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Is A Brain “short-circuit” Ruining Your Relationships?

Posted on 23 July 2011 by Dr. Karen

When The Law of Attraction Isn’t Bringing You What You Want

Remember The Law of Attraction teachings? You are a projector and receiver of frequency, information. Try as you might, do you ever feel like nothing you’re doing is working to bring you more of what you want? Maybe you’ve tried positive thinking, gratitude journaling, mind-movies, imagery, meditation, singing bowls, yoga, EFT, TAT…and still nothing is happening?

I may have the answer for you.

This may be a strange article for some. But I’m going out on a limb here and connecting my experience as a holistic medical doctor, energy worker and coach all together to bring you an extremely important message. You’re probably not going to hear this from any other Law of Attraction expert who isn’t a medical professional.

Brain “short-circuits” May Cause Relationship Problems

What I’m about to tell you is a recent discovery of mine, but I believe the discovering is profound and I really want to share it with you.

For many years now, I’ve been helping my patients heal holistically by using a combination of acupuncture, sound therapy, nutritional therapy and holistic health counseling. Most everyone who stuck with the program got well and many went from being disabled to being productive and happy again.

But there were always a handful of patients who never got better permanently. They’d feel great after acupuncture but the well-being would only last hours to days and then return to baseline. Nothing in my tool kit at the time could help them transform from a state of low energy, pain and depression to one of light and good energy. Although they appreciated my loving care, it frustrated me that I didn’t understand why they weren’t getting better like the rest.

Common among these “non-responders” were symptoms of depression, anxiety, PMS, chronic pain and fatigue. Most of them had strained relationships and some even refused to see people because everyone “drained” them of energy.

Well, about four months ago, everything changed because I learned something very profound.

An Enlightening Experience

The first thing that happened is that  I learned a new technique to check someone’s nervous system balance and regulation (a.k.a. brain balance). It was quick, easy and reproducible and I have Dr. Robert Stashko to thank for that. Basically a simple two-part muscle test could determine whether someone’s brain (nervous system) was “short-circuited”.

Then a new “anti-stress” patch product was released by a company that I work with. On a whim, I decided to use this patch on the acupuncture points on the head while testing someone for brain balance. To my utter shock, I discovered that this simple device could immediately brain balance someone.

The first person I tested was a friend and really didn’t have any symptoms. He just wanted to decalcify his pineal gland. I won’t go into why, but let’s just say he had read about it in a book.  When I tested him, he failed badly at which point he quipped, “Do you think the five concussions I had have anything to do with it?”

He was bald so he agreed  to patch the top of his head (this isn’t the only acupuncture point I use with people) with this patch every day for two weeks. When he returned two weeks later, I repeated the brain balance test and he was now normal. I asked him for feedback and what he said seemed rather odd to me at first:

“I’m not sure if it is the patch but I seem to be really connecting with people more lately…and even people that used to annoy me are now tolerable. There’s been a lot of synchronicities I can’t explain. And basically I don’t seem to be bothered about too much these days.”

I didn’t know what to think about his comment, but decided to continue brain balancing every patient that walked in the door because I knew it was important to get the brain back on track.

Well after a few weeks of doing this, amazing stories began to emerge. Although I wasn’t surprised that their physical complaints were getting better (sleeping better, more energy, losing weight, better mood, less stress), what amazed me was what my patients shared about the positive changes to their lives.

A couple who had been in a bitter divorce suddenly began communicating to each other again in a civil manner… People who were mired in co-dependent relationships were suddenly able to “let go” of negative relationship patterns after years of being unable to do so… One divorced patient suddenly began dating a wonderful man she had had a crush on many years ago…and another patient suddenly found the perfect house to buy.

The list goes on and on.

It was as if the brain balancing with the patch helped each person listen to their Higher Self. For many, it was the first time they “heard” their guidance so clearly.

What was clear to me was that when my patients were “brain balanced”, they automatically and effortlessly made better life decisions. Not only that, they attracted more positive opportunities, positive relationships and even more money.

To be honest I had NO IDEA that repairing the short-circuit in the brain would have such profound effects.

Do You Need a Brain Re-Wiring?

Almost 100% of new patients coming to see me fail the brain balance test. I can always tell who is brain balanced or not by how well they are doing. And the minute they “fall off the wagon”, I know why.

So how do you know if YOUR brain is affecting your life and your relationships? If you’ve struggled with stress, bad relationships, fear, scarcity, insecurity, irritability etc., it might not be your FAULT! You might have a brain short-circuit. If you’re stressed out all the time, you are 100% guaranteed to FAIL the brain balance test.

