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18-year old cancer survivor’s parents are thwarting love relationship?

Posted on 29 September 2010 by Dr. Karen

I really wanted to respond to Adrian (see letter below) because his situation reminded me of my own years ago when I was in University. It is a lengthy letter to me, but if you have the inclination, please read it and my response, and please send positive energy to Adrian…

Dear Dr. Karen

When I was 17 years old I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of lymphatic cancer. While going through my treatments I never gave up hope that I would be fine and I did turn out fine. I am currently 18 and I speak at schools about life and the meaning of positivity in it. My life was put on hold and one major aspect of it had to be held out for even longer, my love life.

I have known, cared and loved this girl for 10 years of my life. We met on a vacation and our families meet each other every year at the same place at the same time for a month. I was planning on telling her how I felt the year that I was diagnosed but unfortunately I was diagnosed 3 days before our vacation and my dreams were crushed. I made a vow that the next year when I was healthy, I would tell her and everything would be perfect. This year came and I did tell her and EVERYTHING went perfect.

I’ve loved this girl ever since I met her and I truly believe that she is the one, the one I will marry. She lives 8 hours away from me, I am in Canada and she is in the US. We’ve always kept in touch and we still keep in touch via Skype and phone. I am willing to do whatever it takes to be with her, anything. She is 4 years older than me.

I talk to my parents about her and they shut me down because it is a ”long distance relationship”. I do not care because I will stop at nothing to be with her. We feel the same way for each other but she is concerned about the period of time it will be for me to honestly be with her. I am considering moving to the states once I am done school to be with her, but for now I must finish school but there will always be time to visit her.

Dr. Karen I love this woman and I want nothing else than to see her and her smile. I cry at night because I cannot be with her right now. She was also asked by a guy to go out on a date and her parents make her think that what we have isn’t ready right now, so that she can still be happy and date guys. When she told me this the only thing I could do was to pray and release my emotions. I told her that she could date him, I just want her to be happy. I told her the saying ”If you love something so much, let it go, if it comes back it was meant to be.” I pray that my parents will allow me to go to the states in December or October, (when I have breaks) and I just want them to understand how dedicated I am. My priorities are school, my family and the girl.

Karen I need advice, please, I want nothing else than to be with her. I need advice on how to deal with this Karen, please. The only factors holding me back from seeing her are time, and my parents. It’s been really tough lately and I just pray that I could see the future.


Dear Adrian,

Thanks for your heartfelt letter. I really empathize with your situation Adrian. When I was 19, I went through something similar with my first “love”. As the first-born child, my parents were very protective and when I announced to them I had a new boyfriend, I was heartbroken when instead of being happy for me, they seemed fearful and angry.

From my parent’s reactions, I came to the conclusion that they didn’t trust my judgment. They told me in not so many words that I was “too young” to be truly in love and that I went into the relationship too quickly without really thinking. I was basically taught not to trust my own feelings.


Good thing I know better now, but it has taken me almost two decades to listen to my own intuition and act from that place.

The relationship between myself and my parents suffered a great deal of strain because I stuck to my guns (thank goodness for my stubborn side!). My boyfriend made it “worse” by proposing to me after our first year of dating!

I remember crying A LOT, not because I wasn’t connected to my love, but because I let the criticism from my parents cut through me like a knife. There was little that I wanted more than their loving approval.

That was the “approval-seeking-me” back then.

Despite the years of stress with my parents, I wouldn’t change a thing. We now have a much closer relationship than ever before. I learned so much from my relationship with my first boyfriend (who became my husband). Even though we parted ways after we learned as much as we could from each other (and it was time to move on), I do not regret “going against” my parent’s advice.

Nevertheless, I’m not going to advise you to ditch your parents. What I would do, however, is to demonstrate your maturity by making sure you are acting as lovingly responsible as any 18 year old could be.

When my first love and I had to have a long distance relationship, my parents were pleased because they were certain we would break up. Instead, we grew closer. If you want it, Adrian, you’re going to have to fight for it. You have the advantage that you’ve already been through cancer. I see that as an advantage because you’ve been through a life and death situation. People having gone through cancer often have greater clarity of what is important in our lives.

And there is nothing more important than love.

Please be compassionate towards your parents. They are just scared. They want the best for you, even if they couldn’t possibly know what that is. Here’s a little exercise I want you to do to help your parents trust you a little more.

Do this every day if you can.

It is simple. Tell them how much you appreciate them and why. Appreciation never gets old when it is genuine. I’ve seen miracles happen with this exercise. If you’re too shy, start by writing it daily in a journal, but then work up to saying it via email, text messaging, phone and face-to-face. Are you willing to do this?

