.)

* 7 Soulmate Couple Love Manifestation Secrets, so you can have models of possibility, anchor into a consciousness of love, and be inspired.

* Transcripts of the “Soulmate Seminars” so you don’t have to take notes or so that you can highlight while you listen. (Printed or Downloadable, depending on which option you choose.)

* LIMITED EDITION JOURNAL (only available with Platinum Packages) – You can use this absolutely stunning keepsake to jot down all your insights about Soulmate Love and save it for years to come!

* PLUS three extra comprehensive bonuses with the Gold Access Package and seven mouth-watering bonuses with the Platinum Access Packages!

Upgrade here for FULL Access to the Entire Series

When you listen to the recordings or read the transcripts from these insightful Soulmate Seminars, you are uploading decades of love manifestation secrets to your brain. It’s practically like getting a PhD in the science of modern Soulmate attraction!

Imagine what life will be like with your Soulmate by your side. . . He (or she) cherishes and is devoted to you. Your Soulmate completely appreciates your beauty (inside and out), and is a stable partner who is absolutely committed to the highest potential of your relationship.

Your Soulmate DOES exist, and is waiting to discover you so you both can happily join your lives together.

Don’t let false beliefs, old heartache or unsuccessful dating strategies hold you back. The techniques these love luminaries shared in this Series have already helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to manifest their Soulmates. Now it’s YOUR turn!

All of that being said, I feel I have to repeat this critical announcement to you…

***SPECIAL EVENT ONLY PRICE (50% off) ENDS this Saturday, July 28th**

 UPGRADE TODAY to GOLD or PLATINUM  (instantly downloadable recordings and/or physical CDs shipped to your door) of the 17 Manifest Your Soulmate Seminars, 7 Soulmate Couple Love Manifestation Secrets, Transcripts, Journal, & Special Bonuses

Lock In Your Special EVENT-ONLY Discount Now!

The signs could not be more obvious…the time you’ve been waiting for to manifest everlasting love in your life is now! Upgrade today and use this advanced Soulmate education to bring the right one to you, this year!


Dr. Karen Kan

P.S. Remember, THIS SATURDAY, July 28th at Midnight Pacific Time is the end of the line for you to take advantage of this limited Special Event-Only 50% OFF discount! Go ahead and upgrade now. It will be one of the best moves you have ever made for your love life.

Upgrade to Platinum or Gold TODAY!

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Attract Your Soulmate Now! Free 8-day Workshop is Waiting for YOU

Posted on 23 June 2012 by Dr. Karen

Gosh, I hope you got a chance to register for the Attract Your Soulmate Now! workshop my partner, Arielle Ford, created for YOU, my subscribers. It is coming up starting July 10th! If not, here’s the information.

If you’re like most people who are single and don’t want to be, chances are you’re not looking for just ANYONE…

You’re looking for your SOULMATE!

Attract Your Soulmate Now! << F*ree Online Event

According to my friend, best-selling author, Arielle Ford, the definition of a Soulmate is:

“Someone with whom you can completely be yourself, share unconditional love with and when you look into each other’s eyes you have the experience of being home.”

You see, Arielle met her Soulmate, Brian, at the age of 43. The deep experience of love that ignited changed her life forever. For me it was at the age of 37 when I met James and it has been an amazing growth journey! Arielle and I want that for YOU.

We’ve made it our mission in life to help other people manifest their own Soulmate…This summer she’s doing something really special for me and my subscribers: (Thanks Arielle!!!!). She knows I’ve been super-busy writing my next book, so she’s done me a great favor. She’s gathered over 45 thought leaders and luminaries who are ready to help you fast-track the process of attracting your SOULMATE to you.

It’s happening from July 10-17 in a never-before-experienced NO COST online series she is hosting called, Attract Your Soulmate Now!

Attract Your Soulmate Now! << F*ree Online Event

Featuring top relationship experts including my colleagues, Harville Hendrix, John Gray, don Miguel Ruiz, Gay Hendricks, Alison Armstrong, Neale Donald Walsch, Debbie Ford, Bruce Lipton, Colette Baron Reid, Marci Shimoff, Cherie Carter Scott, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Nick Ortner, Evan Marc Katz, and many more!

Plus you’ll also hear master panelists discussing how to release emotional blocks, improve self-love & confidence, crack the man code, sex, dating, and the law of attraction.

Arielle has even invited some real-life Soulmate couples as shining examples of how you, too, can supercharge your own love vibration to get what you want!

Attract Your Soulmate Now! << F*ree Online Event

When you register and join in this series, you’ll discover surefire strategies to manifest the love of your life, including how to:

  • Move on from the past
  • Break through emotional blocks
  • Discover powerful manifestation tools
  • Create successful dating strategies
  • Be inspired and empowered to make love happen!

