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February “LOVE” specials for you from Dr. Karen

Posted on 17 February 2010 by Dr. Karen

How do you feel about February? Do you normally look forward to Valentine’s Day or dread it? How was it this year for you? If you’re single, did you celebrate your Goddess or God within? or did you try to avoid all the hearts, romance, chocolate etc. out there because your were “partner-less”?

Whatever your answer, it’s OK. I would, however encourage you to take some time to be “LOVING” to yourself – whether that means having a day at the spa, getting a new health club membership, or taking a short vacation. When you vibrate at the level of love through loving yourself, you attract more love.

As for me, I like to celebrate February! Not only is it Chinese New Year, but also February 14th is my birthday. I just turned 43 and celebrated with good friends on my dream outdoor ice rink James, my love partner, built for me. Here’s the thing though: life is not always smooth even when it is your dream life. In fact, sometimes things just fall apart before it comes together. But the magic comes when you have faith.

Case in point: if you check out the photos of our ice rink being built, it actually mirrors many of our experiences in life and love.

1. A new relationship is exciting and everything looks so positive
2. The relationship takes some work, but without obstacles, you feel great
3. Disaster hits and it seems that everything you’ve built has just died
4. Turning point – you either give up emotionally, or you ask yourself, how do I want to live from this point forward?
5. You either remain upset that things didn’t work out the way you wanted them to or you keep your dream alive and just keep moving forward, one step at a time and believing instead “Everything is perfect. It is all for my highest good”.

Check out our rink building photos to see a visual of this process. Yes, yes, it is just a rink, but our “internal” experience (excitement, sadness, faith, joy) are mirrored in the progression of the photos. Keep this in mind when you are “manifesting”.

Here are the pics:

Oh, almost forgot the REAL reason I wanted to write you! I’m having a February special!

For every eBook and Law of Attraction Home Study Course purchased this month, you will receive special access to a secret page with downloadable MP3’s of all the Law of Attraction in Love Teleseminars I’ve done in 2008, in addition to the two eBook bonuses you’ll find on the eBook purchase page.


For the first 5 people who purchase BOTH the eBook and Home Study Course this month (doesn’t have to be on the same day), you will qualify for a FREE 30 minute private coaching session with me!! That is an extra $175 Bonus! You will need to be able to use the free SKYPE voice over internet service ( so I can call you for your coaching session. Your FREE coaching session must be used in the month of February or March 2010.


You’ll feel extra good about your purchase because, 50% of the profits will be donated to Haiti Relief. If you already made a purchase this month, THANK YOU!! and you can still qualify for the above coaching bonus by making the second purchase. We’ll be contacting you shortly about the other (teleseminar) bonus.

So you can treat yourself and get going on manifesting the relationship of your dreams!

Let me know what you think of this post by commenting below. Thanks in advance!

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