Lastly, temper your emotional responses to your parents’ criticism. Don’t take it personally. Know that it is just “their stuff” not yours. They are just projecting onto you their own fears and insecurities when they criticize you. See if you can just feel the love underneath all that. If they don’t allow you to see your girlfriend, just let them know that you feel sad about their decision but you understand that they need to do what they are most comfortable with….

…but then you can decide, at age 18, to go see your girlfriend anyway and prepare for the consequences.

Adrian, this isn’t easy, but you have the wisdom within to tell you what to do. Just do your best to stay respectful of your parents while also being true to yourself. They are going to ask you the hard questions – they are going to test you. If you can’t answer something you can just reflect back to them the issue they are concerned about.


Parents: You’re too young to be so attached. How long do you think “first loves” really last anyway?

Mature You: It sounds like you’re really concerned about my happiness and don’t want me to be sad or disappointed. Is that right? You know, I really appreciate you for your concern and your love. I’m sure there will be times I will be sad or heartbroken – it’s just part of life, but I also know that you’ve raised me to be strong enough to bounce back from anything like I bounced back from cancer. I just want you to know I’m not scared of being hurt.

Keep praying Adrian. Pray in the way that you already see yourselves together and happy.

This lifetime just happens once. If you died tomorrow, would you regret anything?

I believe in you.

Dr. Karen

P.S. When my baby sister (who is six years younger) announced her engagement, instead of admonishing her, my father said, “It’s about time”. My brother-in-law has NO IDEA what my husband and I went through to make it easy for them! My husband and I paved the way…and we’re happy we did.
P.P.S. Please comment on this post and share your wisdom and thoughts!

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Think and Grow Rich Book Giveaway

Posted on 28 September 2010 by Dr. Karen

Tell us where to send it, and we’ll send you the number one success book of all time.

Vic and Lisa Johnson are doing this crazy marketing test where they’re giving away Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich.” I’m helping them with their big giveaway and wanted to make sure you got your copy before they take this offer down.

Get the details here:

Feel free to pass this on to friends. They can get one too if they act right away. This is one of my highly recommended books. Why? Because it is all about our mind, our attitudes and how that determines what we manifest in our lives.

I’ve given away an eBook copy of this before, but Vic and Lisa are generously giving away the actual hard book! Wow. It is a classic you don’t want to be without.

I know you’ll love it!


Dr. Karen

P.S. Vic and Lisa are actually shipping these so you need to give them your address before they run out. Details here:

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Free Online Seminar – Mind, Meaning and Mysteries

Posted on 21 September 2010 by Dr. Karen

Wow, I’ve got a great treat for you today – and it doesn’t cost you a dime! Talk about abundance. I keep finding out about all these great teachers giving great value..and sharing them with you. I hope you enjoy them. Here’s another one…

What if I told you, you could view a priceless presentation from one of today’s most intriguing speakers that will provide you with the tools needed to achieve your goals – all from the comfort of your own home and absolutely F ree.

You would take advantage of it, right? Here’s your chance.

My friend and colleague, New York Times bestselling author Eldon Taylor, has created an exceptional video presentation for all to see for a very limited time. I believe this message is so important that when Eldon asked me to help spread the news about this F ree video, I said “absolutely yes!”

More details here.

Eldon’s three-part course addresses those areas that we all need to take into consideration if we are ever to achieve our highest best. This holds true regardless of your goals, whether your number one priorities are success and prosperity, building better relationships, or spirituality and personal peace.

Here’s what you will learn from Eldon’s presentation:

– 4 things you did not know about yourself that effect every aspect of your life!
– How you give your power away – every day.
– How your mind works and how others use this information to control you.
– 6 ways you sabotage your own success.
– How to uncover the definitive guide to your own life – unlock your personal story.
– 5 no cost tools you can use to discover who you really are.
– Learn how to discern the right answers for yourself.
– How to find the best personal teacher for yourself – and this answer will surprise you!
– And Much More!

More details here.

Eldon has presented numerous seminars and workshops across the country and around the world with people paying up to $500 to attend. Eldon is also a frequent presenter at the Hay House I Can Do It conferences and has been called a “master of the mind.”

I know this video will make a powerful difference in your life so please do check it out! Eldon’s presentation is the perfect roadmap to finding your spiritual self. You will love the phenomenal stories Eldon shares that will bring tears to your eyes and a warm glow to your heart. And the best part is, for a limited time you can view this presentation from the comfort of your own home absolutely F ree.

Please remember, act now, this video is only available F ree for a very limited period of time. Don’t miss out, click the link below!

View F ree seminar now!


Dr. Karen Kan
P.S. If you haven’t listened to my radio interview (Sept 13th) with Eldon about Mind Programming, you’ll want to…you can listen to the archive free at Enjoy!

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Radio Show Monday: Dr. Eldon Taylor’s back!

