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The 3 Major Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes During The Breakup of a Relationship . . .

Posted on 03 December 2013 by Dr. Karen

Are You Still Carrying Around Pain From A Past Breakup?

Many of us have been taught that break ups are naturally destructive and can deeply painful experiences often riddled with anger, anguish and blame.


And the worst part is when we live out these beliefs about breakups it can halt our healing process for years on end, thus preventing us from finding real love in our future.


While this isn’t something we like to talk about.. it’s happens to all us at some point.. and its about time we talk about how it can be healing process, rather than a damaging one!


That’s why I wanted to share with you a free seminar that my friend and love expert Katherine Woodward Thomas is now offering called “The Art of Conscious Completion


Join Katherine to explore:

  • The real reason feelings of rage, despair, betrayal and devastation are often triggered during a breakup . . .
  • The 3 major mistakes people make time and time again in breakups
  • How to hold and harness the energy of big emotions and transform them from being a destructive force to being a force for positive change in your life
  • How to release blame and shame in order to reclaim your power
  • How to show up in your life in ways that will bring healing to you and everyone who is impacted by your separation
  • And so much more


Yes it is possible to  release the pain that often dwells after a relationship (even years afterwards!), and begin to heal your wounds, and move forward with your life.


Register for this free seminar “Art of Conscious Completion” happening on Wednesday, December 4th
5pm Pacific • 7pm Central • 8pm Eastern


Listen LIVE and have full access to
download the recording at any time.


(Even if you can’t listen live, make sure to sign up so Katherine can send you the recording afterwards.)

I highly suggest taking advantage of this amazing resource. Even if you haven’t been in a breakup recently, you would be surprised how many old wounds you may still be carrying around from a past bad breakup experience.

I look forward to “seeing you” then! 

Dr. Karen

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