What is Your “Love Personality Type?”

Tweet How You Are Attracting Love (Without Even Realizing it!) Have you ever wondered why you attract a certain “type” of romantic partner to you? What if I told you that you had a “love personality type” that determines who you love, and how you attract love to you? Would you be curious to learn […]

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My Gift to You This Thanksgiving

Tweet I’d like to do something special for you… Thanksgiving is coming up soon and it got me to thinking of how much I appreciate you.  Yes YOU!  I really appreciate you reading my newsletters or blogs or commenting on my Facebook page.  You totally rock! And I’d like to do something special for you.   […]

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How to Let Go of Your Emotional Baggage

Tweet Tomorrow I’m teaching you how to release trapped emotions with The Emotion Code Tomorrow I am offering one of my most popular classes: How to Release Trapped Emotion. In this FREE webinar I will personally be showing you how to use the Emotion Code technique to release past trapped emotions that are likely causing you pain, illness […]

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Can what you eat interfere with your Manifesting?

Tweet TOMORROW: What You Didn’t Know About The Law of Attraction It’s all about energy. Allowing your energy to drain away because you spend too much time on your computer, or eat low-energy foods affects your ability to harness the Law of Attraction. Less energy= Less attractiveness. It’s these small, yet essential details that are […]

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Law of Attraction Intro Class – Free For My Readers

Tweet Complimentary Book Bonus Classes If you enjoyed either one of my books, Create Your Fairytale Love Life or Guide to Healing Chronic Pain, then you will LOVE this news… As my way of saying THANK YOU to you for your amazing ongoing support of my success, I am offering a special book bonus class […]

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I Loved This EFT Tapping Video

I just had to share this video with you. I just finished watching this  trailer for a newbook about EFT Tapping and it that was inspiring, captivating and eye-opening, and it reminded me about how we have the power, each and every day, to completely transform our lives:


It reminded me about my own experiences in tapping, which I talk more about in both my books, Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – A Holistic Approach, as well as Creating Your Fairytale Love Life eBooks. I often talk about and teach how the valuable tool of EFT aka “Tapping” can help our emotional well-being.  Tapping, however, can be much more than just an emotional freedom tool though.

“The Tapping Solution” by tapping expert Nick Ortner was just released this week and it talks about just that- the power of Tapping.


The movie has the same name as Nick’s extremely popular film The Tapping Solution, which has sold over 90,000 copies worldwide, but I can tell you…this book is VERY different from the film!  🙂

This new book will take you step-by-step, using both both beginner and advanced tapping techniques, through a transformative process that will improve your life by leaps and bounds.


Whether you’re new to Tapping, or you’ve been Tapping for years, I highly recommend you check out this book as it has some amazing new distinctions about how Tapping can be most effective for you today.


Here’s  just a few things that I love about this new book…

1 – For starters, during the launch period for his new book, Nick is giving away some amazing bonuses for anybody who picks up the book online, and some even more ridiculous bonuses for those that actually go into a book store to pick it up.

You can check them all out here: http://thetappingsolution.com/cmd.php?Clk=5015412


2 – If you’ve ever doubted for a second that Tapping works, then you need to read the latest science and research that is shared in this book because it will amaze you! It will have you (and those around you who wonder about Tapping) going, “Duh, of course it works!”  🙂


3 – The book comes highly recommended by a number of experts who were given the opportunity to read it before it’s release.

Experts like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Eric Robbins, David Feinstein, Ph.D., Kris Carr, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Joe Vitale, Arielle Ford, Chip Conley, the list goes on and on… (you can read what these experts have said about the book on the page below).


4 – Nick is donating 100% of his royalties from sales of the book right now to the Tapping Solution for Newtown: Stress and Trauma Relief Project, helping those most affected by the December 14th school shooting (Nick actually lives in Newtown, CT)

He has already donated over $10,000 to the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation (started by Scarlett Lewis, who lost her son Jesse in that tragic event) from presales of the book.

You can actually see a video of Nick and Scarlett on the page here: http://thetappingsolution.com/cmd.php?Clk=5015412


5 – Because it’s an easy-to-read and extremely enjoyable book that can have a profound impact on your life today.. This book is a must-have for everybody. It’s sure to be a classic that people refer to for years…





Dr. Karen


P.S. – All of the extremely valuable bonuses are only being offered for a limited time during this launch period for the book, so make sure to pick up a copy right away.


Picking up the book just to get access to the bonuses, like the four live 90 minute calls on money, pain relief, relationships and weight loss, are more than worth the price of the book.


You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Do you “take on” other people’s Emotions?

Posted on 27 November 2015

Tweet Have you ever noticed that when someone else is in a “bad mood” it can bring you down too? An essential part of not taking things personally, and making sure you don’t get sucked into other’s emotional wounds is to make sure you have a strong energetic boundaries. Sometimes I hear from my clients […] Continue Reading

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5 Most Common Breakup Mistakes

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How to Clear Out the Obstacles That Are Blocking the Possibility of New Love

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4 Secrets to Creating Extraordinary Relationships

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Reviving Your Sex Life for Deeper Connection and Intimacy

Posted on 09 May 2014

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How I Manifested Over $500 Cash.. With A Computer Program?

Posted on 22 March 2014

Tweet How You Can Manifest Faster & Easier With The Cutting-Edge Sourxe III I love manifesting with the Law of Attraction – whether its relationships, money or health it’s worked wonders in my life! Sometimes I find that people struggle using the Law of Attraction because they may doubt themselves and what is possible. That […] Continue Reading

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Who Do You Need to Forgive? (Your Past Partners? Yourself?)

Posted on 05 February 2014

Tweet The Power of Forgiveness to Heal Your Relationships One of the biggest obstacles to creating deeply intimate and heartfelt relationships is your ability to forgive. And I don’t mean just forgiving your partner for the occasional mistake here and there. I mean forgiving those in your past as well, and most importantly, forgiving yourself. […] Continue Reading

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Attracting Your Ideal Relationships By… Traveling?

Posted on 10 January 2014

Tweet How to Summon the Law of Attraction through the Zen of Solo Travel We’ve heard plenty of stories of people traveling the world, coming back with a wealth of exciting experiences and stories.. but have you ever considered how solo travel can not only bring a sense of self enlightenment; it can also ignite […] Continue Reading

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The 3 Major Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes During The Breakup of a Relationship . . .

Posted on 03 December 2013

Tweet Are You Still Carrying Around Pain From A Past Breakup? Many of us have been taught that break ups are naturally destructive and can deeply painful experiences often riddled with anger, anguish and blame.   And the worst part is when we live out these beliefs about breakups it can halt our healing process […] Continue Reading

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