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Stress-Relief Guide for the Overworked Modern Woman

Posted on 12 October 2011 by Dr. Karen

Does stress regularly impact your quality of life?

Although many would say that stress is the “new normal” way of living, it should be taken very seriously.

According to the American Psychological Association’s (APA) 2010 Stress in America survey there is cause for alarm about the long-term impact that chronic stress could have on our physical and emotional health and the health of our families. The survey revealed that people tend to “manage stress in unhealthy ways, while lack of willpower and time constraints impedes their ability to make lifestyle or behavioral changes.”

In North America alone, millions of women and men experience “frazzled” stress-like symptoms due to juggling too many roles within family, work and community. For the most part, the frazzled woman is excited by her life, yet there never seems to be enough time to do everything.

Does this sound like you or a woman you know and care about?

Being worn out and rushed isn’t living; it’s merely surviving.

Not that long ago, Rosalie Moscoe found herself caught in this vicious cycle – burdened by too many responsibilities – she felt guilty, depressed, alone and trapped. As a successful children’s music performer, she travelled a lot and struggled to manage work and family responsibilities. Rosalie’s hurried lifestyle came with a price – she spent years with throat infections, back problems and other ailments. Finally, Rosalie made the conscious decision to take charge of her life and learned ways to relax, improve her diet and lifestyle. Most importantly, she began to understand how to alter her attitude and perception of stressful events.

Today, Rosalie shares with you all of her best life-changing tips, health information and stress-busting tools that she has learned not only from personal experience but also from her years as a teacher, professional speaker on stress relief, and Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, (Holistic Nutritionist). You will find answers to your stress dilemmas in her new book, Frazzled Hurried Women! Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving…Not Merely Surviving.

High levels of stress put you at risk for developing chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and depression. You can’t afford to put your well-being “on hold” for any longer!

If you know my history at all, you’ll know that I totally BURNT myself out stressing about my husband, my job and my home about a decade ago…and I’m still physically healing from that trauma. I don’t want anyone to have to suffer through REAL burnout like I did…it is painful!

Transform from surviving to thriving…

Say “NO” to Stress and Go From Frazzled to Fantastic! 

Living in the hurried lane? This comprehensive stress-relief guide is packed full of solid, easy-to-follow solutions for the overworked modern woman (and man!)

As an added bonus within this enlightened mix of the latest medical findings and the wisdom of the ages, you will discover uncommon nutritional information for improved mental and physical health. This is your ultimate guide for restoring mind, body and spirit. Highlights include:

  • Alter your perceptions and response to stress
  • Discover easy ways to relax
  • Energize with superb nutritional advice
  • Enhance relationships at home and work
  • Face and conquer over-commitment
  • Improve sleep patterns, physical activity
  • Streamline your time and pace of life
  • Natural Stress Remedies

“Rosalie Moscoe’s Frazzled Hurried Woman! is a must-read for anyone feeling overcommitted, overextended and overwhelmed and for the people who love them. This wise, delightful and sensitive book clearly defines the problems and provides creative solutions and great tips: fear and anger exercises, breathing techniques, ways to self-soothe, identifying personal needs and wants, how we can choose to use our energy. Rosalie’s warm and charming writing style is so very enjoyable as are the wonderful illustrations. Best of all, this book offers CHOICES. What a gift that is when it feels like there’s no way out.” ?Elayne Savage, PhD, speaker, Psychotherapist

Learn how to positively manage stress by purchasing your copy TODAY and receive an amazing wellness gift bundle from Rosalie and her colleagues. 

For more information see:

YOU are the engine that runs your life. A healthy balance is all about managing energy.

How does one achieve the elusive healthy balance? Frazzled Hurried Woman! offers a wealth of practical, well-researched advice for not only detecting the “Five Early Danger Signals” of stress, but how to recognize your perception of it, which is the key to managing it. Chapters include crucial information on: attitude, nutritional boosts, sleep, relaxation and acquiring calmness, relationship enhancement and physical fitness. This exceptional stress relief guide offers real solutions to maximizing your potential for emotional, physical and nutritional stamina as well as stress management at work. Rosalie offers hope and help through clear, concrete solutions to make the journey back to harmonious living.

Order now and take charge of your health and well-being today (and enjoy the bonus gifts, too!)

“Rosalie does it again! This book is wonderful. Every chapter is packed with practical, easy to follow advice for the (overworked) modern woman. Changing your life is hard. Rosalie almost makes it easy, by explaining why change is necessary, and providing numerous simple examples for places to start, and offering sound medical explanations. Rosalie pulls no punches. The stories she tells from her private life are courageous and inspiring. I’d love to send this book to all my patients.” ?Dr. Michael Zitney, MD, DAAPM, Chronic Pain Specialist


To your health and wellness,

Dr. Karen Kan

About the Author: ROSALIE MOSCOE, Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner, is an established author and former teacher of college-level courses in stress management. A favorite international speaker for corporations, associations, government, education and hospitals, she avidly promotes stress relief and boosted nutrition for optimum well-being. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, she also provides one-to-one nutritional consulting. Featured in numerous publications for her work on the frazzled lifestyle, Rosalie’s knowledge, caring and experience make her the perfect mentor for your journey back to harmonious living. She was nominated for 2 Juno Awards (Canadian Music Awards) for her inspirational children’s music CDs. Rosalie often uses humor and dramatic techniques or appropriate songs in her presentations. Participants walk away touched and transformed. Truly, her appeal spans all generations.


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