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Attract Your Soulmate Now! Free 8-day Workshop is Waiting for YOU

Posted on 23 June 2012 by Dr. Karen

Gosh, I hope you got a chance to register for the Attract Your Soulmate Now! workshop my partner, Arielle Ford, created for YOU, my subscribers. It is coming up starting July 10th! If not, here’s the information.

If you’re like most people who are single and don’t want to be, chances are you’re not looking for just ANYONE…

You’re looking for your SOULMATE!

Attract Your Soulmate Now! << F*ree Online Event

According to my friend, best-selling author, Arielle Ford, the definition of a Soulmate is:

“Someone with whom you can completely be yourself, share unconditional love with and when you look into each other’s eyes you have the experience of being home.”

You see, Arielle met her Soulmate, Brian, at the age of 43. The deep experience of love that ignited changed her life forever. For me it was at the age of 37 when I met James and it has been an amazing growth journey! Arielle and I want that for YOU.

We’ve made it our mission in life to help other people manifest their own Soulmate…This summer she’s doing something really special for me and my subscribers: (Thanks Arielle!!!!). She knows I’ve been super-busy writing my next book, so she’s done me a great favor. She’s gathered over 45 thought leaders and luminaries who are ready to help you fast-track the process of attracting your SOULMATE to you.

It’s happening from July 10-17 in a never-before-experienced NO COST online series she is hosting called, Attract Your Soulmate Now!

Attract Your Soulmate Now! << F*ree Online Event

Featuring top relationship experts including my colleagues, Harville Hendrix, John Gray, don Miguel Ruiz, Gay Hendricks, Alison Armstrong, Neale Donald Walsch, Debbie Ford, Bruce Lipton, Colette Baron Reid, Marci Shimoff, Cherie Carter Scott, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Nick Ortner, Evan Marc Katz, and many more!

Plus you’ll also hear master panelists discussing how to release emotional blocks, improve self-love & confidence, crack the man code, sex, dating, and the law of attraction.

Arielle has even invited some real-life Soulmate couples as shining examples of how you, too, can supercharge your own love vibration to get what you want!

Attract Your Soulmate Now! << F*ree Online Event

When you register and join in this series, you’ll discover surefire strategies to manifest the love of your life, including how to:

  • Move on from the past
  • Break through emotional blocks
  • Discover powerful manifestation tools
  • Create successful dating strategies
  • Be inspired and empowered to make love happen!

Each of these Soulmate experts holds a critical key that will help you attract and create the kind of connection your heart yearns for.

To make 2012 the year you find your Soulmate, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity right now and register for the event today.

Enjoy yourself at Attract Your Soulmate Now!


Dr. Karen

PS: When you reserve your space in this one-of-a-kind series today you will also get immediate access to F*R*E*E heart-opening keepsake bonuses from John Gray, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Dr. Diana Kirschner, Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston, and Arielle Ford. I’ve been told this Limited Time Gift Bag offer won’t be available for long, so I encourage you to register TODAY!

Attract Your Soulmate Now! free 8-day workshop

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Did You Get to Listen to My Radio Show about Brain Balance?

Posted on 23 June 2012 by Dr. Karen

Gosh, I hope you got to listen to my radio show Monday on Brain Balance – The Missing Link in Healing. If I forgot to email you about it, my apologies! But good news! The recording is archived and ready for your to listen to at your leisure.

In this radio show, I interviewed holistic doctor and chiropractor, Dr. Steven Davis, about the fundamental problem of brain balance dysfunction among most of the population. He described how from birth we are literally “wired” in our nervous systems to be in stress or survival mode and how systems like our digestive system, become dysfunctional when our brain hemispheres are not balanced.

If you’ve never heard or understood this concept of “brain balance” do yourself a favor and listen to this show! Both Dr. Davis and I agree that without brain balance, your body cannot possibly heal itself. Scary isn’t it? The good news is that we can “fix” that using energy tools, such as LifeWave patches as well as Dr. Davis’ ANS tincture. To listen to the recording for f’ree, click here:–the-missing-link-in-healing.

To view Dr. Davis’ video page that I mentioned on the show, click HERE. To learn more about his energy formulas including the foundational formulas, Nutrilink Mineral Force (AM) and Nutrilink Mag Force (PM) as well as the ANS tincture, go to If you haven’t already, get a copy of my brain balance protocol using the LifeWave Aeon patches at

Happy Listening! Let me know by commenting on my blog(s) on how you enjoyed the show.


Dr. Karen Kan

Attract Your Soulmate Now! free 8-day workshop

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I learned so much on the Art of Allowing…did you?

Posted on 05 June 2012 by Dr. Karen

From the desk of Dr. Karen…

I had an AMAZING time on my radio show interviewing spiritual teacher, GP Walsh and learning about the Art of Allowing and I hope you did too! If you missed it, you can still catch the show by listening to the recording HERE. If you resonated with what “G” said as much as I did, you may want to check out his Just Allow It program. I have already downloaded it onto my smartphone so I can take it with me wherever I go.