Here is a partial list of the most common reasons people’s brains get short-circuited:

  • Electromagnetic radiation from using cell phones, cordless phones, wireless internet, iPads etc.
  • Head injuries, concussions, hard falls
  • Toxins to the brain such as aspartame, MSG, mercury and lead

Here’s the good news. It is easy to get your brain balance back and the positive transformations occur rapidly, within one or two weeks. All you have to do is “patch your head” with this anti-stress patch, drink lots of water. Of course it helps to live a healthy lifestyle, but having your brain balanced this way will often motivate you to live healthier.

Then the next thing you do is to prevent your brain from short-circuiting again by using corded phones and getting a hard-wire internet connection. If you must use wireless, laptops, cell phones and iPads, at least purchase a protective device. And PLEASE don’t use artificial sweeteners!

So if you could use help with your Law of Attraction projector and receiver device (i.e. your BRAIN) and you’d like to try out the head patching for a month, contact me to purchase a month’s supply and I’ll make sure you know how to use them. You’ll only need a couple weeks of patching to notice the difference.

Brain Balance Enhances Your Law of Attraction Results
Lastly, don’t let go of all your Law of Attraction tools (meditation, imagery, EFT, TAT etc.) go to waste, because when you’re “patched” and brain balanced, those tools work even better!
Dr. Karen Kan
P.S. please comment if this post was helpful!

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Understanding how the Haiti earthquake affects you (and vice versa)

Posted on 15 January 2010 by Dr. Karen

Why are we getting earthquakes? Isn’t it awful..all those people dying?

These are some of the questions I get asked. These are a loaded questions.

Let me ask you this: how did you feel when you learned about the lives lost in the Haiti earthquake? How did your body feel in the day(s) prior to, during and after the earthquake?

Why am I asking?

Because it affects you even if this is the first time you’re reading about it. As reported in Lynne McTaggart’s book, The Intention Experiment, any significant emotional shift in the planet experienced by a large number of people are felt all over the world as evidenced by the random event generator experiments. These machines are like a random toss of the coin. Without any intention being placed on them, they will split up the toss 50:50.

But when there is significant intention or similar thoughts shared by significant numbers of people, they no longer are RANDOM….to me that is proof that our thoughts hold great power to change matter.

Did you notice yourself feeling uneasy or irritable a day or two before the Haiti earthquake on the 12th of January? Did you feel tired on that day? Don’t be upset at yourself if you were out of sorts, most people were…but they may not have known WHY.

The answer to “why” are we getting so many earthquakes is not fully obvious, but there are many answers. See which ones resonate with you:

1. Mother earth needs to “let off steam” – as negative energy builds and builds it transforms or manifests into something physical. It could be a tumor or it could be an earthquake. Neither is judged “bad”, it is just a shift in energetic form.

2. It is an opportunity, spiritually, for people to connect as one (energetically as the random event generators would prove to us) and an opportunity for us to be more present and compassionate with those around us.

3. We are in the “dark” ages of our World Age as described by the Aztec and Vedic traditions and earthquakes, wars, famine, are just some of the things to expect during this time and through 2012. PASTE

4. It is the opportunity for some to rise above their current state of light into a higher state of being. It reminds me of the Canadian man who practically rebuilt a whole town’s homes after hurricane Katrina hit (with newer technology that would widthstand a future hurricane).

There is ONE thing I know for sure though and that is how you can help. Of course you can help with giving money in the disaster relief. Money, of course, is just another form of energy. If you’re feeling sad, confused or even depressed, then I need to warn you that your reaction is not in your best interest (nor the best interests of those who are in the midst of recovering from this natural disaster). Here’s why:

Since your thoughts generate “things” in the real world especially when they are added to similar thoughts from others all over the world, it is your responsibility to hold the energy of empowerment and light during a great time of stress. In other words, your feeling depressed and upset is NOT HELPING and is in fact hindering the healing of others.

That doesn’t mean that you do not feel genuine compassion and sadness in the moment as you connect with those who lost love ones. Of course you do. But at the same time, your job is to live your life to the fullest, to your greatest potential – to shine YOUR LIGHT so that it will empower all others.

One of my teachers used to say, “You will either inspire others with your greatness or infect them with your mediocrity”.

So as you go about your day, the prayer I’d like you to keep in your heart for those in Haiti is one of their recovery and health, as if it has already happened (that’s how you manifest!!!). If you can do that for them, you can do it for yourself too. So don’t “pray for” them in a way that “asks” for their healing, but instead pray in joy and gratitude for the healing that has already happened in your mind. Get it? 

I need your help in this regard. Our energies combined can make a bigger difference! Please let me know how you’re feeling by commenting BELOW!

In the meantime the Ask Dr. Karen box is back up on the website! For those that were looking for it, I appreciate your patience.

If you’d like to ask me a relationship or Law of Attraction questions, you can now fill in the form on the CONTACT page. If it is a question that hasn’t been answered before on my blog or radio show, then I’ll be posting the answer up in one of these two forums.

