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Appreciation and the Law of Attraction

Posted on 25 February 2008 by Dr. Karen

One of the fastest ways to get what you want is to practice the art of appreciation more often. If you are single and passionately want to be coupled, you can still appreciate your life the way it is now. You can appreciate your independence, your openness to personal growth, your other relationships, and many other things about yourself. I love this saying:What you appreciate, appreciates!This pertains well with manifesting and keeping your dream partnership and deliberately harnessing the law of attraction! When you see a happy couple, do you appreciate their loving closeness, or do you resent them for having what you don’t have yet? If you are a little envious, that is understandable, but see if you can turn it into appreciation. Why? Because The Universe “hears” appreciation as the signal that something is important to you…and it will bring you more of that which you appreciate!

For example, if you are wanting to lose 30 pounds, it is a better practice to appreciate all the slim bodies you see in your life rather than becoming jealous or envious of them. Think to yourself, “wow, I love that person’s body! Good for him/her for keeping it in such good shape!” as opposed to a snide, “Oh, must be nice to be skinny and not have to worry about your weight!”

Let me tell some of the things I appreciate about my partner, James. I appreciate that he ALWAYS stops whatever he is doing to help me find something in the house that I’ve lost (and he enjoys it!). I appreciate how he makes my Teccino (herbal coffee) every night after dinner as my treat and how he lovingly brings it to the computer room where I’m busy at work. I appreciate how he almost always agrees to massage my sore muscles when I wake up in the morning. I appreciate how he walks in the bedroom and greats me with a kiss and hug each morning as he hears me awaken. I appreciate how he loves to chop wood and shovel snow and how I don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to heavy manual labor! I appreciate how he loves to go to personal growth seminars with me and how actively he participates in everything I love to do.

Ok, I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Here’s an idea. Make a long list of everything you appreciate in your DREAM partner-to-be!! That’ll really get the law of attraction working for you!

Love and Blessings,

Dr. Karen

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Check Out the Eight Foot Snow Heart Sculpture James Made!

Posted on 14 February 2008 by Dr. Karen

Big Snow Heart Sculpture

Click on the link above to see the photo of the awesome snow sculpture James surprised me with on my Valentine Birthday! I’m always amazed at the wonderful ways he surprises me and I feel very blessed.Today I was also blessed by Spirit. I was invited to play African drums as part of an African dance class led by our dance teacher to help residents in a drug and rehab facility. They’ve never danced like this before! It was such a special birthday gift to see their smiling faces, laughing and enjoying themselves as they danced like crazy. It was such a privilege to spend my birthday “giving” to other and witnessing their joy!

Having manifested my dream partner, I find myself sharing with him these awesome special moments. Let me help you manifest your dream partner. My eBook launched today on this site. I hope you enjoy it. Sign up for the free downloads and get an excerpt of the book absolutely free.

Love & Blessings!

Dr. Karen

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Healing Relationships Through Telepathy

Posted on 04 February 2008 by Dr. Karen

I learned an incredible “gift” from my intuition and law of attraction teacher, Laura Day, author of bestselling book, Practical Intuition. She taught me “telepathy”.Now, even though telepathy sounds “special”, it really isn’t. We do it all the time. We just don’t know we are doing it unconsciously! You see, every thought we have about a person is a form of telepathy. If you think, “Ugh, that lady is fat!” guess what? She actually hears that telepathically!In Dr. Bernie Siegel’s book Love, Medicine & Miracles, he tells us that patients under anesthesia who heard a recording during surgery telling them that they would feel fine after surgery had a much lower complication rate than those that did not hear the message.When you realize that everyone actually FEELS everything you think, you have a good incentive to monitor your thoughts and keep them as positive as possible! It has been shown with muscle testing that saying something negative to someone will actually weaken his/her electromagnetic field and the opposite, saying something positive, will strengthen him/her.

The BEST telepathy I’ve found is what Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks calls Tel-empathy in their book, Lasting Love. If you are having a tough time with someone in your life, this is a perfect opportunity to practice this type of telepathy. Here’s what you do. You get out a blank piece of paper and write their name at the top. Then you write a letter starting with Dear __________. Think of all the ways you appreciate them (even if it is tough to do) and do your best empathizing with their point of view in writing your letter. You don’t have to agree with them or condone their actions, but just do your best to understand their intentions.

Most people have good intentions and are not out to hurt you.If you can feel sincere while writing this letter, it is VERY powerful. In fact, I’ve had an instance where a patient of mine who was having trouble with her ex-husband experienced a complete turn-around from her ex- after we did this exercise together in the office one day. She was so angry and stressed, she was sending him “stressed” energy. Of course he resisted her! Once we calmed her down (I used acupuncture for that!) and sent him the message that she wasn’t out to get him but just wanted fairness and peace of mind, he gave her exactly what she wanted in the divorce settlment! It was amazing.

So remember, everyone hears everything you think. You affect people with the positivity or negativity with your thoughts. Be healing upon the world and focus on the positive.

Love & Blessings,

Dr. Karen

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