What You Most Fear, You Attract

Posted on 09 July 2010 by Dr. Karen

I got an email from a close family member today. He was quite dejected because a computer virus had attacked his desktop computer…AGAIN. Both he and his wife are extremely careful not to download or click on links that look suspicious in their emails. They immediate erase anything in their email box that looks like forwarded emails from friends and family…just in case there is a virus. They bought sophisticated anti-virus software. They refuse to do FaceBook, MySpace or similar social networking because of the reports of identity theft etc. They won’t even open eCards that family members have sent them.

And yet, despite all the precautionary measures, this is not the first time that viruses have ruined his computer. On a number of occasions, both their computers have been attacked. How could it be that people who are so careful about avoiding viruses have experienced multiple attacks on their computers?

Well, I’m here to give you one perspective.

It is their fear of those attacks that attracts those experiences.

The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on grows. Now that doesn’t mean being naïve and not protecting your computer (in this case) from viruses, but notice the amount of ENERGY spent in the vibration of FEAR. In contrast, many people do tons of work on the internet – downloading, uploading, buying online, doing Facebook, Twitter etc. – in fact it is almost a requirement in successful business these days.

Why is it you think that they don’t get “attacked” by viruses to the degree my family members have?

It is because the attacks aren’t their focus. They do what is necessary to avoid viruses, but then they forget about it. They don’t constantly worry about getting attacked (like my family members do). They don’t talk about virus attacks. They don’t get angry, hyper, anxious when others may be less careful about virus protection. In fact, their focus is on the positive side of computing, so to speak – the fun they have connecting with others, learning new things etc. Instead of being fearful of new technology, they are thrilled with it.

Here’s a Law of Attraction rule: to the degree that you are afraid of something, it will come charging at you. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, if you are REALLY afraid of something happening, 8-10 out of 10, your vibration is so STRONG that you literally magnetize it to you. The bigger the emotion, the more frequent the emotion, the faster and stronger it comes.

If you are AFRAID of losing someone’s love instead of focusing on appreciating the love you do have today, you’ll risk losing it! If you’re afraid your partner will cheat on you, you can bet he/she probably will. If you’re afraid of being alone the rest of your life and never finding the love of your life…guess what? You might be!

Now that you know that, what can you do?

You can USE this rule/law to your advantage. When you experience fear, make an intention to let go of it. You can change your environment to minimize risk (i.e. don’t be naïve), but then let go of the fear once you’ve addressed the issue. When it rears its ugly head, remind yourself that you need to be putting a GREATER energetic force in the opposite direction to attract what you DO want rather than what you DON’T want. Go from fear to appreciation. Go from fear to appreciation and gratefulness.

You can do a “thought-switching” technique.

When the fear comes up, learn to literally “change channels”. You can even get humorous with your mind (the yogis call it your “monkey mind”). You can tell the negative thought, “Ah, thanks for sharing…I’ll cancel/pass” and then immediately move onto a different more empowering thought and emotion.

Be careful not to get caught up in other people’s fear. If their vibration of fear is greater and stronger than your positive vibration, you can “entrain” to their lower wavelength. Sometimes the most difficult situation to stay positive iswithin your own family of origin. Families have a way of pushing your buttons! It reminds me of the time my sister’s family was visiting with my parents. My parents were considerably fearful of the safety of their home while away. Sure enough, when my sister’s family returned home, they discovered they were robbed. The friend watching the home forgot to turn on the alarm one evening and their DVD movies were stolen.

But even if you’re experiencing a situation that you don’t want (being robbed for example), there is ALWAYS a silver lining if you’re looking for it. Like my teacher Eldon Taylor loves to say,

“I can’t WAIT to see what good comes of this!”

I encourage you to memorize this sage attitude-shifting thought and use it whenever “negative” things happen to you!

What was the silver lining (the gift) to my sister’s robbery?

Of the DVD’s the thieves stole, there were only three they didn’t steal. One of the DVD’s they didn’t steal was the movie, The Secret. Because they didn’t have any of their other movies, my sister, who had had the DVD for a year, finally decided to watch it. She liked The Secret and tried out the Law of Attraction for herself…and voila! She found out it works and she called me to tell me!

That was the gift.

So your homework is to become aware of how you’re attracting what you’re attracting and continually monitor and shift your focus to empowering thoughts and emotions.


Dr. Karen Kan

PS. I’m really loving my InnerTalk CD’s by Eldon Taylor…a way of programming the subconscious mind to automatically rewire it to positive thoughts. If you’re interested in them, you can check them out by clicking the banner below. My favorites are: Ending Self-destructive patterns, End Co-dependency, Millionaire Orbit, Money Management, Accelerated Healing and Well-Being (my patients love the music on this one), and Enthusiastic and Motivated (my partner tends to do a lot of housework whenever I play this one…he he)

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