Dr. Karen Kan

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Guru Advice: Just Frickin’ Do It!

Posted on 18 December 2009 by Dr. Karen

Here’s what came in my INBOX today from Neale Donald Walsch, one of my all-time favorite spiritual teachers:

On this day of your life, Karen, I believe God wants you to know… 
 ...that the next step is the most important step. Take it now. Do not wait.

Life is not going to come down there and sprinkle glitter dust on your shoulders to let you know that you are Good…or that you are walking the Right Path…or that you are making the Best Decision.

Take the next step. Right now. Stop waiting for a “sign” from the “gods.” Your sign is your intuition, wrapped in your desire. 

Hesitation is not a stopping place on the road to heaven.

I love the part about the “glitter dust”. Do you resonate with this message? I certainly do because I was the “poster child” for waiting for the perfect opportunity to show up in order for me to take action. In fact, if I wasn’t already guaranteed some sort of outer world “success”, I would shy away from the opportunity.

Take my favorite pasttime for example: figure skating. When I began, I had the not-so-lofty notion (I chuckle when I think of it now) that I was going to learn to skate once and for all (being Canadian and not knowing how to skate was terribly embarrassing to me!).

I was awful at skating! Terrible! OK, that’s a little harsh, but let’s just say that I was the second worst skater in the entire adult skating class and I was embarrassed. (The worst skater was the friend who convinced me to go with him).

I was about to quit when my husband at the time, the blessed gift he was in my life, gave me his opinion of my situation. He told me that I was one dimensional and that I was too scared to try something I didn’t already know I was good at, so he felt I should stick it out (and be OK with, in his words, “sucking” at something new).

Thankfully, I took his advice and stuck it out for 20 weeks. I found a fabulous new coach, who I’m still with today, and the rest is history. Several Gold medals and national recognition in my sport is the result of the Just Frickin Do It approach to life.

So if you’re waiting for a GRAND invitation to take the next step in your life, be it introducing yourself to the cute gal in the next office, or walking up and saying hi to the guy with the goo-goo eyes you see at the grocery store every week, stop waiting!

Just Frickin’ Do It! as my teacher T. Harv Eker would say.

Take action. Any action. Take the next logical step action. Yes it is scary sometimes, but believe me, it is WELL worth it!

For someone who was afraid of everything growing up (ME), I’ve become the embodiment of the opposite these days. You should have seen me flying on the Trapeze last summer.

So Just Frickin’ Do It. Don’t worry about falling down. If you do (like in skating), just get back up, correct and continue! The only true failures in this world are people who QUIT moving towards their dreams. Don’t let that happen to you.

I believe in you.

So Just Frickin’ Do It!


Dr. Karen Kan
P.S. if you haven’t signed up for my free Attracting Love eCourse, please TAKE ACTION and do it right now on the home page!

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Special Offer! Sex, Passion & Enlightenment

Posted on 01 June 2009 by Dr. Karen

We just finished up the AMAZING radio show with Satyen Raja,! And if you missed it, you can still go to to listen to the entire show (archived) now.

If you want to know how to truly attract your highest and beste mate, you really need to listen to this show! He shared with us what real passion is and why passion disappears in the lives of couples.

We learned about the three stages of relationship development: from Prison Stage (male domination) to Parole Stage (equality but depolarized sexual energy) to the Paradise Stage (where we all want to be!) and how to get there.

He taught us how we can be “sexy” and “attractive” regardless of age, race, looks or wealth.

And he taught us on a very practical level how we can keep the passion alive through the “little things” we do when we interact with our partners.

Any man can be a warrior – a loving enlighted one.

Any woman can be a goddess – a radiant one.

And here’s something special.

For the first 20 people who listened to the show and who are drawn to do more work with Satyen, you can participate in his Sex, Passion and Enlightenment Intensive (see dates on

The tuition is regularly $3000, but for the first 20 people it is only $997 (and $1500 for your partner if you have one). Wow!

Just call 1-800-815-1545 and remember to mention that you listened to the radio show and would like to register for the special Law of Attraction in Love Radio show price!

Be assured that my partner and I are signing up to go to one! Do yourself a favor. Save yourselves years of heartache and struggle. Learn from Satyen and his wife, Ann, at Warrior Sage.


Dr. Karen

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Post Your Profile on the Law of Attraction in Love Singles Network

Posted on 06 April 2009 by Dr. Karen

If you haven’t done so already, please post your profile on my free Law of Attraction in Love singles network:

In filling out your profile, I coach you through the first couple of important steps to manifesting your dream partner. When you take the time to reflect and fill in the answers to these questions, you are literally sending out an “order” to the Universe using the Law of Attraction.

After you’ve set up your profile then go to mine and click Add As Friend!

See you there!


