Charge Your Water – Transform Your Life

This program is going to revolutionize our abilities to manifest our desires.  Who would think that a computer program could help us manifest! I didn’t believe it at first, so I had to interview the creator to “check him out” and see if he was for real (see link below).
Well, he WAS.
That being said, this program is NOT for everyone. Some people just won’t even try it…even if it was free! You know people like that. You can give them all sorts of scientific data…and sometimes you can prove it to them right away in their own experience…and they still don’t WANT to believe it.
Hopefully you’re not one of those people. That being said, this program is ideal for people who:
  • Are ready to super charge their experiences and are ready to materialize their intentions quicker
  • Are clear about what they want (their intentions)
  • Want to harness the power of The Law of Attraction
  • Is comfortable with using technology (computers)
  • Will actually USE the program

Click on the banner above and it will take you to the most incredible self-help computer program ever created.

Don’t believe me?

Well, listen to my latest December 5th interview with Peter Schenk on my radio show: HERE

Or you can do what I did…try it for 30 days for yourself to see if it works. I tried manifesting two free front-row tickets to Stars on Ice. I drank ONE 8 oz Sourxe charged water with the intention and then quickly forgot about it.

The next day, someone at our local rink literally offered me two front-row tickets to Stars on Ice!

My journey to optimal health has been absolutely fascinating. At first it seemed like it was “taking a long time”, but now I realize that I was systematically attracting the teachers, the programs and the therapies that would not only help me heal my body, but would allow me to teach it to others as well. Earlier this year, I was “inspired” to put one energy healing practice together will a unique energy healing tool and suddenly, and my whole life shifted dramatically.

Now, using what The Sourxe has helped inspire in me, I can help MANY more people heal from their various illnesses based on this ONE amazing discovery. I’ve been very busy with all the new patients that have suddenly appeared on my office doorstep (Thank you Universe!), and I’m very grateful. This is a little bit of a secret, but I got an unexpected call from a television show who wanted me to teach their audience about energy medicine! Cool or what?

I feel I owe it to The Sourxe for helping me bring about the amazing events that have happened in my life this past year.

How fast will YOU manifest with The Sourxe?

Depending on how far along you are on your “path”, you will manifest things slower or faster depending on the Universe’s perfect timing and what you ask for. Also, you can’t wish for things that aren’t in your highest and greatest good or are harmful to others. The program doesn’t recognize lower vibrations or negative thoughts, so I feel it is VERY safe.

Listen to the interview, try the program, and then share on the The Sourxe forum your experiences! Click on the Banner above to learn more about this powerful manifesting program.

Click HERE to purchase the program, or just click the BIG banner at the top of this page.

Happy Manifesting!


Dr. Karen

P.S. If you get the program, it comes with over $6000 of free downloads and gifts!

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