As I said on my show, I struggled with manifesting my dream love partner years ago until I stumbled upon the art of “allowing”. I didn’t at the time know what I was doing right (or wrong for that matter), but now it makes a whole lot of sense. This “allowing” wasn’t an action or an inaction, but instead a STATE of being. What a difference it has made in my life being more in the state of allowing. The actions I take are from an inspired place and my life feels like an adventure, even through challenging periods.

Ask yourself these questions if you’re wondering if you’d benefit from the Just Allow It program:

  • When stressful and challenging events happen, do you resist feeling down, stressed-out or worried?
  • Do you try to “put on a happy face” for the outside world when what you’re really feeling is overwhelm and despair?
  • Do you have trouble feeling peace amidst the “struggles” of daily life on this planet?
  • Do you get discouraged a lot because you can’t manifest your desires like you wish you could?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you may well benefit greatly from the Just Allow It program. If, on the other hand, you flow through life’s bumps gracefully, with a sense of curiosity and humor, and peacefully and easily manifest your dreams, then you probably don’t need it.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed the radio show!


Dr. Karen

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Want to Attract Wealth as Well as Love?

Posted on 04 June 2012 by Dr. Karen

There are always challenges to even “soul mate” quality relationships. One of them is regarding the subject of money. I hate to admit it, but of all the qualities on my “wish list” I created to attract my dear love, James, money wasn’t anywhere on that list! The reason? Because I had REAL blocks when it came to money. I ignored it. It was a “nuisance” and I considered it an annoying necessity.

So guess what? That is the ONE issue that James and I have disagreements about the most! I attracted a partner, who in every other aspect was EXACTLY what I asked for from the Universe. And what do we both have in common? Huge blocks when it comes to money. The money paradigm we both grew up in were very different, yet we had vibrationally similar “levels” of money management and manifestation.


It was AFTER we manifested each other, that we both decided to pursue the path of healing our negative money paradigms. Boy those are tough to kick! But recently I fell in love with (no, not another man) an EFT Tapping coach, Margaret Lynch, who spoke my language – the language of Energy Medicine and the Chakras!

If you’ve bought my book on manifesting your ideal love partner, then you already know how I used EFT to neutralize my negative blocks to manifesting love. Once I began studying with Margaret, I found a whole new area of blocks in my chakras that needed healing AND in doing so, it was greatly enriching my relationship with James!

Who knew that being abundant in one area does not necessarily translate directly into being abundant in another? But working on abundance in ALL areas greatly enriches the enjoyment factor in your life.

So that is why I’m writing to tell you about a special four-part video training (free) that Margaret is allowing me to share specifically with my readers. I’m sooooo excited! When I took her 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation program, I cried, I laughed, I tapped my little heart out and loved every minute of it! It is making a HUGE difference in my life and in my relationship with James.

Here here’s the special link she gave me:

Watch the video series and tap along. If you don’t totally resonate with it, that’s OK, but if you loved it like I did, you might want to continue studying with Margaret like I did.

I think the first video is June 4th, so sign up now!

Dr. Karen Kan

P.S. If you’ve EVER argued about money with your significant other, than you better register with this program….getting your own negative money vows “unblocked” can save years of argument and conflict with your future dream partner….and will likely help you attract someone who is more abundant!

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The Art of Allowing – Interview with GP Walsh

Posted on 02 June 2012 by Dr. Karen

The Law of Attraction and the Art of Allowing

On Monday, I’m excited to be interviewing spiritual teacher, composer and EFT trainer, GP Walsh. “G” as he is referred to has a unique spin on why the Law of Attraction is so difficult for many of us. He believes the missing link is the Art of Allowing.

I don’t know about you, but I have traditionally had a REALLY hard time with the concept of allowing. As an achiever, I was all about DOING, rather than allowing. But as I’ve honed my skills in manifesting, I’ve come to realize that G is totally right on about the importance of not only understanding the state of allowance but feeling it. Now I’m manifesting with more joy, curiosity and ease than ever before! And I want that, and more, for you.

If you’ve been struggling at all with manifesting your dreams (or even worse, don’t even acknowledge that you have any), then you’ll want to join us on this show!

Here are the details:

Monday June 4, 2012 at 12 noon Eastern New York Time.

  • Option 1: To listen through the internet, go to where you can find your time zone as well.
  • Option 2: To listen by phone, call 818-514-1190. If you’d like to ask a question “live” on the show, just hit “1” on your dial pad so I can see your hand is up. When the time comes, I will unmute you so you can chat with us.


Dr. Karen

PS GP has kindly created my new radio show opening music – music for balancing the second chakra! It is lovely! Tune in so you can hear it! I love it!!!!

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