Dr. Karen Kan

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Practice, Practice, Practice…Until It Becomes HABIT

Posted on 01 May 2008 by Dr. Karen

I had the most amazing week last week at Train the Trainer – an intense five day course on how to be a top trainer/speaker. My business and life coach had guided me to make the intention (my wish) to be on stage in front of everyone getting coaching by the expert. Although I was scared, I knew that if I wanted to help more people, I needed coaching on stage.So I set the intention. What was really AWESOME was that out of 270 people, the expert picked ME! My intention, having been set days before, helped me manifest my wish easily and quickly. Day after day went by and each day became a miracle. I felt like I was in a dream. I can’t tell you just yet what my BIG wish is for this year (aside from the GOLD medal win at nationals), because I have a contract not to reveal it. But when the time comes, I will let you know.

All I can say is that if I can manifest my dreams, you can too. How? Practice, practice, practice. Practice making intentions and working towards them. Will you always succeed? No. But the practice of intentioning an outcome and then receiving the outcome creates a vibration that, when practiced over and over again, stay with you longer…until it becomes your dominant vibration. When you go for your dreams, no matter what, and ACT AS IF (see Chapter 4 in Creating Your Fairytale Love Life), you will create the habit that the Universe has no choice but to act on your behalf. Why? Because you show the Universe you follow through on your intentions.

Even though I intentioned to be on that stage in front of everyone, was I scared? YES! I was afraid of making the mistakes that I knew I would invariably make in front of everyone, but yet, I didn’t even think twice about raising my hand. I just trusted that the Universe (and my coach) knew what I needed to do to grow big enough to fit into what I’m trying to accomplish later this year. So the practice becomes the practice of STRETCHING yourself outside your comfort zone.

Stay tuned!

Dr. Karen Kan

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Check Out the Eight Foot Snow Heart Sculpture James Made!

Posted on 14 February 2008 by Dr. Karen

Big Snow Heart Sculpture

Click on the link above to see the photo of the awesome snow sculpture James surprised me with on my Valentine Birthday! I’m always amazed at the wonderful ways he surprises me and I feel very blessed.Today I was also blessed by Spirit. I was invited to play African drums as part of an African dance class led by our dance teacher to help residents in a drug and rehab facility. They’ve never danced like this before! It was such a special birthday gift to see their smiling faces, laughing and enjoying themselves as they danced like crazy. It was such a privilege to spend my birthday “giving” to other and witnessing their joy!

Having manifested my dream partner, I find myself sharing with him these awesome special moments. Let me help you manifest your dream partner. My eBook launched today on this site. I hope you enjoy it. Sign up for the free downloads and get an excerpt of the book absolutely free.

Love & Blessings!

Dr. Karen

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Healing Relationships Through Telepathy

Posted on 04 February 2008 by Dr. Karen

I learned an incredible “gift” from my intuition and law of attraction teacher, Laura Day, author of bestselling book, Practical Intuition. She taught me “telepathy”.Now, even though telepathy sounds “special”, it really isn’t. We do it all the time. We just don’t know we are doing it unconsciously! You see, every thought we have about a person is a form of telepathy. If you think, “Ugh, that lady is fat!” guess what? She actually hears that telepathically!In Dr. Bernie Siegel’s book Love, Medicine & Miracles, he tells us that patients under anesthesia who heard a recording during surgery telling them that they would feel fine after surgery had a much lower complication rate than those that did not hear the message.When you realize that everyone actually FEELS everything you think, you have a good incentive to monitor your thoughts and keep them as positive as possible! It has been shown with muscle testing that saying something negative to someone will actually weaken his/her electromagnetic field and the opposite, saying something positive, will strengthen him/her.

The BEST telepathy I’ve found is what Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks calls Tel-empathy in their book, Lasting Love. If you are having a tough time with someone in your life, this is a perfect opportunity to practice this type of telepathy. Here’s what you do. You get out a blank piece of paper and write their name at the top. Then you write a letter starting with Dear __________. Think of all the ways you appreciate them (even if it is tough to do) and do your best empathizing with their point of view in writing your letter. You don’t have to agree with them or condone their actions, but just do your best to understand their intentions.

Most people have good intentions and are not out to hurt you.If you can feel sincere while writing this letter, it is VERY powerful. In fact, I’ve had an instance where a patient of mine who was having trouble with her ex-husband experienced a complete turn-around from her ex- after we did this exercise together in the office one day. She was so angry and stressed, she was sending him “stressed” energy. Of course he resisted her! Once we calmed her down (I used acupuncture for that!) and sent him the message that she wasn’t out to get him but just wanted fairness and peace of mind, he gave her exactly what she wanted in the divorce settlment! It was amazing.

So remember, everyone hears everything you think. You affect people with the positivity or negativity with your thoughts. Be healing upon the world and focus on the positive.

Love & Blessings,

Dr. Karen

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