“My mission is to empower and inspire people to connect with their higher consciousness by teaching them how to manifest a life of abundant wealth, health, and love.”


My name is Dr. Karen Kan and I graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry and went on to complete my medical degree at the University of Ottawa in Canada. I was always a little “different” from some of my medical colleagues because I was intrigued by the mind-body-spirit connection of illness from the start, and became well-known for my ability to intuitively counsel patients through their emotional problems. One of my mentors was Dr. Janet Christie-Seely, a family systems specialist.

While in residency, I studied clinical hypnosis and worked with world famous psychiatrist, Dr. George Fraser, who specializes in multiple personality disorder and other dissociative disorders. I also studied with family physician acupuncturist, Dr. Frederick Hui, during my clinical training – and that is where I got my first experience as a holistic healer.

After finishing my family medicine residency, I promptly moved to the United States with my husband. I became an assistant clinical professor and lecturer at the Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center (California) in 1998 teaching medical students and family medicine residents, and in 2000 became a medical acupuncturist and graduate of the Helms Medical Institute.

In 2002, I became ill with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome while building my husband’s dream home after we left California. This illness helped me realize that I needed to learn how to have my own dreams. Up until that point, I had been “merging” with my husband, believing that my dreams were the same as his dreams.

In order to heal myself, I resorted to complementary and alternative medicine. I sought out the services of acupuncturists, energy healers, massage therapists, and went to healing workshops at the Omega Institute and Esalen. It was the Omega workshop with my intuition teacher, Laura Day, that taught me how to systematically manifest my desires.

Laura’s book, The Circle, gave me the framework for the system I teach. In the midst of my own personal healing, I became an intuitive energy healer and learned powerful energy techniques to unblock the emotions and beliefs that prevent us from manifesting our conscious desires. Because of this personal work, I was able to consciously manifest the partner of my dreams, James.

Over the last several years, I’ve trained with a number of healing gurus including Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, who’s brainwave entrainment technology I have come to use regularly in my medical office, and Dr. Deitrich Klinghart, an expert in neurotoxins and family systems. I have also been trained in Reiki and intuitive energy healing as taught by my teachers, Laura Day and Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz. I regularly conduct distance healings for friends and family if requested.

I have also been a student of personal growth author, Iyanla Vanzant, Kundalini yoga guru, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, yoga teachers Dr. Baxter Bell and Rodney Yee, and 5 Rhythms teacher, Gabrielle Roth. I have conducted several popular workshops including ones on “manifesting your dreams”, vibrational-sound healing and brain entrainment (Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s work), nutritional supplements, acupressure for emotional healing (EFT), and mind-body techniques for peak athletic performance.

Ultimately, my goal is to inspire YOU to manifest your dreams whatever they may be…

How I Manifested My Dream Partner

I come from a family where divorce is a big “no-no” and sex before marriage just as big a “no-no”. I married my first boyfriend – we had been intimate – and in some ways I felt I had no choice. He was a wonderful friend and we were both needy of each other’s love and affection, but I wasn’t really attracted to him in a romantic way. Throughout our sixteen years together, there had been times where I wanted to quit, but quitting wasn’t in my programming. We were such a poor match in so many ways.

After going through medical school, I finally discovered that my husband had what I would consider a mild form of bipolar disorder – happy for weeks, then depressed for weeks! During the “depressed” episodes, the “helper” in me made it my mission to make him happy. I did everything I could except stand on my head to help him. Now I realize I was being co-dependent. At the end of sixteen years, in 2002, as we were building our dream house (actually his dream house), my body burnt out and I became very ill. Nevertheless, I pushed myself to work because I was the only income-earner at the time (he was building the house). I was so in so much pain and was so exhausted every day that I actually became suicidal. That’s when I knew I had a choice: to truly live or to live a lie and die forever unhappy.

The gift of illness slowed me down enough to realize that I wasn’t happy in my marriage. I made the difficult and unpopular decision to separate from my husband. The truth really did set me free. It began my healing journey. When I was finally “alone” I discovered to my horror that I never really allowed myself to want anything great for myself. I could easily recite a list what my husband wanted and liked, but why was I so unimportant? The only thing I knew I really loved without question was figure skating. My husband didn’t really like it, but I dreamt of figure skating day in and day out.

I had always wanted to do pairs figure skating, but during our relationship, my husband had forbidden me to skate with another man (gay or straight!). So after separating from my husband, I finally began pairs skating with a wonderful young man. I loved every minute of it! And when he left, I felt a gaping hole in my heart. I was desperate to continue pairs skating.

I saw a workshop with Laura Day, famed intuition teacher and author of The Circle and Practical Intuition. The workshop was to help others learn to manifest their dreams. That workshop changed my life. Before that experience, I had plenty of instances of manifesting my thoughts. Unfortunately, I had no control! Thanks to Laura’s workshop, I understood a basic system, a framework, and became connected to a group of wonderful healers.

During the workshop, I made the intention to manifest my dream skating love partner. I began applying her system as best I could without a coach. Mostly I was relying on what she wrote in The Circle and the work we did as healers. I made lots of diversions and mistakes along the way and luckily my experience filled in the gaps. My training in the energy healing arts helped tremendously. Despite my advantages, my mind knew my chances were slim to manifest my dream figure skating partner…

There were only a handful of eligible and available heterosexual men in the entire world of adult figure skating. I had no idea how my wish was going to manifest. Many wonderful men came into my life and one was even a figure skater, but until I committed to the steps in the system (that I have written about in my eBook), the “ideal” partner was not to be found until…

james and karen

Almost exactly a year later, I manifested James. He was an aggressive inline skater from California. I was on my way to Big Sur for another Laura Day workshop when we met at the park. He was teaching a drumming class. His ex-wife of nine years hated drumming. I, on the other hand, loved listening to drums, so I joined right in. Did I recognize him right away as my dream partner? Heck no! He wasn’t a figure skater. But with some help from The Universe in the form of friends and synchronicities, I became OPEN.

Once I became open, I finally realized that he matched my dream partner “wish-list” to a T: gorgeous, hunky, a great skater with a bodyline that looks good alongside mine on the ice, between 5 foot 8 and 10 inches tall (for pairs skating of course!), strong intuitive side, someone who likes personal growth, will do yoga with me, take care of me, loves to cook and take care of my five acre property, and likes giving massages! And I wanted someone who would relocate, because I loved where I lived and trained (figure skating) and didn’t wish to leave.

James wished for an Asian beauty that appreciated drumming and enjoyed athletics, and most of all, would return his affections. He had always wanted someone interested in intuition and higher sense perception. Voila! We were the perfect match!

Not only am I currently an integral drummer in our performance group, Wulaba, James became a figure skating – learning it ten times faster than any adult I’ve ever met! We even competed at the Adult National Figure Skating Championships in 2008 and won the GOLD medal in our pairs division (my dream!), utterly surprising the adult skating community.

On my vision board, James has me in a lift on the ice and we have gold medals around our necks. Two children too. Don’t know when they’ll arrive, but I believe in Miracles. No Question!

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