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Do You Feel a Little “Stuck” in Reaching Your Goals?

Posted on 09 May 2012 by Dr. Karen

Hello there!

Hey, before I tell you about getting “unstuck”, I have some good news for you. I’m going to have some fantastic information to share with you on my radio show which has been renamed the Dr. Karen Kan radio show. Why did I rename my show? Well, my show started out with supporting singles on their mission to find their soul mate. In the process, I realized that every facet of someone’s life is affecting their ability to manifest the love they want and desire. So with that in mind, I decided to expand my radio show to include health, energy healing and abundance. Everything is connected right?

I’m excited to share with you the next show I’m going to be doing on Monday May 14th (details below):

There are hundreds of books, seminars, etc all talking about how to create our reality. Yet millions of people are frustrated because they are not achieving their goals. At first they had some modest success, but now are stuck. My guest, author and speaker, Gary Spinell, shares his valuable insights on WHY and HOW people get stuck. His latest book, Beyond Intent also teaches people how to get unstuck with a different perspective and how, with some additional unique spiritual and practical information, they can cross the threshold to their dreams!

Gary Spinell has spent over 25 years examining why some people achieve success consistently while others often struggle. Gary is becoming a sought after speaker who enjoys working with groups that are in-transition, those looking for personal growth and corporations looking for a new perspective to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Here’s how you can listen in on the show:

Monday May 14, 2012 at 12 noon EDT
Go to to listen online.
( to find your time zone)
To Listen by Phone: 818-518-1190


To raise your hand, dial “1” at anytime and when we have a moment, we’ll un-mute you so you can ask a question of either of us!

Looking forward to being with you on the show! Oh, and just in case you can’t make it, it will be archived on the same website and you’ll be able to listen to it later.


Dr. Karen Kan
PS. If you haven’t connected with me on Facebook, I like to post valuable tools and timely information there, so please LIKE my page!

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How to be Anything You Wish to Be

Posted on 09 May 2012 by Dr. Karen

Money, love, and the purpose of life


I just love books. I love books so much that I’m running out of shelf space in my eco-home! Ugh! But I’m not complaining. It is well “known” in the personal transformation industry that people who do NOT read non-fiction books tend to stay rather stagnant in their lives, yet those who regularly expand their minds with books transform their lives. Every single guru, success magnet, courageous, inspirational person I know reads voraciously.

It’s one of the reasons I love sharing books with you. If I find a book that has great information that I like, I’m hoping you’d enjoy it too. But I don’t share these just for you to “enjoy” them only, but truly for you to USE the information in them to transform your life!

Thought you might like this new book called A Guide To Your Supreme Power. It tells you all about Rational OptimismTM    which has created huge fortunes, initiated groundbreaking scientific discoveries, and has been responsible for the success of many famous (and wildly happy) people.

That’s probably why this book is considered the key to money, power, love, and success. Check it out here.

Best of all, reading this book you’ll discover:

  • How to deal with difficult people at work, love, and life.
  • Common Myths that are likely holding you back from achieving the success you deserve.
  • The life-view that makes it impossible to be worried, anxious, depressed, or unhappy: Everything you need to know about Rational OptimismTM.
  • How to recapture your perfect figure and mental state with these simple steps once and for all!
  • The one thing you need to do to ensure your business, work and life investments are always solid, fruitful and flourishing.
  • How not to treat your romantic partner (for your own sake and your relationship’s sake).
  • Effective and proven ways unleash the creative leader in you.
  • The smartest ways to make more money, be happier, healthier, and grow your business if you have one. (hint: this can only be done with Rational OptimismTM).
  • …and much more!



*Plus, if you get your copy today you’ll receive over $1,000 in free gifts from some of the most knowledgeable thought leaders in business, love, spirituality, and health! Sounds like a great offer.


Here it all is for you.

I’ll have to warn you though…this book gives it to you straight. No fluff. If you want lots of pretty fluff, you’re not going to get it here. This is straight content (i.e. not a lot of stories), so it may or may not be for everyone. That being said, if you check out the link and it resonates with you, then by all means get the book!


Dr. Karen

PS. It’s important that your friends and family have abundant money, happiness, love, power, and success too.  After reading this webpage, show five people that you care about their wealth, health, and happiness by forwarding this email to them.


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WE did it again!

Posted on 07 May 2012 by Dr. Karen

I Won the Ignite Your Power Video Challenge!

…thanks to you! YOU TOTALLY ROCK!

If you were kind enough to watch the video I made that my coach Margaret M. Lynch challenged me to make, THANK YOU! Out of thirty plus contestants, my video won for the most views. I was so excited to find out today that I won (even though I totally used the well-practiced Law of Attraction tools at my disposal), I could barely focus tonight for my African drum practice!

So what did I win? Well, I was vying for a great prize! It was the Ignite Your Power Manifest Your Wealth Program with six weeks of live teleclasses with Margaret M. Lynch. I knew that on some level, I was going to be “rewarded” by the Universe for sticking my neck out there doing the video…even if it was only the fact that I “discovered” that I really DO have a video recording software program that works already installed on my computer! (I was super excited about that)

So, in case you’re wondering why I’m so excited about being coached by Tapping Expert Margaret M. Lynch…read on

In my many years of study, healing, transforming, teaching… I’ve come across many experts with much to say and share.

After awhile the messages start to sound an awful lot alike.  I mean really; how many ways can you hear “we are all one?”

Or “meditation, diet, and exercise is really good for you?”

Or “change your mind, heal your body?”

So when someone comes along and says something NEW; my ears prick up, my heart trips, my world tilts a bit…

Margaret Lynch’s 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation video did that for me.

