Dear Dr. Karen: How Can An African Woman Use the Law of Attraction?

Posted on 03 April 2009 by Dr. Karen

Dear Dr. Karen,

Thank you for all your newsletters and for teaching me about the law of attraction. My question is: how can I, as an African woman, apply this law of attraction to my life?


Dear Israa,

The wonderful thing about the law of attraction is that it is like the law of gravity: it shows no favorites! It doesn’t matter whether you are African or Asian or Hispanic – anyone can practice harnessing the law of attraction to magnetize more of what they want into their life.

The interesting thing about your question is that it feels like you have a preconceived idea that harnessing the law of attraction would be more difficult given your ancestry. Is that true? Be honest.

If it is true, you have then been given a gift! Why? Because you have now identified a LIMITING BELIEF that you have that may be blocking you from manifesting what you want. It is similar to someone who thinks they are too fat, too old, too young, or too ugly to be able to manifest their soulmate or dream partner using the law of attraction.

Whatever you believe, you will conceive. In other words, if you believe that being African makes it harder for you to attract your perfect mate, then you will co-create THAT reality in your life. If you believe it will be harder, it WILL be harder.

My ex-husband had a long-held believe that the type of person he wanted as his new partner didn’t exist. He wanted an Asian “mountain” woman. In other words, he wanted to be with another Asian woman who was feminine and attractive but was at the same time “tough” and willing to “rough it” in the woods even it it meant no running water or a toilet. (Guess what, I was DEFINITELY not a mountain woman. I tried for years but made myself miserable and sick trying. I’ve gone back to who I really am: A Princess! Ha ha)

When I confronted my ex-husband about his beliefs, as did some of his best friends, he conceded to let go of his non-supportive belief that his ideal woman didn’t exist. Within a month or so, he met a beautiful Asian woman online that met all his criteria!

So my suggestion to you is to let go of the belief that your race has anything to do with how well you can manifest your dream partner. You are a valuable loving human being. That is enough.


Dr. Karen Kan

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