I have a confession to make…

Posted on 16 April 2012 by Dr. Karen

Yes, I have a confession to make. You see, for months I’ve been feeling kind of guilty for not writing you more. I’ve spread myself too thin. The honest truth is that I was invited by Biography TV to do an educational piece on acupuncture and energy medicine for the treatment of chronic pain and I’ve been extremely busy working on my book on the same topic. So unfortunately I have not been able to take on any new Law of Attraction in Love coaching clients or do any group coaching as I had originally planned months ago.

But here’s the good news. In the process of wondering (and thus asking the Universe) about how I can serve you better but still work on my current “doctor” projects, I got word from my esteemed colleagues Claire Zammit (author of Calling in The One), Katherine Woodward Thomas, and Arielle Ford (author of The Soulmate Secret) that they will soon be launching a group coaching series on helping people attract their Soulmate. They contacted me to ask if I was interested in sharing this with my readers and I thought to myself, “YES! this solves my dilemma of having spread myself too thin!” Now, instead of ME doing the coaching personally (because I truly am VERY busy with my doctor work), I have delegated this responsibility to amazing coaches that I completely trust.

How cool is that? Talk about Law of Attraction! I love when it works like this!

If you’re wondering whether you’ll benefit from this coaching, keep reading. I’ve been able to get you into a f’ree initial session on April 21st so you can see for yourself if you resonate from my fellow teachers! In order to see whether this might be for you, ask yourself these question:

Do you ever get the feeling that you are deeply connected to someone out there in the world – that you have a soulmate you just haven’t met yet?

Perhaps you have this deep knowing that true, soulful, nourishing love is yours to have… plus, there is so much of yourself you yearn to give to them too!

Is this also more than just something you want for yourself? Do you sense that by joining with your soulmate, you will be better supported in your purpose and service to others so that many lives are touched by your shared love?

Such possibilities are so inspiring! Yet, in spite of it all, do you also struggle with knowing exactly how to bring this beloved into your life? And, is their absence right now disappointing, frustrating, confusing and even downright painful sometimes?

If so, you just HAVE to make time to be part of this event:

It’s called: Calling in “The One”: How to Release Your Hidden Barriers to Love & Become Magnetic to Your Soulmate with Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit.

It’s f’ree to attend and it’s online.

And with so many relationship programs out there, it’s rare that I come across a love teaching that feels genuinely transformative or that possesses such a breathtaking track record.

If you’ve yet to discover the works of bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, or acclaimed women’s transformation expert Claire Zammit, here’s 3 key things you’ll want to know about them:

ONE. They are powerful transformative teachers. They aren’t going to teach you a set of rules for how you must behave in order to find love, nor are they going to promise some secret formula for making someone fall in love with you.

Instead, what makes their teachings so life-changing is that they help you transform from the inside out. So that you not only become irresistibly magnetic to your soulmate… you also heal from your old patterns in love, and evolve beyond them to become your very best, radiant and liberated self . . .  so that you can create your very best possible partnership with your beloved when you do meet!

TWO. Their process for calling in your beloved consistently works even for those who feel they have so much working against them in love.

Katherine and Claire have transformed thousands of seeming “hopeless cases” into happily married success stories.

Whether you think you just need a nudge in the right direction, or you fear you’re the least likely to succeed with love, these ladies can help you.

THREE. Every year, they take more than 10,000 students through their transformation programs.

They themselves have also been students of their own process and each found love using the same principles and transformation practices they’ll be teaching you.

You’ll need to tune into their free global online event to get the whole picture, but the essence of what they teach is this:

If you yearn for true, lasting love with a soulmate you don’t need to change anything about you or your life externally.

You simply need to release hidden barriers within you that you may not even know you have.

Instead of spending another year hoping for love that doesn’t show up, you can call in “the one” within weeks or months. All you have to do is identify and release the obstacles to love that have been hidden within you.

It’s this process of personal and spiritual transformation that is critical for creating the true conscious, committed and deeply fulfilling relationship that so many of us seek.

Here’s just a taste of what’s possible when you register to listen to this free online seminar:

“After so many disappointments, I had all but given up on the possibility of ever having love in my life. Luckily, my best friend turned me on to the Calling in “The One” approach. I followed every step of the process faithfully and met my soulmate a short time later. It’s truly a match made in heaven. I couldn’t be happier!”

~ Jeanne Millbrae, Illinois

“For all those seeking to bring a deep and magical love into their lives, Katherine Woodward Thomas has discovered a portal to love and beckons us all to follow her lead.”

~ Marianne Williamson, author of A Return To Love

Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch and Debbie Ford are just a few of the luminaries who RAVE about the Calling in “The One” approach.

So if you’re committed to attracting and sustaining a powerful, loving and spiritual partnership, join Katherine and Claire for their free live online seminar and learn how to call “The One” into your life this year.

Register Now to Release Your Hidden Barriers to Love & Become Magnetic to Your Soulmate


Dr. Karen

P.S. Oh, and don’t worry if you can’t attend this online seminar live. They’ll send you a replay recording so that you can listen at your convenience.

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