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Posted on 11 April 2010 by Dr. Karen

This week marks the time when everything comes together after two years of preparation, where my partner and I get the opportunity to push ourselves past our limit of comfort to test all that we’ve learned in the spiritual arena.

It all comes down to two minutes and forty seconds.

And I’m asking for your support…Energetic support. There’s nothing to buy, nothing to donate except a few moments of your time and the energy of loving positive thoughts and well-wishes. That’s it!

Do you know how powerful you are?

I know. That is why I’m asking you for support. And if for whatever reason, it doesn’t feel right for you, that’s OK too.

You’d be amazed at the power of an intention shared by a group of like-minded people! If you’ve read The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

This week, my dream partner and I will be competing at the Adult National Figure Skating Championships.  We’ve had our ups and downs over the last two years (frozen shoulder, various injuries, arguments, miscarriage, emotional stuff, etc.), but everyone does. I’m sure you do too.

But there is something magical about intending an outcome and seeing how it manifests. I can guarantee one thing (and it isn’t that we’ll win a gold medal); that EVERY competition is a new personal growth experience for me.

Last time we competed at Nationals, I learned that “I don’t have to be perfect to win”. It was a valuable lesson because my achilles heel is always striving for perfection.

In 2008 when James and I won our first gold, I was happy to witness how unattached I was to the gold medal. We had messed up badly (or so we thought) during our performance and I even ended up on my butt in front of the judges! But I was thankful for the experience of feeling at peace despite the mistakes.

To our utter surprise, we still won the gold medal!  I felt tears welling up when we found out because it was as if the Universe was rewarding me with how unattached I was to the outcome. In the past I would have been devastated and angry at my partner for the mistakes.

It was if Spirit was saying: “You did good kid for being able to let go of the outcome even though you intended to win and you thought you didn’t“.

I had learned to let go. This is what you must do as well in order to manifest your dreams as quickly as possible.

So here are my intentions that I’m publically announcing (sometimes a little scary to be this authentic, but here goes!):

  1. James and I skate a passionate, powerful pairs and singles programs to the best of our abilities with full presence; being in the moment.
  2. We inspire others to skate with passion and joy.
  3. We win three gold medals.
  4. We thoroughly entertain the judges and the audience.
  5. We have an amazingly fun time connecting with people and especially with my close friend Peter who will be coaching us there.

Here’s how you can help us. Imagine all those intentions coming true and how that would feel for me and imagine how it would feel for you to have helped us achieve our intentions with grace and ease.

Just read the intentions, close your eyes and imagine a scene where it all comes true – the smiles, the applause, the warmth, the fun…

That’s it. Just a minute. That’s all it takes. And guess what? You just received an energy boost for your OWN dreams by doing this exercise for me. That’s how it works in the holographic universe!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

Dr. Karen Kan

PS. please feel free to comment below to share any wisdom, well-wishes and prayers with us. Thanks again! You are AWESOME!

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  1. Meg Says:

    Holding the intentions with joyful exuberation for you and,James!!

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