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Understanding how the Haiti earthquake affects you (and vice versa)

Posted on 15 January 2010 by Dr. Karen

Why are we getting earthquakes? Isn’t it awful..all those people dying?

These are some of the questions I get asked. These are a loaded questions.

Let me ask you this: how did you feel when you learned about the lives lost in the Haiti earthquake? How did your body feel in the day(s) prior to, during and after the earthquake?

Why am I asking?

Because it affects you even if this is the first time you’re reading about it. As reported in Lynne McTaggart’s book, The Intention Experiment, any significant emotional shift in the planet experienced by a large number of people are felt all over the world as evidenced by the random event generator experiments. These machines are like a random toss of the coin. Without any intention being placed on them, they will split up the toss 50:50.

But when there is significant intention or similar thoughts shared by significant numbers of people, they no longer are RANDOM….to me that is proof that our thoughts hold great power to change matter.

Did you notice yourself feeling uneasy or irritable a day or two before the Haiti earthquake on the 12th of January? Did you feel tired on that day? Don’t be upset at yourself if you were out of sorts, most people were…but they may not have known WHY.

The answer to “why” are we getting so many earthquakes is not fully obvious, but there are many answers. See which ones resonate with you:

1. Mother earth needs to “let off steam” – as negative energy builds and builds it transforms or manifests into something physical. It could be a tumor or it could be an earthquake. Neither is judged “bad”, it is just a shift in energetic form.

2. It is an opportunity, spiritually, for people to connect as one (energetically as the random event generators would prove to us) and an opportunity for us to be more present and compassionate with those around us.

3. We are in the “dark” ages of our World Age as described by the Aztec and Vedic traditions and earthquakes, wars, famine, are just some of the things to expect during this time and through 2012. PASTE

4. It is the opportunity for some to rise above their current state of light into a higher state of being. It reminds me of the Canadian man who practically rebuilt a whole town’s homes after hurricane Katrina hit (with newer technology that would widthstand a future hurricane).

There is ONE thing I know for sure though and that is how you can help. Of course you can help with giving money in the disaster relief. Money, of course, is just another form of energy. If you’re feeling sad, confused or even depressed, then I need to warn you that your reaction is not in your best interest (nor the best interests of those who are in the midst of recovering from this natural disaster). Here’s why:

Since your thoughts generate “things” in the real world especially when they are added to similar thoughts from others all over the world, it is your responsibility to hold the energy of empowerment and light during a great time of stress. In other words, your feeling depressed and upset is NOT HELPING and is in fact hindering the healing of others.

That doesn’t mean that you do not feel genuine compassion and sadness in the moment as you connect with those who lost love ones. Of course you do. But at the same time, your job is to live your life to the fullest, to your greatest potential – to shine YOUR LIGHT so that it will empower all others.

One of my teachers used to say, “You will either inspire others with your greatness or infect them with your mediocrity”.

So as you go about your day, the prayer I’d like you to keep in your heart for those in Haiti is one of their recovery and health, as if it has already happened (that’s how you manifest!!!). If you can do that for them, you can do it for yourself too. So don’t “pray for” them in a way that “asks” for their healing, but instead pray in joy and gratitude for the healing that has already happened in your mind. Get it? 

I need your help in this regard. Our energies combined can make a bigger difference! Please let me know how you’re feeling by commenting BELOW!

In the meantime the Ask Dr. Karen box is back up on the website! For those that were looking for it, I appreciate your patience.

If you’d like to ask me a relationship or Law of Attraction questions, you can now fill in the form on the CONTACT page. If it is a question that hasn’t been answered before on my blog or radio show, then I’ll be posting the answer up in one of these two forums.

Dr. Karen Kan

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I love the newsletter I got today about “thinking positive”

Posted on 13 January 2010 by Dr. Karen

The message below is now one of my new favorites from bestselling author and spiritual teacher, Neale Donald Walsch. Why? Because it really hits me where it hurt (or used to hurt).

I was the BEST at “thinking positive”, but also ignoring the “elephant sitting in the middle of the livingroom”. His message below is for all of you who are great at “thinking positive” while your bank account, health and relationships are deteriorating and you’re not exactly tackling the “problems” head-on.

“On this day of your life, Karen, I believe God wants you to know…
…….that positive thinking does not mean turning into an ostrich.

Burying your head in the sand in the name of “staying positive” is not a good strategy. Wearing blinders rather than looking rightat what’s going on right now is not the way to create your vision for tomorrow.

Sculptors have to look at the block and begin cutting parts of it away before their vision emerges in the marble. Look directly at the block if you want to create the art.”

Love, Your Friend….

If you’ve enjoyed this, consider reading his latest book, When Everything Changes, Change Everything available at the Law of Attraction in Love  Bookstore.

