Can what you eat interfere with your Manifesting?

Posted on 04 September 2013 by Dr. Karen

TOMORROW: What You Didn’t Know About The Law of Attraction

It’s all about energy. Allowing your energy to drain away because you spend too much time on your computer, or eat low-energy foods affects your ability to harness the Law of Attraction.

Less energy= Less attractiveness.

It’s these small, yet essential details that are often overlooked when talking about The Law of Attraction.

That’s why I am offering a Learning The Law of Attraction course tomorrow to cover the left out pieces of the puzzle that you may have been missing.

Tomorrow’s Class we will be focusing on Harnessing The Law of Attraction including:

  1. The simple 5 minute exercise to harness the law of attraction
  2. the first 3 crucial steps you have to take before manifesting anything
  3. how to know if your manifestation is really working

I encourage you to join me for this fun and exciting class!


The register for the class go to:

(If this is your first time visiting, you can sign in by creating a new username and password or sign in via facebook)

The class will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live, you can listen to it as much as you’d like afterwards!

See you tomorrow!

Dr. Karen Kan



This is the 2nd of 6 classes that I am offering as part of my Fast Track Your Healing Program, so be sure to check out my other class offerings at:

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