The Benefits of “Falling Down”

Posted on 01 April 2008 by Dr. Karen

James and I had our skating choreography lesson yesterday to polish up our Adult Nationals pair skating program. All I can say is “wow”. It was incredible. By the way, if you listened to the radio show yesterday, you’ll understand me when I say that I “practiced” some of what I spoke about yesterday.You see, during our skating program run-through, I took a nasty fall. In skating, we call it a “face plant”. Luckily my face did not hit the ice and I was afraid my shoulder was really going to hurt, so I was a bit stunned. But it was half way through the program.

I got up – noticed by body was still working (ha!) – and kept going in the program! In fact, I skated rather fiercely thereafter, like a warrior. Good thing our program is a jungle number and not the Nutcracker ballet!

We finished strong. Why am I telling you this? It is because yesterday, I spoke about the power of making up a story that serves you whenever things happen to you that you might find unpleasant. That nasty fall I had yesterday was a great example of how I turned an unwanted circumstance into a positive…

How possibly could a nasty fall be in my best interest? Well, our choreographer/coach realized that James completely stopped skating to come help me get up (which is exactly what you DON’T want to do in competition or a show!). The sweetheart was helping me, yet, he wasn’t supposed to. He stopped skating and didn’t even do his jumps. A professional would keep skating until his partner caught up to him.

Here’s where I make up a story about my fall. Instead of being upset at falling and making a mistake, I’m glad it happened (now instead of competition certainly!) You see, we learned a valuable lesson – just keep going when you fall down and trust that the other person will catch up! The person that “keeps going” is keeping time to the music and will show the person who fell behind where they are in the program so they don’t get lost.

Wow, without that fall, we would never have known that James would do the “wrong thing”….he just acted out of his kind nature. We felt very blessed that we had the opportunity to learn this lesson. So I’m a bit bruised, but heck, I’m happy. Our program was skated with energy and intensity…

OK, let’s move on. If you were one of the 66 people who listened to yesterday’s show – THANK YOU! It was awesome for me and loads of fun. Please feel free to give me feedback in the comment box on the website:

Since I didn’t get to answer all the wonderful questions I received this week, I will be doing an extra show tomorrow, Wednesday April 2nd at 12 noon EST (GMT-05:00). Next week there won’t be a show since that’ll be the week were are at the skating competition (and I’ll be getting last minute healing and massage therapy appointments!).

Feel free to join me on the show if you can. Oh, by the way, I’ve had a couple of people ask me about one-on-one coaching. I do, indeed, do one-on-one coaching. Unlike counseling appointments, the focus is on getting you into action and getting results. There is a fee for private one-on-one coaching (which includes private email responses) as I’m sure you can understand that my time is very valuable, as is yours. I can only take about 10 clients max right now given my current schedule. If you are interested in private coaching, please go to my coaching page at

However, if you aren’t interested in private coaching, I can answer one major question for you on my newsletter, blog or radio show, so that everyone can learn at the same time. If you haven’t already, drop me a line about the three biggest problems you think you have regarding manifesting your dream love partner – that would be great!

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