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Posted on 01 August 2013 by Dr. Karen

Your Introduction to Body Code, Law of Attraction, Emotion Code & More

As a celebration of my newly released hardcover and paperback version of my book: Guide to Healing Chronic Pain- A Holistic Approach, I am offering 100 free tickets to my readers to the first 4 classes of  Fast Track Your Healing Program.

  • Class 1: How to Harness the Law of Attraction Intro Class – in this webinar you’ll learn:
    • The first 3 crucial steps in manifesting your heart’s desires into reality
    • The exercises I teach so you can practice your “manifesting muscles”. This class is experiential, so bring a journal and pen!
  • Class 2: How to do muscle testing – in this webinar you’ll learn
    • How to do traditional muscle testing
    • Several different methods on how to do self-muscle testing
    • Two different ways using muscle testing to see if you’re allergic or intolerant of a food
  • Class 3: How to do the Emotion Code – in this webinar you’ll learn
    • How trapped emotions hamper the immune system and can cause pain and disease
    • How you can use muscle testing to determine if you have trapped emotions
    • How I do the Emotion Code “long distance” with a patient.  I’ll need volunteers for this so if you’re live on the call and have a problem, you’ll get your chance to get some “f*ree” treatment
  • Class 4: Introduction to the Body Code – in this webinar you’ll learn:
    • How we can determine the underlying imbalances causing your pain or symptoms using the Body Code mind maps and muscle testing
    • How I do the Body Code “long distance” with a patient.  I’ll need volunteers for this so if you’re live on the call and have a health challenge, you’ll get your chance to get some “f*ree” treatment.


How to Qualify for your F*ree Ticket:  It’s easy!

Step 1: Buy a hardcover or paperback copy of my book Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – A Holistic Approach via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or through your local bookstore (available worldwide!).

Step 2: If you haven’t done so already, REVIEW my book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and tell me what parts of the book resonated with you the most (or why you liked it).

Step 3: Send an email to with your store receipt and a link to your testimonial or go to and submit your information online.


That’s it! The first 100 people qualify.

The deadline to submit your information is Saturday August 17th (which co-incidentally is the date I’m holding a Book Launch party at home).


Once you’ve submitted your information, my assistant Jennifer will put you in my “secret” mailing list so that you will receive the invites for all the free classes.  Each webinar will be recorded and available for free viewing for a period of one week following the class.  Classes start on Monday August 26th!

This is going to be so much fun!  All you’ll need is an internet connection to view and listen to the webinar.  I’m really looking forward to connecting with you “live” online!!


Dr. Karen

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