Practice, Practice, Practice…Until It Becomes HABIT

Posted on 01 May 2008 by Dr. Karen

I had the most amazing week last week at Train the Trainer – an intense five day course on how to be a top trainer/speaker. My business and life coach had guided me to make the intention (my wish) to be on stage in front of everyone getting coaching by the expert. Although I was scared, I knew that if I wanted to help more people, I needed coaching on stage.So I set the intention. What was really AWESOME was that out of 270 people, the expert picked ME! My intention, having been set days before, helped me manifest my wish easily and quickly. Day after day went by and each day became a miracle. I felt like I was in a dream. I can’t tell you just yet what my BIG wish is for this year (aside from the GOLD medal win at nationals), because I have a contract not to reveal it. But when the time comes, I will let you know.

All I can say is that if I can manifest my dreams, you can too. How? Practice, practice, practice. Practice making intentions and working towards them. Will you always succeed? No. But the practice of intentioning an outcome and then receiving the outcome creates a vibration that, when practiced over and over again, stay with you longer…until it becomes your dominant vibration. When you go for your dreams, no matter what, and ACT AS IF (see Chapter 4 in Creating Your Fairytale Love Life), you will create the habit that the Universe has no choice but to act on your behalf. Why? Because you show the Universe you follow through on your intentions.

Even though I intentioned to be on that stage in front of everyone, was I scared? YES! I was afraid of making the mistakes that I knew I would invariably make in front of everyone, but yet, I didn’t even think twice about raising my hand. I just trusted that the Universe (and my coach) knew what I needed to do to grow big enough to fit into what I’m trying to accomplish later this year. So the practice becomes the practice of STRETCHING yourself outside your comfort zone.

Stay tuned!

Dr. Karen Kan

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