Guru Advice: Just Frickin’ Do It!

Posted on 18 December 2009 by Dr. Karen

Here’s what came in my INBOX today from Neale Donald Walsch, one of my all-time favorite spiritual teachers:

On this day of your life, Karen, I believe God wants you to know… 
 ...that the next step is the most important step. Take it now. Do not wait.

Life is not going to come down there and sprinkle glitter dust on your shoulders to let you know that you are Good…or that you are walking the Right Path…or that you are making the Best Decision.

Take the next step. Right now. Stop waiting for a “sign” from the “gods.” Your sign is your intuition, wrapped in your desire. 

Hesitation is not a stopping place on the road to heaven.

I love the part about the “glitter dust”. Do you resonate with this message? I certainly do because I was the “poster child” for waiting for the perfect opportunity to show up in order for me to take action. In fact, if I wasn’t already guaranteed some sort of outer world “success”, I would shy away from the opportunity.

Take my favorite pasttime for example: figure skating. When I began, I had the not-so-lofty notion (I chuckle when I think of it now) that I was going to learn to skate once and for all (being Canadian and not knowing how to skate was terribly embarrassing to me!).

I was awful at skating! Terrible! OK, that’s a little harsh, but let’s just say that I was the second worst skater in the entire adult skating class and I was embarrassed. (The worst skater was the friend who convinced me to go with him).

I was about to quit when my husband at the time, the blessed gift he was in my life, gave me his opinion of my situation. He told me that I was one dimensional and that I was too scared to try something I didn’t already know I was good at, so he felt I should stick it out (and be OK with, in his words, “sucking” at something new).

Thankfully, I took his advice and stuck it out for 20 weeks. I found a fabulous new coach, who I’m still with today, and the rest is history. Several Gold medals and national recognition in my sport is the result of the Just Frickin Do It approach to life.

So if you’re waiting for a GRAND invitation to take the next step in your life, be it introducing yourself to the cute gal in the next office, or walking up and saying hi to the guy with the goo-goo eyes you see at the grocery store every week, stop waiting!

Just Frickin’ Do It! as my teacher T. Harv Eker would say.

Take action. Any action. Take the next logical step action. Yes it is scary sometimes, but believe me, it is WELL worth it!

For someone who was afraid of everything growing up (ME), I’ve become the embodiment of the opposite these days. You should have seen me flying on the Trapeze last summer.

So Just Frickin’ Do It. Don’t worry about falling down. If you do (like in skating), just get back up, correct and continue! The only true failures in this world are people who QUIT moving towards their dreams. Don’t let that happen to you.

I believe in you.

So Just Frickin’ Do It!


Dr. Karen Kan
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