Dr. Karen Kan

P.S. Would love your comments on how this message struck you! Have you ever been an ostrich?

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My AMAZING Christmas gift from James

Posted on 11 January 2010 by Dr. Karen

Very often I’m reminded just how wonderful it is to be experiencing life with the love of my life. In my first relationship, my husband and I were often at odds with what we both liked and disliked. It seemed like a stretch everytime we tried to think of things we’d like to do together. I remember (as I’m sure he did as well) compromising time and time again.

Although it was challenging to “be” with someone who wasn’t a great fit for me, I am grateful for the experience because NOW I can really APPRECIATE what I have! Isn’t that the case with many of us? We don’t know or appreciate what we have until we first experience the opposite?

This Christmas Holiday season was another instance where I experienced my Divine other giving truly from his heart. A few days before we travelled for Christmas, he ran out of the house suddenly right after we had come back from skating. He was in such a hurry to “pick up last minute Christmas gifts”, I couldn’t imagine what the emergency was!

The next day, I saw an elongated package under the tree. James was so afraid that I would guess my present since he knew how intuitive I can be. But so not the ruin the surprise, I decided to block myself from even guessing or thinking about the gift until Christmas morning.

So December 25th morning finally came and we were unwrapping presents at my parents house. For the first time, I felt the gift. It was heavy. Immediately I knew what it was, but I could hardly believe he got it for me!

What was it?

When I ripped open the wrapping, I discovered the vinyl banner I’ve wanted for the last four years.

This vinyl banner is special. It was one of the one-of-a-kind banners hanging from the Olympic Arena (box office entrance) celebrating the 25th anniversary of the 1980 Olympics. It had a special photo of a figure skater on it. Well, that figure skater was ME.

Yes! It was a photo of me. And no one from the Olympic Center even knew that in 2005 they “happened” to choose MY photo out of hundreds of photos from a stock photo company. While in Los Angeles, I did what all good Los Angelinos do…audition for something! In this case it was for sports stock photography.

The problem four years ago was that I had asked to buy the banner from the Olympic Center (whenever they were done with it) and was flatly refused. I was dejected, but every week, I felt a lift when going to the rink for practice because I’d look up and see it hanging there at the entrance.

Then Skate America2009  came to Lake Placid and the arena  had a complete makeover. My banner was suddenly taken down. So much for my “lift”. I thought I’d never see “my” banner again.

But James, my dream partner, took the opportunity to do whatever he could to find that poster and give it to me for Christmas. He asked one of the senior administrators (who was shocked to learn it was a photo of me) and told him that he’d pay anything to get it for me (such a sweetie). Much to his surprise, the administrator offered it to him free of charge!


So on Christmas day, my dream of having this banner as a momento came true. I waited four years and never thought it could happen, but James felt the opportunity to give me joy and took quick action!

25th Anniversary Banner for the 1980 Olympics

There are two lessons here:

  1. I believe that if you’re truly connected to your partner, you will be able to intuit each other’s desires and feelings and act according to each other’s highest good.
  2. The Universe always knows what the best timing is to manifest what you desire. It wouldn’t have been the same emotional impact had I procured the banner for myself four years ago. Thus, we can all just “let go and let God” a little more, eh?

If you haven’t signed up for my free Attracting Love eCourse and the free GOODIES, please do so today!


Dr. Karen Kan

P.S. Please comment below and tell me what you think!

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Monday’s Radio Show: How to Create a Magical Relationship

Posted on 01 January 2010 by Dr. Karen

Join me for Monday’s Law of Attraction in Love Radio Show: How to Create a Magical Relationship. I’m interviewing a fantastic woman who I met at a personal development training recently. Her name is Carele Belanger (pronounced the French way for all you folks from France and Canada!)

After many courses in the holistics field, in 2005 Carele Belanger earned her certificate as Master Practictioner NLP, (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). As an Achievement Coach, she guides her female clients to totally love themselves, stand up for themselves and to embody their Goddess within.

She believes that YOU can manifest a magical relationship. And she’s going to help you do just that!

Carele’s mission is to enlighten and empower women so they can be wealthy in all parts of their life. From that mission was born the Enlightened-Women website, the only Resources Website for women.

During the show, she’ll teach you how to:

– Create the person you want to attract (in detail)
– Understand the subtleties of compromise and self-respect
– How love relationships can be Magical!

We look forward to having you call in and ask live questions during the show! Here’s how:

Monday January 4th at 12PM noon (
Listen via web:
Call in live: 347-945-6313 and dial “1” to put your hand up so I can see that you wish to ask a question.

And if you can’t listen in at noon, you can always download the archived show free of charge on blog talk radio! Enjoy!

Dr. Karen Kan

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