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Posted on 26 April 2011 by Dr. Karen

Have you noticed the stress, chaos and destruction that is happening in the world lately? Does it bother you at all? Or are you at peace with it?

Maybe you’re eternally peaceful no matter what is going on. Maybe you are so clear on your “path” that nothing, even an earthquake in your midst, will sway you from the focus of your destiny.

But then again, maybe you feel a little frazzled or lost?

So if you’re in the latter camp, you may be interested in Colette Baron-Reid’s new book, The MAP Finding The Magic And Meaning in The Story Of Your Life. Like other book launches from my friends and colleagues, Colette has made sure that you get a lot of value out of her book by offering you a bunch of gifts…but before we talk about the gifts, here’s more about her book:

What you’ll find in The MAP

In her over 22 years as a sought-after Intuitive Counselor, Colette Baron-Reid has helped thousands of people all over the world re-claim the power to direct their lives with her innovative techniques. Now, in The MAP she personally guides YOU step-by-step through the revolutionary process she has perfected over the years. With Colette’s breakthrough approach, you’ll be able to:

Become the Mapmaker of your life and harness your incredible ability to shape your destiny and the world, even in the midst of challenges and uncertainty.

Tap into the power of your inner-landscapes so you can choose what you want to feel, think, and believe no matter what is going on around you.

Work with your imagination to alter yourself and your life.

Create lasting-change from within by shifting your perceptions, which then dramatically transforms your outer reality.

Connect with the profound wisdom within you, which will light your way when you feel lost or at the mercy of something outside of yourself.

Enjoy more fulfilling relationships, both with others and yourself.

Today I have joined with my colleague Colette Baron-Reid to offer you an astonishing treasure chest of gifts and prizes worth over $20,000. The prizes, some of them worth hundreds of dollars, are from some of the biggest names in the field of personal growth . . . spiritual growth . . . relationship building . . . mind body healing . . . Life Coaching and Meditation . . . ALL FOR F*R*E*E!

There are 8 top prizes worth over $1000.00 each.

  • an all expenses paid trip for two to the Hay House I Can Do It Conference in Pasadena, CA this fall worth over $2500.00
  • an all expenses paid trip (minus airfare) to a once-in-a-lifetime spiritual tour to Peru. “Andean Master Path”: June Solstice in the Andes: June 17 to 30, 2011. valued at $3679.00
  • a full membership for the SWAT institute worth almost $6000.00

Colette herself is offering several prizes to Spend a Day with Colette in a One Day Workshop in the beautiful coastal town of Portsmouth, NH this July. As well as phone readings and many more prizes.

And lastly there are 2 KINDLES up for grabs.

Go see for yourself!

WHY are she and her colleagues being so generous?

We’ve rallied around her to give her book the recognition it deserves and to encourage YOU to discover this brilliant new process. It’s but once in a few years that a book comes along like this that really captures the attention of so many people, and I highly recommend you check it out.

So all you need to do to get a chance to win these amazing prizes and  automatically receive the author gifts is to buy just ONE copy of The Map for the special book launch price of around $10.00 ( price differs depending on the on-line store) and register your receipt on the website Colette has set up for you.

See what people are saying about The Map

“This book teaches you to shift into a new magical awareness of your life; you’ll find a deeper understanding of where you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve learned, and the path forward that is your destiny. We all travel through light and dark; this book helps illuminate the way forward so you can transform your story and claim your authentic and best life now.”

— Debbie Ford, the #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

“Using landscapes as metaphors for what’s going on in our lives is brilliant. The Map is not just a rewrite of the same old concepts, The Map offers an entirely new and innovative approach that truly works”.

John Holland, bestselling author of The Power of The Soul & Psychic Navigator

“This book is a magical touchstone that allows you a profound understanding of the deepest forces of your essence. You embark on the hero’s journey to identify the disowned, denied, or wounded parts of your being and then learn to integrate these aspects into your greater whole.”

Denise Linn, bestselling author of The Hidden Power of Your Dreams

“I LOVE this book. Colette is an outstanding storyteller and a Metaphor Master. What an amazing opportunity for everyone to go on a delightful path of self-discovery, along an open road of magic, common sense and humor. Her practical self-awareness exercises lead you to a shining place of candid self-realization. Brilliant in concept and in an easy to read format, “The Map” takes you to a wonderful place of empowerment and joy.”

Yvonne Oswald, MHT, MNLP bestselling author of Every Word has Power

“This book is wonderful, whimsical, inspiring and revealing. It’s the perfect read for those who have ever felt lost and unsure of where they are in their lives. It will empower anyone willing to enter a magical world where they can find their true destiny.”

Courtney Cox, actor, star of ABC’s Cougar Town

Between the great reviews and the amazing gifts and prizes, The Map is a book you’ll want to read!

So, click on the link below and get your copy of The MAP: Finding The Magic And Meaning In The Story Of Your Life

Not only will you have made one of the best investments of your life, but you’ll also get access to over $20,000 in gifts and prizes.

Thanks and happy reading!

Dr. Karen Kan

P.S. Remember, YOU have the ultimate power to shape your destiny. No longer do you need to feel lost, uncertain, unworthy, or held back. Harness YOUR power today with The MAP!

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