Posted on 11 September 2010 by Dr. Karen

It’s Radio Show Monday this September 13, and I am excited have Dr. Eldon Taylor back on the show!

Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., is a world renowned author, dynamic speaker, former criminalist and one of the world’s foremost experts on preconscious information processing, and is also the author of more than three hundred InnerTalk® personal empowerment audio and video programs and his work has been published in the likes of Newsweek and Annals of Psychotherapy. One of his renowned books, Mind Programming, is a riveting expose on the plethora of research that has been carried out simply to discover ways to control your every thought and desire.

On this show, Dr. Taylor will discuss how we are being “brainwashed” by others and will share examples of this “brainwashing” in advertising. He will also cite his favorite “tools” from the chapter on Practical Metaphysics, how the subliminal Inner Talk CDs benefit those who use it for at least one hour a day and will discuss his newest release/book What Does It Mean?

Here are the details:

Monday September 13, 2010 at 12 noon EST

Call in number: 347-945-6313

Hit “1” if you’d like me to see your “hand up” to ask a question

The show will be broadcast live at Anyone can download the show free of charge afterwards in case you missed it.


Dr. Karen Kan

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Miracle Healing or Science? The Living Matrix film reveals!

Posted on 10 September 2010 by Dr. Karen

Miracle or Science? Several years ago, astronaut Edgar Mitchell was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his kidney. To heal it, he engaged the services of a long-distance energy healer. Within a few months the tumor had completely disappeared.

The science behind “miraculous healings” is the focus of The Living Matrix, a new documentary that explains bioenergetics, heart coherence, and the placebo effect. These topics explain how formerly unexplainable healings take place every day.

Marilyn Schiltz, Ph.D., a leading noetic scientist and anthropologist, healed herself with the power of “intention” after a serious accident. Another woman in the film healed from a brain tumor with a powerful form of “energetic-based information medicine.” What may have once been called magic is now understood by science.

These stories, along with expert commentary from Marilyn Schiltz, Bruce Lipton, Dean Radin, Lynne Mc Taggart, Eric Pearl and Rubert Sheldrake, reveal the latest breakthrough science that now allows us to “deliberately initiate miracle cures.”

This powerful and informative film will change the way you view your ability to heal, and thanks to our friends at Spiritual Cinema Circle, you can receive The Living Matrix plus three entertaining films for FREE (just pay S&H) when you sign up for a trial membership.

This month’s volume features The Living Matrix and three other films including:

What Goes Around (U.S. & Canadian selection): Alex Klein is a bankrupt real estate executive whose life is on a collision course. He sees life as an endless struggle against all he abhors — ignorant baristas, pop music and grammatical mistakes. One day, as he hurries off to a meeting he collides with another car. He wakes up in a white room and slowly and unwillingly realizes that he is in Death’s waiting room. He’s given one last chance to change his ways…will he?

Glenn Owen Dodds: Michael Radcliffe didn’t expect to have a five-minute sit-down with God, Glenn Owen Dodds that is, a mysterious man who claims to be God. Could he really be God? An illuminating comedy for anyone who’s ever asked themselves the question, ‘Why am I here?’

Love Me: No one would envy Clarisse. She has a tiring, thankless job as a waitress in a small Parisian restaurant, and her boss is insufferable. Just when it seems like a normal day, a new customer makes an unexpected announcement that could change everything.

Join Spiritual Cinema Circle today to enjoy these rare films!

Enjoy the movies,

Dr. Karen Kan

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It Takes Courage to Be Free

Posted on 08 September 2010 by Dr. Karen

Something really big is taking place today, and I knew you wouldn’t want to miss it…

Today, September 8, my friend Guy Finley and over 70 other leading authors and experts have come together for one special reason: to give you the power and the tools you need to transform your life.

They have compiled a special collection of life-altering success secrets — including one of my favorites: Stop Fear Now with 6 Simple Steps! And they are giving them all away for one day.

You can go here now to get filled in on all the details:

Guy has written a highly-anticipated new book that is being simultaneously released today in 142 countries. This book is so vital to helping you make the positive changes you want in your life — and Guy is so well respected by his peers — that myself and over 70 other authors and experts are joining in to spread the word. It’s that important!

If it’s your wish to walk through this world with a fearless heart and an open, creative mind that’s passionate about its own higher possibilities — this is your chance to learn EXACTLY how, and get OVER 70 BONUS GIFTS to boot.

Now is the time to take the first step into a whole new you!

Go here now to find out more:

All best wishes for a fearless life…I believe in you!
Dr. Karen Kan

P.S. Be sure to share this email with your friends and family so that they can also learn how to discover the life they long for — and get 70 gifts from leading experts at the same time. They’ll thank you for it!

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