I’m been studying personal development, human awakening, and evolving consciousness for a lot of years.  I’ve even studied the chakras, the meridian system, and the aura for most of that.  And Margaret Lynch schooled me on the chakras and showed me some things I did NOT know.

Each of us make negative, or limiting VOWS about money, health, love, and sex.

Are you refusing to be rich?

We’ve all heard of limiting beliefs and fears but what she teaches is that there is a limiting vow in you that absolutely refuses money and wealth.

A lot of people talk about your unconscious blocks, but what if you’ve actually made a vow against money?

Each of these vows are stored in our chakras, they are like software programs with the energetic data bases of our bodies – storing unconscious commands that drive our lives.

I’ve heard all this about our unconscious minds…but never with the chakras.  Healing, true deep healing, has to include deleting those limiting vows from each of the chakras.

Margaret shows you how in this revolutionary (and free) training video I nabbed for you.

It’s a simple, ten minute Tapping exercise that will shatter your limiting money vows and your family money paradigms. And open a door for you to choose the vows and the money paradigm you want to live by.

7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation free training

Enjoy! I know you’re gonna love it!

Dr. Karen Kan
PS Even if you’re not to keen on money, finances, and wealth; give this exercise a thorough viewing. Because I know that we all have limiting beliefs about sex, love, safety, health, and happiness stored in those chakra databases too.

PPS If you think your money vows don’t affect your relationship issues, think again. Mine impacted my relationships BIG TIME! So even if you’re reading my blogs for relationship advice, this stuff won’t hurt you and will DEFINITELY help!

Margaret is pointing the way, offering a roadmap, for clearing all those negative paradigms that are holding you back.

CLICK HERE to get access.

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My Coach Challenged Me to Make THIS Public…

Posted on 05 May 2012 by Dr. Karen

I have less than 24 hours to get as many people to watch this video as possible. My EFT coach, Margaret Lynch, put me up to this. To be honest, I couldn’t BELIEVE she was asking me to do this. It was WAY too vulnerable.

But something inside me said, “Just Freakin’ Do It!”. And maybe, just maybe, it would help someone else. So what did she ask me to admit to?

She showed me where I was literally sabotaging my Law of Attraction success by “battling”. Boy, I did NOT want to hear that. I thought I was pretty good at manifesting, so I didn’t like being humbled. She pointed out where I was battling in my life (still) and how it is taking energy away from my Mission, or in other words, what I want.


Sometimes, it hurts to see the truth. I feel like I’ve been knocked down a few notches. But heck, I know it is good. It is growth. Anyhow, she challenged me to “make it public” what I was battling and how that’s taking away from my Mission. So here is my video:

She said that if I got a ton of people to watch my video, that I would win a fantastic coaching package. And that’s what I’m intending. So PLEASE help me win! Your energy helped me once before (win 2010 national figure skating championships remember?). So I’m asking you again.

All you have to do is watch the short video. If you think it is valuable to others, I’ll consider leaving it up (it was really scary for me to make so I’m not sure I’m brave enough to leave it public).

Thanks a million!!

Dr. Karen

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Are you seeing a pattern of “overwhelm”?

Posted on 01 May 2012 by Dr. Karen

Overwhelmed? EFT can help you attract your soulmate

I want to talk to you very briefly about a pattern that I see happening in the world, in my patients, and that I used to see in myself.

It’s the pattern of “overwhelm”, a theme that seems to be prevalent throughout the world.

Too many things to do, too much responsibility, too much information and not enough time.

This leaves people exhausted, overwhelmed and emotionally shut down (because they simply can’t process what’s going on)

Are you feeling any of this?

And if so what’s the answer to this problem?

I KNOW (and this is from personal experience and trial and error), that the answer is to deal with your STUFF, your BAGGAGE, your HISTORY, your LIMITING BELIEFS, once and for all.

Now, your first response to this might be, “But I don’t have TIME to deal with that stuff”

The reality is you don’t have time NOT TO deal with this stuff.

Not dealing with your “stuff”, falls in the same category as not exercising.

Most people’s excuse is they don’t have time to exercise, but the facts show that exercise improves health, increases mental performance, reduces sleep time, and makes life a whole lot better.

And it’s the same thing for dealing with your “stuff”.

Again, by “stuff”, I mean all the unresolved emotions, hurts, limiting beliefs, physical pain, and so forth that you’ve been carrying around WAY too long.

I believe that one of the best ways to handle these issues is to use EFT, otherwise known as Tapping.

You’ve likely heard left and right over the last week about the 2012 Tapping World Summit. It’s been all the buzz lately and with good reason.

Well I’m excited to tell you that registration for the free 2012 Tapping World Summit is officially open.

This event is a really easy and free way to learn both basic and advanced Tapping techniques that you can implement in your life right away.

If you can bust out a limiting belief with 10 minutes of tapping, and it can change everything in your life, what are you waiting for?

Are you enjoying the continual patterns of suffering, pain, and regret? I don’t think you are.

So with this in mind, I highly recommend that you listen in on the 2012 Tapping World Summit, to tap along with the world’s foremost experts, in concrete, condensed sessions specifically designed to give you 100% content that you can apply to your life immediately.

If you’re ready to break the patterns of self-sabotage, of anxiety, of procrastination, of whatever is holding you back, then register to listen in on these f.r.e.e. calls by going here:

You can’t use the “I can’t afford it” excuse, because it’s fr-ee.

And we already talked about the “time” issue, so what’s left? 🙂

Karen Kan

P.S. Everything changes when you get rid of this “stuff”. EVERYTHING. Make sure to register now, for your sake, for your family’s sake, for the planet’s sake! 🙂

P.P.S. – Plus, when you sign up now you’ll get immediate access to three audios from David Feinstein EFT Expert Carol Look and EFT expert and producer of the event Nick Ortner, that will teach you things about Tapping that will blow you away…

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