My dream partner and I just won six gold medals!

Posted on 12 October 2009 by Dr. Karen

K, sounds like I’m bragging. Mostly, I’m just really happy to share with you. My partner James and I just skated really well at the ISI Adult national figure skating championships and brought home 9 medals, six of them gold. To see the press release and the photos, just go to Feel free to comment!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I want you to know that YOU can have your dreams too. I want my stories to inspire you. For us, it wasn’t about winning gold medals. Those are nice. But it was about the challenge of seeing how “present” we could both be in our respective skating events.

Those that have been with me in a live event know that I like to say, “Whoever has the biggest energy, wins!” To be honest, I didn’t feel all that well all week, but I wanted to see how I’d fare by just focusing on the moment and the artistry I wanted to create out there for the audience.

Well, it worked.

For James, it was his first singles competition. After an initial stumble, he was able to focus and complete the rest of his program flawlessly, the best he’d ever done. Not only that, he looked “hot” in his skating outfit (he blushes when I say this to people because he usually dislikes wearing tight clothes – ha ha ha!)


This Law of Attraction stuff/personal growth stuff really works!

Life isn’t perfect, but what’s really cool is that if you let go of perfection and are willing and open to experiencing whatever is going on to the fullest, you’ll be the happiest person alive!

Dr. Karen Kan

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