Each of these Soulmate experts holds a critical key that will help you attract and create the kind of connection your heart yearns for.

To make 2012 the year you find your Soulmate, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity right now and register for the event today.

Enjoy yourself at Attract Your Soulmate Now!


Dr. Karen

PS: When you reserve your space in this one-of-a-kind series today you will also get immediate access to F*R*E*E heart-opening keepsake bonuses from John Gray, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Dr. Diana Kirschner, Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston, and Arielle Ford. I’ve been told this Limited Time Gift Bag offer won’t be available for long, so I encourage you to register TODAY!

Attract Your Soulmate Now! free 8-day workshop

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Is A Brain “short-circuit” Ruining Your Relationships?

Posted on 23 July 2011 by Dr. Karen

When The Law of Attraction Isn’t Bringing You What You Want

Remember The Law of Attraction teachings? You are a projector and receiver of frequency, information. Try as you might, do you ever feel like nothing you’re doing is working to bring you more of what you want? Maybe you’ve tried positive thinking, gratitude journaling, mind-movies, imagery, meditation, singing bowls, yoga, EFT, TAT…and still nothing is happening?

I may have the answer for you.

This may be a strange article for some. But I’m going out on a limb here and connecting my experience as a holistic medical doctor, energy worker and coach all together to bring you an extremely important message. You’re probably not going to hear this from any other Law of Attraction expert who isn’t a medical professional.

Brain “short-circuits” May Cause Relationship Problems

What I’m about to tell you is a recent discovery of mine, but I believe the discovering is profound and I really want to share it with you.

For many years now, I’ve been helping my patients heal holistically by using a combination of acupuncture, sound therapy, nutritional therapy and holistic health counseling. Most everyone who stuck with the program got well and many went from being disabled to being productive and happy again.

But there were always a handful of patients who never got better permanently. They’d feel great after acupuncture but the well-being would only last hours to days and then return to baseline. Nothing in my tool kit at the time could help them transform from a state of low energy, pain and depression to one of light and good energy. Although they appreciated my loving care, it frustrated me that I didn’t understand why they weren’t getting better like the rest.

Common among these “non-responders” were symptoms of depression, anxiety, PMS, chronic pain and fatigue. Most of them had strained relationships and some even refused to see people because everyone “drained” them of energy.

Well, about four months ago, everything changed because I learned something very profound.

An Enlightening Experience

The first thing that happened is that  I learned a new technique to check someone’s nervous system balance and regulation (a.k.a. brain balance). It was quick, easy and reproducible and I have Dr. Robert Stashko to thank for that. Basically a simple two-part muscle test could determine whether someone’s brain (nervous system) was “short-circuited”.

Then a new “anti-stress” patch product was released by a company that I work with. On a whim, I decided to use this patch on the acupuncture points on the head while testing someone for brain balance. To my utter shock, I discovered that this simple device could immediately brain balance someone.

The first person I tested was a friend and really didn’t have any symptoms. He just wanted to decalcify his pineal gland. I won’t go into why, but let’s just say he had read about it in a book.  When I tested him, he failed badly at which point he quipped, “Do you think the five concussions I had have anything to do with it?”

He was bald so he agreed  to patch the top of his head (this isn’t the only acupuncture point I use with people) with this patch every day for two weeks. When he returned two weeks later, I repeated the brain balance test and he was now normal. I asked him for feedback and what he said seemed rather odd to me at first:

“I’m not sure if it is the patch but I seem to be really connecting with people more lately…and even people that used to annoy me are now tolerable. There’s been a lot of synchronicities I can’t explain. And basically I don’t seem to be bothered about too much these days.”

I didn’t know what to think about his comment, but decided to continue brain balancing every patient that walked in the door because I knew it was important to get the brain back on track.

Well after a few weeks of doing this, amazing stories began to emerge. Although I wasn’t surprised that their physical complaints were getting better (sleeping better, more energy, losing weight, better mood, less stress), what amazed me was what my patients shared about the positive changes to their lives.

A couple who had been in a bitter divorce suddenly began communicating to each other again in a civil manner… People who were mired in co-dependent relationships were suddenly able to “let go” of negative relationship patterns after years of being unable to do so… One divorced patient suddenly began dating a wonderful man she had had a crush on many years ago…and another patient suddenly found the perfect house to buy.

The list goes on and on.

It was as if the brain balancing with the patch helped each person listen to their Higher Self. For many, it was the first time they “heard” their guidance so clearly.

What was clear to me was that when my patients were “brain balanced”, they automatically and effortlessly made better life decisions. Not only that, they attracted more positive opportunities, positive relationships and even more money.

