Mama Said There’d Be Dates Like This

Posted on 27 April 2010 by Dr. Karen

I know sometimes I can be rather serious when I write my blogs, but today, I want to share a really cool book for those of you who really need a good laugh when it comes to dating.

And here’s a bonus: Today only you can receive an amazing amount of freebies within minutes… over $613.00 worth of FREE gifts if you do just one thing today! In anticipation of Spring, and with love in the air, a group of us author- types are celebrating the official launch of J.T. Briggs’ new and highly acclaimed book Mama Said There’d Be Dates Like This!

Today, TUESDAY April 27th – we have a personal goal to help J.T. Briggs reach the #1 position on and we really need your help. And, for helping, we’re going to reward you in a big, big way! This offer requires the tiniest investment, but will bring you a return beyond belief!

For only $12.95 you can get a copy “Mama Said There’d Be Date Like This” …and over $613.00 of FREE gifts!!!!

Today, J.T. Briggs is being joined by over a dozen other authors and life coaches …to give you an exceptional offer! Go here to find out more about this promotion that makes buying a copy of “Mama Said There’d Be Dates Like This” TODAY, Tuesday, April 27, 2010!

If you love life could use a dose of good humor and lightness, then you’ll want to read this book!

Dr. Karen

P.S. Please share this offer with your friends and family. It’s easy…just send them this link by email to let them know about the many gifts we have made available for them today.

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