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Dr. Karen answers questions on the Law of Attraction…

Posted on 28 December 2010 by Dr. Karen

Whether you celebrate the “holidays” this time of year or not, I’d like to offer you wishes of a great blessed New Year. In case you didn’t know, I was recently interviewed by The Power Connection radio regarding the Law of Attraction. I thought you might like to download or listen to the free archived show HERE.

We discussed the following issues, using real-life examples so you can apply it to your life easier and quicker:
*Working against the grain
*Uncovering beliefs and emotions that pose as obstacles
*Knowing About the Law of Attraction & actually applying it are two different things
*Improving your Law of Attraction ability
*Creating congruency with Expectations and Actual Outcome

Also, before January 31st, if you haven’t yet purchased my Creating Your Fairytale Love Life eBook, you’ll want to do so by then because we’re adding in an extra eBook from my friend and hypnotherapist called How to Use Hypnosis to Lose Weight, Look Good and Feel Great (in case that is personal interest to you) in addition to the other two extra books…

If you’re interested to find out more, here is the special holiday promotion link:

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Blessings to you!
Dr. Karen
PS Feel free to comment and let me know what you thought of the radio show interview!

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What do I do during the “detachment” phase of manifesting?

Posted on 20 December 2010 by Dr. Karen

Hi Dr. Karen

Ive done a lot of research into the Law of Attraction. I’m seriously pursuing a soul mate. I did the laundry list & came up with my list of wants. There was 26 :).. The next phase would be manifestation & detachment.

What do I do during this detachment phase??.. Do I keep visualizing my wants or how do I go about it??.. Please help because that’s the part I don’t understand.

Thank you,


Dear Christina,

Congrats for making your clear list of “who” you would like to attract into your love life! You’re right about detachment – it is an important step. I think the book I just finished reading, Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley says it best. Like in my Creating Your Fairytale Love Life eBook, you first create your wish list and use that to generate the “feeling” of already having manifested your dreams.

Then you detach emotionally from needing your dream to come true the way you think it should, but instead become open to something even better coming along. The Universe, when given plenty of wiggle room, will always find the best, most perfect and entertaining ways of getting you what you really want.

So in the detachment phase, your job is to, as Mike says, move in the general direction of your dreams. To give you a concrete example. If my dream is to become the best adult pairs figure skater in the world, moving in the general direction of my dreams means putting the time into to training and getting good coaching.

So to manifest your ideal partner, what are you doing to move in the general direction of your dreams? Here’s the trick, you don’t have to be moving in the “right” direction…you just have to be moving. Mike uses a great analogy in his book. When you use a GPS device in your car, you first need to input the destination right?

What happens if you don’t move? Yup, nothing.

What if you move in the opposite direction by mistake? The GPS will steer you towards the final destination and eventually you’ll make it there despite the number of detours you may take.

So you need to decide what you can do to move towards your dream. Is it cleaning out your closets so that your dream partner’s “stuff” can fit in them? Is it getting more “social” and taking a class you’ve always been interested in? Is it getting more fit so you feel good and strong in your body (and thus your vibration will be strong)?

Get a copy of Mike’s newest book if you’ve already read mine. It is a perfect compliment.

I believe in you. Let me know if this has been helpful by commenting below.


Dr. Karen

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