To be honest I had NO IDEA that repairing the short-circuit in the brain would have such profound effects.

Do You Need a Brain Re-Wiring?

Almost 100% of new patients coming to see me fail the brain balance test. I can always tell who is brain balanced or not by how well they are doing. And the minute they “fall off the wagon”, I know why.

So how do you know if YOUR brain is affecting your life and your relationships? If you’ve struggled with stress, bad relationships, fear, scarcity, insecurity, irritability etc., it might not be your FAULT! You might have a brain short-circuit. If you’re stressed out all the time, you are 100% guaranteed to FAIL the brain balance test.

Here is a partial list of the most common reasons people’s brains get short-circuited:

  • Electromagnetic radiation from using cell phones, cordless phones, wireless internet, iPads etc.
  • Head injuries, concussions, hard falls
  • Toxins to the brain such as aspartame, MSG, mercury and lead

Here’s the good news. It is easy to get your brain balance back and the positive transformations occur rapidly, within one or two weeks. All you have to do is “patch your head” with this anti-stress patch, drink lots of water. Of course it helps to live a healthy lifestyle, but having your brain balanced this way will often motivate you to live healthier.

Then the next thing you do is to prevent your brain from short-circuiting again by using corded phones and getting a hard-wire internet connection. If you must use wireless, laptops, cell phones and iPads, at least purchase a protective device. And PLEASE don’t use artificial sweeteners!

So if you could use help with your Law of Attraction projector and receiver device (i.e. your BRAIN) and you’d like to try out the head patching for a month, contact me to purchase a month’s supply and I’ll make sure you know how to use them. You’ll only need a couple weeks of patching to notice the difference.

Brain Balance Enhances Your Law of Attraction Results
Lastly, don’t let go of all your Law of Attraction tools (meditation, imagery, EFT, TAT etc.) go to waste, because when you’re “patched” and brain balanced, those tools work even better!
Dr. Karen Kan
P.S. please comment if this post was helpful!

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February “LOVE” specials for you from Dr. Karen

Posted on 17 February 2010 by Dr. Karen

How do you feel about February? Do you normally look forward to Valentine’s Day or dread it? How was it this year for you? If you’re single, did you celebrate your Goddess or God within? or did you try to avoid all the hearts, romance, chocolate etc. out there because your were “partner-less”?

Whatever your answer, it’s OK. I would, however encourage you to take some time to be “LOVING” to yourself – whether that means having a day at the spa, getting a new health club membership, or taking a short vacation. When you vibrate at the level of love through loving yourself, you attract more love.

As for me, I like to celebrate February! Not only is it Chinese New Year, but also February 14th is my birthday. I just turned 43 and celebrated with good friends on my dream outdoor ice rink James, my love partner, built for me. Here’s the thing though: life is not always smooth even when it is your dream life. In fact, sometimes things just fall apart before it comes together. But the magic comes when you have faith.

Case in point: if you check out the photos of our ice rink being built, it actually mirrors many of our experiences in life and love.

1. A new relationship is exciting and everything looks so positive
2. The relationship takes some work, but without obstacles, you feel great
3. Disaster hits and it seems that everything you’ve built has just died
4. Turning point – you either give up emotionally, or you ask yourself, how do I want to live from this point forward?
5. You either remain upset that things didn’t work out the way you wanted them to or you keep your dream alive and just keep moving forward, one step at a time and believing instead “Everything is perfect. It is all for my highest good”.

Check out our rink building photos to see a visual of this process. Yes, yes, it is just a rink, but our “internal” experience (excitement, sadness, faith, joy) are mirrored in the progression of the photos. Keep this in mind when you are “manifesting”.

Here are the pics:

Oh, almost forgot the REAL reason I wanted to write you! I’m having a February special!

For every eBook and Law of Attraction Home Study Course purchased this month, you will receive special access to a secret page with downloadable MP3’s of all the Law of Attraction in Love Teleseminars I’ve done in 2008, in addition to the two eBook bonuses you’ll find on the eBook purchase page.


For the first 5 people who purchase BOTH the eBook and Home Study Course this month (doesn’t have to be on the same day), you will qualify for a FREE 30 minute private coaching session with me!! That is an extra $175 Bonus! You will need to be able to use the free SKYPE voice over internet service ( so I can call you for your coaching session. Your FREE coaching session must be used in the month of February or March 2010.


You’ll feel extra good about your purchase because, 50% of the profits will be donated to Haiti Relief. If you already made a purchase this month, THANK YOU!! and you can still qualify for the above coaching bonus by making the second purchase. We’ll be contacting you shortly about the other (teleseminar) bonus.

So you can treat yourself and get going on manifesting the relationship of your dreams!

Let me know what you think of this post by commenting below. Thanks in advance!

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