Do You Know Your Spiritual Body Type?

Posted on 20 August 2012 by Dr. Karen

Did you know that decades ago, a psychotherapist, Alexander Lowen, discovered that every single human being has one dominant energetic structure (sort of like a personality type) that governs their entire life purpose, their negative defenses as well as their physical body structure?

Today, these “structures” have been rediscovered and redeveloped so that each of us can take advantage of this sage knowledge so that we can not only understand ourselves better, but also appreciate how to relate to others better as well.

My spiritual teacher and counselor for over ten years, Pat Jones, has recently begun teaching lay people as well as energy workers, how to work with these structures, also known as Spiritual Body Types.
Pat has kindly agreed to do a free webinar about the profiles for subscribers on my list! Yay! She is an expert at these profiles and have been working with them for a very long time. The webinar is Wednesday night so go HERE to register as soon as possible.
Most people often have a secondary structure as well. Knowing which of the five structures you were born with can help you get along with others better. In Pat’s webinar you’ll learn:
  1. Incredible insights into yourself, and the reasons why you relate to others in the manner that you do!
  2. Dynamic understanding of the people you are in relationship with, and why they act the way that they do!
  3. Practical suggestions for relating with greater clarity and compassion.
  4. A powerful exercise to help you deal with the pain, anger or sadness you experience as a result of other’s behaviors.
For me, as soon as I began seeing everyone through the lens of these spiritual body types, it was so much easier to appreciate people for their gifts and recognize when they were just in defense. I was also able to become more compassionate because I could see my own defenses more clearly and understand that when people are in defense, they are in their shadow side and they don’t mean to be “bad” people.

Understanding that my mother is a Lover/Challenger profile helped me understand why she was very emotionally needy when I was a young child and why she always needs to be the center of attention. Now, I’m not so quick to judge her as being “overly sensitive” or “attention-seeking”.

Understanding that my significant other, James, is a Creator/Challenger helped me realize that he might not be the best at organizing the finances, but that his playfulness and connection with spirit as well as his ability to be a warrior when necessary are valuable traits that I can appreciate.
Understanding that I am an Achiever/Challenger helped me realize that I’m all about mastery. I learn things very quickly and when I’m in my defense, I can get impatient when others (who aren’t Achievers) don’t. My body type/profile makes me a good teacher as well as a good student. Now, knowing what type I am has helped me appreciate myself more as well as helping me become more compassionate with others.
If you’d like to be able to understand how you tick as well as how to better relate to others, I encourage you to learn more about YOUR spiritual body type. REGISTER HERE. Chat with you on the webinar!


Dr. Karen

PS. knowing your spiritual body type will help you know ahead of time the other types of spiritual body types you’ll tend to attract as well as a heads-up on what conflicts you’ll have as well as how to best heal them.

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