Law of Attraction is NOT Positive Thinking!

Posted on 04 May 2008 by Dr. Karen

After watching The Secret, many people mistakenly believed that the message was to “think positive”. I am in disagreement, however. I’ve done “thinking positive” for decades of my life but harnessing the law of attraction to manifest your desired reality is WAY BEYOND thinking positive. It is closer to “positive being”. But even that statement is inaccurate. You don’t just think positive. You CREATE your reality from scratch! So it isn’t about being positive about finding your dream partner, but about CREATING that person from scratch!

I was just listening to the Divine Matrix audio book by Gregg Braden and he talks about how some of his friends who were diagnosed with terminal cancer did not understand how to (at least in his perception) to manifest the healing they were desiring. He said that the difference between their belief that their illness will be healed (positive thinking or belief) vs. being healed is that in the former scenario, they were acting from a place of expectation and attachment to the healing taking place when they wanted it to (and noticing that it hadn’t happened yet) as opposed to living from the place of ALREADY HAVING BEEN HEALED.

What does that mean – ‘living from the place of already having been healed”? It means living in the EMOTIONAL state of already having what you’ve asked for. Braden tells us that it is our emotional state that determines the vibration of our “particles” (molecules we’re made up of) – the longer we stay in the EMOTIONAL state of having already received, the easier it is to manifest what we desire. So what emotional state are you in most of the time?

Furthermore, the state of ATTACHMENT to where, when and how our reality SHOULD manifest actually prevents us from achieving or manifesting our intentions. When we can practice embodying our NEW reality (Chapter 3 in Creating Your Fairytale Love Life eBook) with every molecule of our being, we begin to attract all those things we want – the attractant being the vibration of love and compassion.

Curiously, once we start mastering our vibration (as compassion, as the Tibetan monks would teach us to) and our ability to manifest becomes effortless, we actually become more and more unattached to achieve a certain end-point or goal! It doesn’t really matter to us anymore. In other words, we become enamoured with “what is”.

I had an amazing experience last week at my Train the Trainer event. The intention (wish) I set was easily manifested and THEN SOME! See what happened is this: I set an intention to be teaching my law of attraction in love material on the stage of one of my guru teachers by the end of this year. It was a lofty intention and I had no idea how I was going to accomplish it. But here’s the trick. I took it one day at a time and followed through on the next small step. After completing that, I followed through on the next small step after that, etc.

And I do this with as much “unattachment” as possible. I know. It isn’t easy to be unattached. But I’m getting better at “letting go” of having to control the outcome of everything. My perception is that with every intention I set and work towards, the faster my manifesting seems to happen. Miraculous really, according to those close to me. And that puts be easily in a state of gratitude and appreciation – great vibrations to attract more of the same.

I want the same for you. My business coach, Keith Leon, author of Who Do You Think You Are? has been pivotal for me, guiding me towards the next step. The “next step” takes work, of course, and it means expanding my comfort zone and growing myself into the new reality I am creating. I highly recommend that you get your own coach. It doesn’t have to be me. I’m a relationship coach and I love doing it, but find yourself someone who you resonate with and get some support. It makes a huge difference!


Dr. Karen Kan

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