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Find Out What REALLY Happens When You Die…

Posted on 26 July 2011 by Dr. Karen

Can “Positive” Movies Actually Help You Manifest?

Holocaust survivor and bestselling author Viktor Frankl once wrote that a person needs just three things in life to be happy: something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to!

Can I share with you what I look forward to the most? Every month, I look forward to the mail. Yes, I’m completely serious.

It’s because every month, I get 4 inspirational movies delivered to my door. And no matter what challenges I’m currently facing, I always find happiness and inspiration in these special films. They give me something to do, something to look forward to, and then I get to share them with someone I love!

See, I’m a member of Spiritual Cinema Circle, a club that handpicks the best films from festivals all over the world. They look for the gems that you wouldn’t ordinarily see in the theatre near your house. And they find movies that are always heart-warming, consciousness expanding and positive.

Recently I had my 12 year old nephew-in-law (is that a word?) visit. I noticed that his addiction to violent video games and kung fu movies was making him moody and difficult to deal with. I finally stepped in and insisted that for every “negative” or “lower vibrational” pursuit he and Uncle Jimmy (my partner) engaged in, they would have to watch a “positive” or “higher vibrational” movie.

Well, it worked. After every “positive” movie we watched, the household became happy and peaceful almost immediately! The mood swings disappeared and the cooperativeness improved immensely!

I highly recommend you become a member of Spiritual Cinema. Every month they send you 4 films right to your door and you get to keep them forever! You don’t have to send them back!

I want you to have this opportunity too. If you click the link below, you will even get a FREE trial. You’ve got nothing to lose! Check it out:


Have you ever wondered what really happens when you die?

Did you know that since 1975 there has been long-term scientific research on life after death?

And the evidence is pretty startling. In the feature film Afterlife*, you’ll see all the commonalities of near death experiences as people from all over the world share their true stories.

Afterlife* delves into the current research about near-death experiences with enthralling in-depth discussions with noted scientists Dr. Raymond Moody, author of Life After Life, and Dr. Jeffrey Long and Paul Perry, authors of Evidence of the Afterlife.

Paul Perry, also a noted documentary filmmaker and best-selling author, skillfully weaves in 6 emotional interviews from the 2500 he has documented over the years with people who have had near-death experiences. It’s a fascinating documentary, and one of those films you’ll want to share in the years to come.

AND when you start your free trial with Spiritual Cinema Circle, you’ll get to see amazing movies like this one every month!
(*This film is selected for residents outside the U.S.)


Can a movie inspire you to overcome obstacles, find your life purpose, and restore your faith in humanity?

You bet!

Spiritual Cinema Circle is the only film club of its kind – just for spiritual seekers like you. It’s my trusted source in quality movies I can’t see anywhere else. Let it be yours too!

Sign up for your free trial now:


I look forward to joining you at the movies!

Dr. Karen

P.S. These incredible films are yours to enjoy and share with your friends when you sign up for your FREE trial with Spiritual Cinema Circle. Hurry, because these are movies you may NEVER have a chance to see again.

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